Kundalini Awakening, Part Three

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Now enjoy the third post in our kundalini series.

Erik: Humans just have this to get over.

He points to his head.

Kim: Well, why do we have that if it’s such a problems, such a burden?

Erik: It’s just a tool to navigate through your human experience, the thinking, the thought process. It takes no thought at all. I want you guys to practice communicating and being and co-existing with others without saying anything or even hints through body language. More important, listen. Listen and receive as much as you can without analyzing. You’re learning to communicate on the most natural level, but also the highest level. Then you’re learning to communicate beyond the physical. Be careful. Watch out, though, because when you really begin to practice this, because you are practicing silencing this (He points to his head,) which is a trigger for the kundalini energy. When you practice that way of being, you’re already pulling the trigger for that spontaneous awakening.

Me: Is that behind some instances of spontaneous human combustion? Is the energy too much and it goes, “poof” and they go up in flames?

Kim: Yeah, that’s what I was thinking, too. He told me I need to put my hands down.

Erik: You talk with your hands too much. Put your hands down!

Kim laughs.

Me: Oh, no!

Kim: Whatever. I didn’t realize I talked—well, I know I do, but…

Erik: Mom, spontaneous human combustion is basically—

Kim (laughing): I don’t know why it’s so funny to him. He’s just laughing at this human—and he’s not being incompassionate because he understands the process, because he’s literally showing me a pair of shoes and a pile of ashes.

Me: Oh, no!

Erik: Basically, this combustion happens because it’s too much, too soon. It’s a shift in energy, in that vibration.

Kim: He’s showing himself playing with too electrical wires that like don’t have a ground or something, and you put them together and they spark.

Erik: It’s the same thing for us. If we’re not really present, too much change inside to body where the vibrational fields shift will cause that combustion to occur.

Kim: He’s so sweet and funny sometimes. He’s shaking his head and saying, “You’d be surprised how much of an electrical current you really are!”

Me: I bet! We need one of those GCFI or GFCI plugs. Maybe we have one. I don’t know! So, what do you want us to do with this whole kundalini energy information? Should we find meditation tracks on YouTube to awaken to our kundalini or what do you want us to do? Boss us around.

Kim: That’s a great question. I’m going to have him answer that in a second. He was talking about the concept of us all being an electrical current.

Erik: I want you guys to understand that you’re all conduits of energy whether you know it or not. Why do you think we have so many empathic sufferers?

Me: Yeah.

Erik: It’s because we’re always channeling energy. Always. You can’t not or you’d be dead.

Kim: I guess he’s trying to show the bigger picture.

Erik: Forgive yourself when you have shitty days because you’re probably channeling something that’s not yours.

Me: Yeah. Ask yourself, “Is this mine or is it somebody else’s” You can usually recognize, “Hey, this doesn’t feel like my shit.”

Kim: So your question is what to do with this energy once we come into that awareness?

Erik: Well, first of all, when you’re in this awareness, you’re different. Your thinking is different and your actions are different. So, naturally, you’re going to behave differently. Even if you just tap into it—you can tap into it, but it’s difficult to maintain, but if you do, the top three things I want you to do with it: Heal yourself. Use that energy to work on you.

Me: How do we do that? Do we just imagine the energy pushing out all the lower energy or what?

Kim: Yeah, let me just acknowledge the other two or I’ll lose it. Memory doesn’t work here in the same way.

Erik: Heal yourself; heal others and heal your planet. That’s it!

Kim: So heal yourself. How do you do that?

Erik: With this enlightenment, you’ll have a better capacity to shift your consciousness outside of you and basically take a peek and look in. It’s seeing yourself almost from an external perspective.

Me: Like a doctor examining a patient.

Erik: Exactly. You examine yourself, but you don’t really don’t have to examine because in this enlightened state, you already naturally see where you should focus, and the information will be there. Here’s an example.

Kim: He’s showing himself stepping outside of his body, and then he peers in and there are all these orange-yellow lights, like a caution type of color.

Me: Okay.

Kim: So, there’s one that’s over his heart. There’s one above the shoulder right here.

