Channeling Tupac Shakur, Part Two

For those of you who missed Erik’s interview last night, please feel free to go to the following link so you can download it and listen at your leisure. Let me know what you think, and remember to share it on Facebook and other social connection avenues.

And now, part two of 2Pac. Again, I’ve omitted a lot to save something for the book!:

Me: Can you tell us a little about your death?

Jamie (startled): Ooo. He says, “A victory.”

Me: A victory? Expand a bit please?

Jamie: Yeah, seriously!

Tupac: In all the time I had to think about life and think about death—

(Long pause)

Jamie: He was shot?

Me: Yes.

Jamie: He’s showing me cars, kind of what I’d call a drive by, but it’s a weird image because it’s not—I see two cars and they’re right next to each other.

Me: Okay, so after you were shot, how was your crossing over into the afterlife? What was that like for you?

Tupac: Man, I had a ticket on my head.

Jamie: He’s saying somebody wanted him dead.

Me: Ah, it was a hit, basically?

Jamie: Yeah, it was a hit.

Tupac: I remember having pain everywhere. I didn’t die right away. I was fighting to stay in my body; I didn’t phase out or disappear.

Jamie: His awareness was really engaged in his body. He had a lot of pain.

Me: Do you forgive who killed you and who had you killed?


Tupac: I hesitate only cuz it took me so long to, but yes.

Me: Well, that’s good. As long as you have peace with that. Was it your destiny to die when and how you did, Tupac?

Tupac (emphatically): Yes it was!

Me: Why?

Tupac: My death took the knowledge of the gangs and of the streets and made it mainstream. It made people in America fearful. It made them realize how much the streets were like a wild west.

Me: Yeah. And some good came from that?

Tupac: Yeah, it brought down some heavy laws. It brought down some heavy awareness.

Me: Good. Good.

Tupac: And that was my gift.

Me: Do you have a life’s work there?

Tupac: My life’s work is to keep up the power of the words.

Jamie: I call it debate, but I know that’s not what he’s trying to tell me. It’s like a sing off or Rap-off.

Me: Yeah, like those Rap contests. So you influence people here on earth to engage in those Rap debates, so to speak.

Tupac (to Jamie): You really ARE a white girl!

We all laugh.

Me: So you’re trying to influence people here on the earthly plane to engage in these debates. To bring knowledge to humanity?

Tupac: Yeah.

Me: Okay. What insights did you gain once you crossed over?

Tupac: Oh, that I didn’t need all the anger to motivate myself. Really, anger and love energy are close to each other.

Me: What were you here to learn and to teach?

Tupac: Well we already talked about what I was here to teach—bringing the streets to the mainstream. Bringing an awareness about the inner city struggles.

Me: And you did that through your songs and your death?

Tupac: Yeah. And what I was here to learn? It had to be how to substitute anger for love.

Me: Wow, we could all learn that. 

I found this recreation of Tupac’s murder on YouTube. Pretty uncanny!

Love Tupac’s song featuring Sir Elton John:


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Elisa Medhus

  • Angela

    Thank you .Loved the interview with Sheila. Especially enjoyed hearing ur & Jamie voices, made it even more real.It is all so comforting and fun.
    I often work with abandoned babies that pass.I love them dearly and wonder if some time can u ask Erik what happens to the Babies. Thanks again for all u do

    • I’m pretty sure Erik talked about what happens to children, babies, including stillbirths and miscarriages in an earlier entry. It should be easy to search for if you type one of these words in the search box on the right top. Try stillbirth and children and babies one at a time.

  • Sanguinarianvamp

    loved the interview had me in tears from the start all way to finish. i knew it all but think i just needed to hear it so thank you erik and jamie so much that. when the call was over did kinda wonder where you were. usually your more talkative hope your ok. much love and many hugs. oh also i was kinda wondering if you know of any blongers or meetings going on in england around manchester?? i don’t have much money so can not travel all that far plus 3 children under 5 kinda restrict me somewhat.xx

  • Well, I put my phone on mute because Jamie was talking on a cell phone and if I was not on mute, interjecting would be difficult. But I was there the entire time. It’s just that Erik has more to add than me. I’m just the scribe.

  • StaceyK

    Was a wonderful interview with Sheila Gale! I especially enjoyed hearing Erik’s comments on trying to explain how not to judge those of us who are having a difficult time trying to find the will to stay on this planet. It was comforting to think that someone actually understands! Making it clear that one is not ‘forced’ to repeat their former exitstance if they choose to end it prematurely makes my days more bearable.

  • Dinabedina

    Loved the Interview on the Sheila show :))))
    Again… Good job!!!
    Elisa, Jamie and Monsieur Erik 🙂
    Thanks Sheila for helping to share such delicious bits and bites of heavenly tools to help remind us how to consciously make our human journey, that much more in~ joy~able .

    Go GO Goooooooooooo guys… !

  • Tom

    “Tupac: Yeah. and what I was here to learn? It had to be how to substitute anger for love.”

    Should’nt it have been substiture love for anger? Since he said he used ‘anger energy’ for most of what he did. I kind of confuzzled =/

    But I’m just a white guy….or a ‘cracker’ as he would know me =P


    • I figure what he meant it “with” instead of “for” but that’s not an uncommon grammatical error.

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