Near Death Experiences

I recently disabled YouTube comments after a slurry of mean-spirited ones pummeled my heart and soul. They hurt too much plus I received more per day than I could possibly read much less reply to. I’ve heard from others, however, that letting people comment is a way of allowing for healthy discussion on the subject of spirituality. That said, I’m conducting a poll on the matter. Take 2 seconds out of your mind to answer.

Now for the first part in our near death experiences series. Enjoy!

We start out with our usual greetings.

Erik: I promise I won’t mess with Lola again.

Lola is a little Chihuahua Jamie is babysitting.

Jamie: Erik’s been pacing the room quite a bit, and it was interesting; Erik was standing at the door, and he walked around behind the camera again, and Lola was following him. It was really cool

Me: Aw! Cool! Lola see dead people.

Jamie: I don’t know. Those small things like that just kind of—I don’t feel like that was a coincidence. There’s nothing in my room that would catch her eye like that. They moved in the same pattern. Those things kind of make me feel normal again.

Me (teasing): Yeah, well I don’t know about that!

Jamie laughs.

Me: Bella always barks at thin air or an empty stairwell so I know she sees someone, maybe Erik. All right, we’re going to talk about NDEs, near death experiences. Maybe some of you have experienced this. Erik, can you tell us everything you know and then some about NDEs?

Erik: Ya. When you die—

(He cuts with an imaginary pair of scissors, which look like his hand.)

Erik: –you cut the cord so you’re energetically separated from the body. The body is legally dead. It has no life left in it. Pssst, you take off. You get to cross into other dimensional planes. You’re hanging out, ready for this death, “Bring it on!” and then it’s acknowledged that, “Wait, you have the opportunity to go back. Your body doesn’t have to stay dead. It can survive. That’s a big key. You’re body has to be able to survive what happened.

Me: Yeah.

Erik: And then, um, in different belief systems of that person—whatever you believe in is what you’re going to follow—so some say they go through a tunnel of light; some say they stood next to the body; some don’t remember anything. It was like a dream state where they woke up somewhere else. They’re all different, and they should be because it’s all based on what your memory is or what your description of death is in your head. That make sense?

Me: Yeah.

Erik: You play that shit out. You’re still carrying human vibrations and crap as your going to other dimensional planes. That wears off as you stay in those planes. So you have the opportunity to go back and you do. Sometimes people don’t remember exactly what happened. They just have a different outlook on life because when you are already living your life, and you have an opportunity to go back Home, which a lot of people call Heaven, the Beyond, the Afterlife, you come back to being human, that kick in the head amnesia shit doesn’t happen to you again. That happens when you’re crammed into a tiny little body when you’re coming back to life.

Me: What do you mean, just to explain to the viewers, by “the amnesia doesn’t kick in again?”

Erik: When you’re born or incarnated into this life, the majority of souls that come to Earth choose not to remember where they came from so that they can replicate a life of discovery, newness and learning. When you choose not to have amnesia to whatever degree, you feel as if you’re not learning, but you’re remembering something—that there’s really nothing new, but there’s tons of excitement and love and joy. So when you come back from a near death experience, you don’t get that kick of amnesia of that experience you just had. That’s why so many, many, many, 99.9% of people who come back to life have these changed perspectives.

Me: Okay. And almost always positive.

Erik: Always positive. Shit!

Jamie covers her mouth and blushes.

Jamie (To Erik): Do you want to say that?

Me: Come on!

Jamie: Okay.

Erik: Shit, life here is so much sweeter and better than the one on Earth.

Me: But you don’t regret your human life.

Erik: Absolutely not.

Me: A lot of souls live for becoming human and experiencing, well, life as a human.

Erik: Absolutely, and that’s the purpose. There’s so much that happens on Earth that can’t even happen here where I am. That’s why it’s so valuable.

Me: You say that the cord is cut. What’s the difference between true death and a near death experience on a cellular level, a body level, an energetic level—whatever you can give me, I’ll be happy with.