She points to the area between her shoulder and neck.

Kim: And there’s one by the left hip.

Man, he’s a mess!

Erik: But you guys can create that symbolically. Maybe it’s red for you, these red areas you need to focus on. Put your awareness there. Through consciousness, you can shift your awareness.

Kim: This is what I’m experiencing with him. He peers in, and I see the heart. I see that color and I already know what that color means so I need to pay attention and heal those places. I’m hearing this chatter. This chatter represents past experiences—and this is just an example—

Me: Yeah.

Kim: –that Erik had of getting into a disagreement or more so a disappointment with a good friend. So, he’s looking in and he sees that chatter and he’s basically seeing a memory that’s still in his heart.

Me: Which can cause disease.

Kim: Yeah, and it’s still in—he’s tripping me out right now. This is so wild!

Me: Uh oh!

Kim: God, I wish I could just articulate this. I’ll try.

Me: You’re doing great!

Erik: When you see this, Kim, this is now. This chatter is live.

Kim: Okay, so this chatter I’m seeing as I’m looking from Erik’s perspective and I’m looking in to see his heart and I hear this chatter—

Erik: Which is live.

Kim: What do you mean because I know we can hold things from the past in our heart, which is not really in the Now, but …

Erik: Well, the physical body has no way of knowing if it’s a real physical experience or like a fake, synthetic experience. Either way, whatever you’re holding onto stays. It attaches itself. So, the physical body doesn’t know that this is in the past and it’s done. The mind is what’s keeping it there. So you have to be able to connect [the mind and the heart]. Make them be best friends. The mind and the heart have to be best friends. If they disagree, they can make you sick. Anyway, long story short, step outside yourself and examine. Allow yourself to be guided, though. Don’t go in and like, “I need to go in and examine my thoughts because they could be causing blah, blah, blah.”

Me: Oh, yeah.

Erik: Don’t do that. Just go in and allow yourself to be guided to what you see.

Kim: He’s showing himself examining things that have been given to him as areas to focus on.

Erik: I say, ‘given to me’ because I didn’t create this. This is by God that this information is here. It’s from the ultimate Source. It’s not like you have to ask yourself, “What should I look for” or “What does this represent?” Just allow it to happen. The information is there.

Me: So, you see a red spot or a yellow spot. What do you do with it?

Erik: Think about it like this. You’re a student. You’re in the classroom and you just sit and listen. You let the teacher teach you, so let this process teach you, tell you. When you find these areas that are affected, knowing that you have this super-consciousness, this kundalini energy available to you at all times, push that energy forward to dissolve what your body is holding onto. You dissolve it, transmute it and work through it.

Kim: He’s literally showing this higher energy, this kundalini energy transforming that orange into white. It’s like those Care Bears, you know, pushing their energy out—

Me: Yeah, “Care Bears, stare!” So is that kundalini energy white as well?

Kim: I heard him say, initially, he said, “It’s red,” and then he said, “Well, it actually depends on the person.”

Me: Okay.

Erik: It depends on their vibration, their colors and what they’re going through. It has a lot to do with what red represents.

Me: That’s pretty amazing.

Erik: Let the symbols come to you. Let them talk to you because it may not be colors. It might be like a stop sign.

Me: Oh, yeah!

Erik: So that’s how to heal yourself. Same thing with how to heal others. It’s the very same process.

Me: Right. Same thing.

Erik: It’s the same thing, but on a global level, to heal the planet. You’ll see that you need this planet to work for you so you better work for it while you have time.

Me: Yeah.

Kim: He’s showing me the same process but a little more in depth because it’s a planet and effects so many.

Erik: You can tap into a collective consciousness, a geographic location, whatever. You guys can do the same thing on all three levels because ultimately, that’s what you need. You need each other. You should take care of each other, and you need the place you live on. Take care of it.

Me: Sure.

I’ve always been fascinated by spontaneous human combustion. I looked through Google images to find pics but they were SO GROSS that I picked this one instead of the real ones.

Spontaneous Human Combustion

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