Channeling Elizabeth Taylor, Part Three

Do any of you know of any super cheap (or free) modalities for video chatting that also records so I can videotape my sessions and post them on YouTube, Huffpo, and other venues?

Also, do any of you have any ideas for a place in or around Austin, TX where Jamie and Erik can hold there Channeling Erik event in March?

Lastly, it looks like JonBenet did relay accurate information about her killer. Kudos to Jamie for being such an open filter. I don’t have the link, but google Patsy Ramsey and check under the most recent news thread!

Take it from here, Liz!

Me: Do you have a life’s work there in the afterlife?

Liz (softly giggling): Oh, I don’t think I do much.

Me: You did enough while you were alive!

Liz (emphatically agreeing): That’s true! I did do enough.

Me: So, at least for now, you don’t have any form of work there?

Liz: That’s right.

Me:  Okay. You probably need time to rest!

Liz: I am taking time to rest and watch my family, participate with them.

Me: Okay. Is there a past life that you feel influenced your last one?

Liz: I think there are so many lives I’ve lived that have a similar thread, a similar vein, and a lot of it includes being in the public eye, being able to stand in front of people and present myself. I adore being on stage. I adore being in front of people. I love it for myself; I love it for other people. There was one life in particular—a Roman life—when I was a man. I was in the war, like a war planner. I figured out where to go, whom to conquer and how to conquer them, but I never fought. I was part of the military as a planner, so I was protected. I loved the idea of creating these designs and protecting people, and also finding them places of entertainment.

Jamie: She makes herself sound like an old time navigation system.

Me: Yeah, really! Well, Liz, I felt like you were always so protective of your friends like Rock Hudson, Michael Jackson. It’s like you were a mother hen folding people under your wing to keep the lions, tiger and bears away.

Liz: I think that’s deep seated in me from other lives. That’s how the Roman life affected me in this last one.

Me: What would you say your proudest accomplishment was?

Liz (laughing): Surviving!

Me: Yes, surviving! But before you passed over, what did you see as your biggest achievement.

Liz: Really, the whole package. I did it. I became a star, a success.

Me: And from your perspective now, in spirit, do you still think that’s your proudest accomplishment?

Liz: It changed slightly, because I was so involved with gaining ground—riches, gowns, materials, creating this face for the public so I could do what I loved most—being on stage—and I saw all those items as part of what I achieved, but after I passed, I saw that they meant absolutely nothing. Just trinkets, really.

Me: So, now you think your greatest achievement is—

Liz (putting her hands on her shoulders): Surviving!

Me: Oh, I thought you were just joking!

Liz: No! Surviving illnesses as a kid, surviving my own looks, surviving my own demise, surviving love and marriage and motherhood and children and adopting. Surviving diseases, watching my friends die—

Me: Awww.

Liz: And addictions, everything! I truly count myself as a survivor.

Me: You are, Liz. You’re a real trooper. And you do all that surviving in such style. Erik, don’t you think she’s a lovely woman?

Erik: Yes.

Me: Are you drooling?

Erik: Mom! She’s an older woman, and she’s taken anyway.

Me: And you are too, so… Why don’t you go ask her a question?

Erik: No thank you, Mom.

Me: Okay. Well, thank you, Ms. Liz.

Jamie: She’s not that tall!

Me: Okay.

Jamie: I just thought I’d tell you that, because she’s standing right across from me; I’m sitting on a stool, and I’m still looking almost directly into her eyes.

Me: Wow! I figured she was average to tall! I guess in all the movies, she was just larger than life! Well, again thank you, Liz.

Liz: Thank you very much. Enjoy your project, and, Erik, thank you for getting me.

Me: Aw.

Liz (to Erik): Take care, my love.

Jamie: She gives Erik a little kiss on the cheek.

Me: Aw! How lucky are you, Erik!? Kissed by Liz Taylor!

Jamie laughs hard.

Erik: No, the biggest deal, hands down, was dancing with Princess Di.







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