Erik: Okay, so with complete death, the cord is cut—

Me: Is there an actual cord, like that silver cord they talk about?

Erik: It’s not like that, but I think it’s a really good image.

Me: Okay, an image. So what is attaching it?

Erik: It’s like a dingleberry.

You might need to look that one up because I sure as hell am NOT going to give you the definition!

Jamie starts laughing.

Me: Oh no. Oh god.

Jamie (beet red): I haven’t heard that word in like forever!

Me: Me neither, and I wish I had not now.

Jamie takes a while to compose herself.

Jamie: Who knows, Erik, why some things crack me up? It’s just so wrong for you to put that together!

Me: I know!

Erik: It’s like that because it’s not like they’re cut with scissors. It’s just a certain kind of separation, and it pulls away from every—

Jamie: He shows me these little cells that hold the soul’s energy in it.

Me: Okay.

Jamie: It looks like little tridents. They have these little hair like—it’s really cool looking—these hair-like tridents that hook and feed into the energy of the soul, the energetic body, and when there’s physical damage, these things retract and remove and loosen and sever the energetic body from that.

Erik: What happens with absolute death is that these kinds of connections don’t come back. They pull in and stay removed, so no matter how many times you slam your soul back into your body, it’s not going to connect; it’s not going to grab.

Jamie (laughing): Okay, he wants to leave you with a better image.

Me: Than a dingleberry?

Jamie: Yes!

Me: No, I’m sorry. That image is in my mind for the rest of the day. There’s nothing you can do about it.

Erik: Avatar.

Jamie: Oh, the movie.

Erik: Remember when the blue guys get on the horse, and they have a tail that they connect to the horse. Then these fingerlike things connect so they can communicate as if they’re one.

Me: Yeah, I vaguely remember.

Jamie: That’s maybe a more colorful, better image.

Me: Well it depends on how colorful a dingleberry is.

Jamie laughs.

Me: Okay, that’s interesting. What about an out of body experience? How is that different?

Jamie: You guys are on the same page. It’s pretty cool.

Me: All right!

Erik: What about those that leave their body, cross over to other dimensions and then come back? Out of body experiences can happen in two different ways so we should label them in those two different ways. One is where you leave your body, but your still communicating to it energetically. You can use that silver cord image if you need to.

Me: The tridents are still hooked in?

Erik: Yeah, they’re still available. They’re still hooked somehow. So you’re out of your body, but you’re still in the 3rd dimensional plane. You can go to Italy, or you can go to, I don’t know, Korea, to see where their submarines are in the ocean. You can do whatever you want.

Me: Mm hm.

Erik: Then there’s one where you have an out of body experience, but you cross many more dimensional planes, and you kind of go into the Beyond—what we call dying. You now have the ability to be in those dimensional planes. That’s kind of different than what I would call a regular out of body experience because you’re having a death experience without trauma, without physical trauma.

Here’s a wonderful review of Erik’s book by T Love. For those of you who have not yet read it, I’ll be posting reviews nearly every day to convince you that it’s a must and that it will make your life a better one.

The best book ever written describing what happens after we die. Written by the deceased, and in his own words that may be a bit colorful for some, but hey, that’s who he is and really, they’re just words, not to be taken to heart, they’re not directed AT the reader. The strength of the Mom, Dr. Elisa Medhus, to have the courage to transcribe all that Erik said is a testament to the love parents have for their children and the bond shared from parent to child. This book will help so many who have lost loved ones, as a holistic health practitioner, I know it has already helped my clients who have lost children and I know it will help others. They are still with you, though not in the physical form. We must be open to hearing from them by staying aware so we understand the signs they send us. There is noting worse than losing a child, knowing that you can still communicate with them is a comfort for many and this book, this transcription allows us to know it can be done. Kudos to Dr. Elisa Medhus for sharing all that she learned from Erik with all of us. It is life changing read that has the power to change the world. Read, be aware and trust.

