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My son currently lives in Chengdu, China and two weeks ago he has gone through a rather painful breakup with his girlfriend. I spent many hours talking with him online to help him working through the emotions and finding ways to cope. I often ask his angels, guides and Erik to help him. Last Monday morning on my way to work, I saw a dragonfly appeared in front of my car and then circled around my car. I immediately thought of Erik and gave him thinks. He then flew away high up into the sky. I was overjoyed but had doubt whether it was really Erik. The dragonfly came to me again and again for the next three days when I drove to work in the morning. On Thursday, he came and gone very quickly and I was disappointed he didn’t stay for as long as he did before, so I said to him “Don’t leave so soon! Come back please!” and within seconds he came back and hovered in front of my car, facing towards me, then he touched down on the hood of my car several times as if to say “I am here, I am here, see!”. I was so moved by his reassurance and tears of joy filled my eyes. By now, of course I had no doubt it was Erik. Thursday night I asked my son to pay attention to dragonflies while he is out about. Friday morning on my way to work, it was raining, and somehow I knew that the dragonfly won’t be showing up because Erik knows that I have no doubt that it was him. I told him I understand if he won’t show up because there are many others who need his help more than I do. A day later, my son chatted with me online, he said “When you told me to look for dragonflies, I thought to myself that I’ve never seen a single dragonfly in Chengdu”. Later that day (Saturday), he was sitting outside at a local café, all of a sudden he saw a dragonfly buzzing near his head, and then the poor thing was caught in a spider web. My son broke the web trying to save it but he thought it had died already. He then snapped a picture. He said that the dragonfly “gave its life just to show me the sign”, and “he wouldn’t have been able to snap a photo if it weren’t caught”. He also gave thanks to Erik and the dragonfly! Erik truly touched my heart and my soul and now my son knows him too! Thank you so much Erik! I love you! I wonder if I can share the picture here, can’t see how though.

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  • 403LEC

    Lovely story…I enjoyed it very much 🙂

  • ivy gail

    beautiful story 🙂 …the day my dog passed a little bird was tapping on my window as if it were saying goodbye and thank you…….deep in my soul I knew it was my baby

  • Leah91

    I know that I keep posting on the blog about coincidences. crazy how. There is really no such thing. Anyway…Around a year after my mom died, I was in her swimming pool, relaxing. It has always been my sanctuary. Believe me when I say that the craziest thing happened with a dragonfly. I did not ever think that dragonflies were friendly. I had never seen one up close…just flying in the air… or far away and then will fly off immediately and and keep themselves busy. Kind of like a fly, right? So, this particular day was in August 2015 a little more than a year after she died. I was in her pool and I promise you, this dragonfly would not leave me alone. It landed on my arm, on my glass, and on the side of the pool. And when I would walk up to it and get extremely close it just sat there looking at me. I would giggle and talk to it. And it would just sit there and switch positions and kind of walk around and show me it’s wings, and then turn around and show me it’s face again. In 2016 the same thing happened. In Late July. I was in the pool alone and dragonfly started bothering me getting up in my face and landing on everything near me and then same thing. Just sitting there staring at me. I would walk up to it and get an inch away from it, and it never flinched. Again I took pictures. It seriously looked at me like it was posing for me! In these photos… I enlarged some of them to look more like art work. The pictures were so beautiful. But you can also tell the regular photos that I took because they are normal and easily measured by what you see in the background in the yard. Can’t wait to see what will happen this year in my moms pool. Will the little guy come visit me again???
    Here is an explanation about dragonfly spirit animals.… The symbolism and what they stand for.

    (I truly believe that when that stuff happens,that a loved one or a guide has a message.)

    “Dragonfly is asking that you pay attention to your deeper desires and be mindful of the outcome we wish to have. There are lessons to be learned and you are reminded that “what you think” is directly proportionate to what you “see on the surface”. In other words your thoughts are responsible for your physical surroundings. Move through these illusions and “think” your dreams into reality.
    Dragonfly can also letting you know that you should  live your life to the fullest with what you have. It also beckons you to seek out the parts of your habits that need changing. Use the this totem to guide you through the mists of illusion and toward the pathway of transformation. It will bring you the light and color of transformation into your life.

  • So touched by this encounter with Erik. Lovely story. Bless you all who have been touched by Erik.

  • ml

    Love it! Erik has been working with me, through the help of the wonderful channeling Erik mediums I contacted, I understood that Erik is truly helping people all over the world! He once said Guanyin was with me as my team of people that keep me motivated and going. He feels like a big brother to me! In fact, I was told by Ralyeen during a session that Erik is a brother figure to me in another life – the connection feels familiar even now!
    Thank you Elisa for your hard and good work to bring this blog / access to Erik and his wisdom alive <3

  • ErdosNumberOne

    Eliza, I don’t know if you heard but Patrick channeled a prediction about the French election yesterday that went terribly wrong. Many people lost lots of money betting on The Committee and now his blog site is offline. We are worried about him. Channelers have to stick together and support each other.

    • Pierluigi Di Pietro

      I wrote him and urged to return online.

      Strangely enough, I was feeling last week that the committe was pourposefully giving him a wrong forecast, surely for a better good, but I supposed that it was due next time, not just now.
      😀 😀
      Considering the money “lost” by people betting using Patrick forecasts: People was NOT forced to bet. It was their decision.

      Patrick is not responsible for other’s decisions.

      I suppose that the Committe has done this to discourage taking advantage on their forecasts, or maybe to limit the distortions that such forecasts can provoke.

      Now let’s see what happens.

      • ErdosNumberOne

        No, I do not think that any higher being would lie to us or make such a grievous error for “a better good”. That is trickery. People were hurt by this and I do not say that it is their fault even though it was their choice. Erik changed his mind during the U.S. election about who would win, and so did the Committee about the French election. They were confusing. I think this tells us that they guess just as we do and they are human just like us, and not better than us. Too many people treated the committee like they were omniscient, and they seemed to like that, even Patrick. Erik keeps it real and doesnt let people treat him with worship or authority. That’s my opinion.

      • Maybe it was a lesson for him. I emailed him, telling his everyone wants him back. No medium is 100% 100% of the time!

    • I emailed him. No medium is right 100% of the time. I don’t think people should have placed bets.

      • Maureen Roane

        Thank you! I was hoping he wouldn’t disappear! I, for one, do not hold him “responsible” for reporting what was channeled to him. There are so many explanations as to what the reason could be for the “wrong” prediction. Perhaps the French people collectively changed course. Perhaps we all “jumped timelines” together and in a parallel universe, LePen did win. Perhaps, perhaps, perhaps. We should not EVER be holding our channelers, guides, angels, etc. to Godlike, omniscient standards and we definitely should not be holding Patrick responsible in any way for any actions any one of us may have taken WITH OUR OWN FREE WILL. Thank you for contacting him. Please let him know that not all of his blog readers are disappointed and/or angry. I will miss the blog very much if he doesn’t return. Please send our love and continued support. and thank you to you and love and support to you as well.

      • Maybe it’s a spiritual lesson for people not to gamble on readings like these.

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