Here’s one link through which you can purchase the book: Click HERE. Take the plunge; change your life.

This is one of my favorite YouTubes about out of body experiences.

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Elisa Medhus

  • What a great session. I love these chat transcripts … thank you so much for providing them each day. Excellent ‘food-for-thought’ as I move through my day. I wonder if you guys have ever brought Steve Jobs through? I read that the moment before his passing, he uttered the word, ‘Wow,’ as if astonished. Although we generally understand (we think we understand) what he was experiencing, I have always wondered what Job’s ‘Wow’ was all about. Has Erik ever mentioned anything or met Steve? I have heard (another Medium in Canada – ‘The Word of Gord’ on YT – say that Jobs is working with a techie dream team on the other side, designing spectacular devices, among them perfecting ‘Ghost Boxes’ (for EVP) such that reaching the other side from the earth plane (and visa versa) will someday be as normal as having a cell phone is in today’s culture/world. But I digress … of today’s chat, I especially loved the part about astral travel & just what those MGM otherworldly places are that I go to in my sleep, when I fly with a blur of angels over an artisan colony (as pure fun … as if we were on a recess from school) or find myself at the top of Giant Sequoia Redwoods only to be flung off and am thrilled to be able to fly when I thought I would be falling & then flying over incredibly wondrous pastures & fields (a recurring astral destination). I am a newbie to Erik’s World … I ordered the book & look forward to settling in for a great read. Thank you, Elisa, for all that you do … and Erik/Jamie, too. Another ‘dream team.’ xoxo, Julie

    • Lelabelle

      O M G!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My sister uttered the same words before she died!!!!!!!!!!! Omg I have goosebumps so bad right now!!!

      • That is pretty amazing! I’d love to know what your sister & Steve Jobs were seeing/feeling as they were making their transition. It must have been pure release from a weak, painful & devastated physical body into the total opposite – freedom & spiritual exaltation paired with such beauty…

      • Lelabelle

        My sister didn’t use the term “wow”..I just don’t remember her saying that word much in life. But as she lay dying, and was in and out of a coma (?) she uttered those words. Her family said a couple of times to me “what did she say”…I would repeat her word “wow”!

      • That makes it even more powerful as a final word/expression. I remember thinking ‘wow!’ was not exactly a word Steve Jobs would have used in everyday-speak either, except perhaps when he was much, much younger. Even so, I liked it as a final word & wish there was a painting of what he was seeing & feeling as he shed his earthly shape & transitioned into the ‘room next door.’ 🙂

    • chyrese

      Wow, that Ghost Box is an intriguing idea. Thanks for sharing it.

    • Maya

      Steve Jobs has been ghost interviewed.

      • Hi Maya – I’d love to hear the interview. Can you tell me where I can find it online? Thanks for your post.

      • Maya

        Just enter ‘steve jobs’ on the search, on this site. You’d probably have found it by now.

      • Thanks Maya, I did find the two sessions and loved reading the transcripts. Like Elisa, I’m a big Apple/Steve Job fan and it was very interesting to read what he had to say. I’ll do a search now on Wayne Dyer and also John Muir (father of our National Parks & founder of the Sierra Club) and see if they have given a talk with Erik & Jamie & Elisa. This is such an interesting ride. Thanks again for your help!

    • Yes, he’s been interviewed. It’s in the archives somewhere. 🙂

  • cece

    Great description of NDE’s. I haven’t laughed so hard in a long time. If only we could have seen the expressions on Jamie and your faces when he mentioned Dingelberry. That was worse than the curse words for some reason. Too funny!

    • Lelabelle

      Yeah…when we were kids we had to whisper THAT word even to each other. It was that bad of a word…makes me LMAO now though!!

  • cece

    Better Image…

    • Jana Kaiser

      CECE, you nailed it!!! LMAO 🙂 You made my evening, Thank You!

  • Claudiadidie

    I agree totally with Elise. As mother of Erik you already suffered so much.. you don’t need to be hurt furthermore. Good decision to disable comments.

  • CLynch

    Hi All – Just voted and left a message in the poll, which I’d like to display here as well. Who knows who’s going to see it over there! haha So here it is. Apologies for the copy & paste….

    Dear Elisa,

    If I were in a similar circumstance, I too would have a terribly hard
    time trying to deflect the utter meanness that spews from some people
    just because it’s the internet and they “can”. Hiding anonymously
    behind a keyboard is a lot like displaying road rage from the safety of
    your enclosed vehicle. It’s cowardly behavior that would never see the
    light of day in a face to face situation.

    That said, by disallowing all commentary, you – and by extension, all
    of us – are missing out on the love, support and appreciation which
    surely must make up the bulk of the comments. Not to mention the free
    exchange of ideas and information.

    Perhaps there is some balance to be found. Maybe a warning that
    negative comments will be deleted, with some moderating done by a
    trusted soul willing to take on the task. And sometime in the not too
    distant future, you may even find some catharsis in hitting that delete
    button yourself with a hardy, healthy and deliciously satisfying,
    “GOOD-BYE!” 🙂

    As you’ve probably guessed, I’ve voted to restore comments. But
    whichever is best for you is exactly what you should do at any given

    Can’t close without thanking you for all that you do to help
    alleviate the suffering of others and to share Erik’s message of hope
    with the world. Truly Love in Action. ♥

    Much love,


  • Laurie

    Elisa, I just could not imagine the hurt that mean-spirited people can put upon you. It breaks my heart that folks go out of their way to hurt you. They don’t have listen to you tube or even believe, but to go out of their way and comment mean and hurtful words is just wrong. I know you (and Erik) have helped many many folks along this journey and I guess it is up to you weather the goodness outweighs the bad. It is your heart and you are the only one that can make this decision. You can with Erik and see what he thinks. Sometimes just one comment can certainly help another person. Best wishes for a positive and successful journey through all of this.

  • CLynch

    Love, love, love today’s topic. Can’t wait for the rest! And the video is hilarious and so uplifting. Had to share to Facebook. Gave the blog a little plug along the way…. 😉

  • Jeanette DiPasquale

    HELLO!! It has been awhile since I have been on but here I am! I was at the IANDS conference here in San Antonio and I was filled with so much hope and so much love just being in the presence of so many people who shared their stories of NDE’s. Since I was a child I was always fascinated about who we are and being brought up Catholic, I had a hard time connecting with the religion and the limitations they were so adamant in putting in to our heads. Yes you can guess I was a bit of a rebel back in the day and, how the nuns were glad to see me leave!
    Erik is so right on when he shares the explanation of NDE and I thank you for posting this!
    By the way I had finished the book and will reread it because it was so, so powerful and it too gave me more reason to celebrate who we are! Elisa, Erik and Jamie this book was AWESOME and I have a feeling there will be another one to come! Thanks Erik! Say hello to Ethan for me! Peace!

    • MichelleSettle

      Hey Jeanette I’m in North San Antonio if you want to get together and discuss CE.

      • Jeanette DiPasquale

        Hey Michelle! will send end email to you soon! LOVE TO GET TOGETHER WITH YOU! PEACE!

    • We miss you!

      • Jeanette DiPasquale

        GOOD TO BE BACK!!!

  • peacenluv80

    I just came across your Youtube channel. I have to say I am addicted! God (Source) Bless you Erik and Jaime for your work! I have learned so much and have had so many of my (self-knowing?) beliefs confirmed! I couldn’t comment on Youtube and knowing how a lot of this world is…I don’t blame you at all for disabling comments. Some people have zero empathy. Peace, love and happiness to you all! Thank you for sharing with us all! XOXO

  • Lelabelle

    I was comforted in reading Erik’s explanation of NDE. They are not all alike…the tunnel of light etc…and seem to last a long time with amazing visions. Mine was short…maybe a few seconds long and I looked at my own body with TOTAL compassion for myself!! That NDE was to SAVE my life and it did. Wow…more goosebumps!!!!!!!

    • angelroses

      I would like to know ..why..nde..makes you very spiritual..even if you wasnt before the nde..thanks angelroses..

      • Lelabelle

        I was interested in”spiritual” things way before my NDE. Can’t remember the man’s name that was on PBS back in the 70’s…he may have been the first person I listened to who talked about spiritual things and the possibility of “something else”. Then of course was Shirley MacLaine and her books. My NDE was during a life-threatening child birth with my first child. I remember thinking “I can’t do this, I want out” and next thing I knew I was standing at the side of the hospital bed, in the dark, looking at myself and filled with compassion for MYSELF!!! It took me years to be fully aware of what happened to me and to be able to put it into words.

  • Karen Ryan

    The hatred and meanness comes with the territory. I have noticed some owners of channels I watch just slide right on by the mean stuff. Sometimes I think, OMG, that was so rude and mean spirited, but it seems to roll right off the backs of these youtubers. The connection with us to you and Erik is priceless, otherwise, it will not feel so personal and real as it does right now, and I am not sure the word would spread as far as it is doing down. I don’t know how you go about toughening up to this sort of thing, but it is the answer if you want to keep it open to discussion. If it is too hard, then of course you should disable it. My 2 cents for what it is worth.

  • BK

    youtube is famous for gratuitous meanness. It’s just the culture. If reading cruel and heartless comments on personal topics bothers you, disabling is a great idea. It’s not a place to see sincerity or kindness.

    • Joe D.

      I get greatly disturbed from comments I read on YouTube. I curse at the screen, that helps.

  • Robin Kincaid

    I am an NDE. Thank you for posting what Erik had to say – he’s right on about it! And I absolutely love the video of the man singing about his NDE. I am definitely going to pass it along, and I am going to re-play it whenever I need to feel better thoughts while I am here on this difficult Earth plane for awhile longer! Thank you for the JOY!

  • Rog

    Can there be a third poll option, Do what you want? Do what you feel is best? Follow your heart? This is your gig. We’re all just lucky enough to come along for the ride. 🙂

    (I’m not stating this as a definitive truth, just the third option I’d like to vote. 😛 )

  • Joe D.

    I get greatly disturbed from comments I read on YouTube. I curse at the screen, that helps. Sometimes.

    • Jana Kaiser

      Joe, I’m just as bad, lol I try my hardest not to leave any negative comments on those that are mean, sometimes I fail and just have to.. At times I wanted to cuss them out. It takes everything in me to delete what I’ve wrote and not post my comments. I’ve decided I won’t go that low..

      • Joe D.

        The disturbing part is you’re forced to figure out where these people are coming from and their mindset, you know, wrap your mind around their mind, and I think, if you’re not strong, it’s better not to.

  • Deanne

    Oh my god I LOVE this video! This guy is awesome!

  • Judy

    I totally support disabling comments, Elisa. Why let small minded, vicious little trolls affect even one minute of your thoughts? I rarely read public comments (except here, where it’s safe) because I have no interest in giving trolls the attention they crave.

    And, omg, WHY did I google the word, dingleberry? How long will it be stuck in my head? 🙂

  • T Diaz

    Elisa, you have had enough pain, IMHO. You’ve stuck your neck out and put yourself out there is bravely, and if you’re sensing that there needs to be a limit, perhaps honor that. After all, you can always decide at any time to enable comments again (at least I think you can). I also truly admire that you do so much self-inquiry and that you reach out to we blog members to let us know what you’re feeling – Erik approves, I’m sure! A huge virtual hug {{{{{Elisa}}}}} and love, love, love to you.

  • Dr L

    Elisa, I admire you and am so grateful for what you have created in the herculean avalanche of pain you must have been feeling in losing Erik’s physical self. I had a session with Kim (which was beyond amazing–she is so good) and Erik said I reminded him a lot of your energy–such a compliment–he was darling and sweet–so helpful. Anyway, to get to my point, you can disable the comments and then later, if or when you feel stronger, enable them again, if you like. I can see why you’re torn and I just wanted to encourage you to think about not making a permanent decision, unless you just feel like it now. It’s a shame there are always those negative ones out there, but they do exist. I know that I have days when I can see or hear negative things and its not the end of the world and days when it is. I love your site and I think of you all the time. What you have chosen to do to help others while hurting so much makes me so proud to be a mom and a woman! Its such a hard job and you did a beautiful job with your inspiring and uplifting son. Many blessings!! Loving you from AZ!

  • Alli

    I think it’s entirely up to you and where you feel you are in your heart. Some people can handle any comment coming their way. Others just need to simplify their lives and disable it. You’re not the only one who has disabled comments. It’s fine. Forget the poll. Doesn’t matter what we think. Just do you. If you feel you’re able to handle it, enable comments. If you’d just rather not deal with it and you’re not in the place yet where you feel you can handle it all, leave it disabled. Just do you. It’s fine. There’s no right or wrong. Personally I’ve started reading YouTube comments less and less. Too much chattering noise anyways (social media is a lot of loud noise).

  • Disable

    Hi, I think you can allow comments but make all of them to be approved by the moderator. Only display good comments

    • Jana Kaiser

      That would be awesome if it didn’t cause Elisa so much work. She has so much on her plate as it is and has a household to run on top of all of this. I wish there were a easy fix for this problem. I love to read all of the support others give Elisa and heck they help me as well. I just get so emotional when I read anything negative towards Elisa or Erik.

    • But then I have to read them. That’s the only part that bothers me.

      • Karen Ryan

        You can have someone moderate the posts for you. Do you know someone who might be willing to do that and who you feel comfortable doing that for you?

      • Nah, I hate asking people to do stuff.

      • Disable

        You can get a gist of comments within the first few words. What I do is if it does not sound right within the first sentence, “bam, autoban”. I not only disable comments that do not please me but sometimes go to their user profiles and block them, so they cannot comment ever again.

        Also you can do this once a week. All the comments will be saved and waiting for approval. You just check comments once a week or even once a month.

        On some days you feel like checking them, so check them and display right ones.

        On some days, you feel like they do not exist, so completely ignore comments.

        I should get paid for writing you detailed suggestions.

      • Lelabelle

        Well ain’t that nice….ugh

      • Throat

        Have you got something stuck in your throat ?

      • You should!

  • Terri Moreno Gelbaum

    Elise,I can’t bear anyone hurting you out of sport. Don’t read them .Really it’s not worth your time.

    • Jana Kaiser

      We love her so much it hurts us to know she hurts even a little.

  • chyrese

    Oh man, that video is AWESOME! Makes one think for sure. Thank you for the good conversation. Elisa, you make me laugh with that dingleberry business, I had tears.

  • chyrese

    Oh yes, on the comment situation; seems like if someone really wants to be a dick, they can find a lot of places to do it. I don’t think it’s necessary to concern yourself with providing an outlet for them.

    • Lelabelle

      This dingleberry (me) agrees 🙂

  • Maya

    Those youtube trolls, they are uncomfortable with the truths, so they are attacking you, in order to silence you out. Like Kryon says, the more lights shine the earth, the more devils come out. Just like rats, your light makes them feel too hot in their hiding places, so basically they’re telling you to shut the light off. They are too comfortable in the dark and denial, they don’t want become light. lol.

  • C Berg

    Although I agree that comments can lead to healthy discussions on spirituality, and I believe the vast majority are able to have healthy discussions, there is still this small segment of people who troll for anything regarding this subject and take a big dump in the comment section. I never read comments on youtube. Some are not worthy for any human discussion, some are just so ignorant of facts that I get mad. Is better in my opinion to reserve comments for this site or the facebook page.

  • Jana Kaiser

    No one likes a dingleberry, lol. I enjoy reading the good comments also but I don’t enjoy the negative vibrations the negative comments bring. I say disable the comments so that others have less power to spread their low vibrations onto others.

  • Jana Kaiser

    I don’t know if there’s a way I could help you with the negative comment’s issues but if so I would be willing to do so, for free. I don’t know if this is at all possible but if it is I would love to help everyone, I truly would. Like I said I’m not sure if it would even be possible but is there is away someone such as myself or others would be able to flag the bad comments? Or maybe even delete the bad comments? I know there’s no way in this linear time zone that you can do all of this.. If there is no way someone such as myself could help in the manner then I would say leave the comments disabled. With all the LOVE you share with each and everyone of us for absolutely nothing, we want to return that LOVE to you! When I read a bad comment I must admit it pisses me off to the point I have a hard time not cussing that person out. Believe it or not but you’re like close family to me and I want to protect you from ALL negative things. I’m sure many others feel the same way as I do. I wish you would never have to read any negative comments on your post/video’s, it truly hurts me to know you may have been hurt by others. MUCH LOVE TO YOU and your family <3 We ALL love ALL of you so much…

  • FairJulia

    I voted to keep them,because I hate to see them go, AND, of course, I don’t want to see you

    • Lelabelle


  • Dear Elisa
    I understand how you feel. In my life there have been abusers from all quadrants most recently while doing this job of medium – they say the most horrendous things, they lie, they cheat, they try to steal your power, they will stop at nothing to get in your way and stop you from doing what you want to do that is right, cause it’s not right for them. You said to me once that you ignore those people – they can be hard to ignore, but ignore is what you must do because they are not the truth, the truth is in you. Being a tall poppy is not always fun so if leaving the comments off is how you feel is the best way to deal with this issue right now then do that cause that frustrates them, not the other way round.
    Alison xo

  • AKP

    I have had 2 confirmed OBEs and 1 suspected OBE when already asleep and possibly more. The 2 that happened for me occurred when I was drifting off to sleep after trying to consciously do it. I can consciously get my arms and sometimes legs out but not my head or torso. Anyway, When they occurred I felt fairly intense vibrations throughout my body and then a weird high pitched noise in my head. On the first one I then lost consciousness temporarily but then found myself floating in the hallway outside my closed bedroom door. I was about 1 foot off the ground in a lying position. I realised what was going on and tried to move but couldn’t figure that part out and after about 5-10 seconds I heard what sounded like a young girl laugh. It was very clear and I was home alone at the time. I was then immediately grabbed pulled through a wall and spun really fast in a circle (entity playing a bit of a prank on me). That triggered the end of the OBE and I then found myself back in my body with an energy shower falling on me. It felt like light warm rain but it was falling into my body. The second 1 occurred in a very similar manner but I found myself floating about 1 metre above my body. I then heard my friends voice (but could have been an entity posing as my friend) and he said something very exciting and surprising at the same time, I immediately felt a very strong energetic wave of emotion run through my body. It was intense and felt really good but unfortunately with OBEs/astral projection when you feel intense emotions it tends to pull you back into your body so that was the end of it for me. The one that I strongly suspect was an OBE occurred after I had been asleep for a while. I had probably been out for a while but not really conscious of what was going on until I saw something completely out of the ordinary. Basically I was floating in a stand up position in a really weird room (possibly a space ship). I saw a short grey alien about 10 feet in front of me. It was about 3 1/2 feet tall and looked similar but distinctly different from the ones you see on the Internet/tv. It’s skin was somewhat translucent and I could clearly see its arteries/veins and everything was in a high level of detail which doesn’t happen when I am dreaming. It stared at me for about 10 seconds and I stared back at it thinking “what the fuck is going on”. Then I felt energy being sucked from my sacral chakra and then I was pulled backwards about 20 feet (felt like a magnetic kind of pull) and 4 bright white spirits stepped in between me and the alien. That was the end of it and I woke up shortly after and felt energy still being sucked from my sacral chakra after I was awake. The experience definitely could have been a dream – with or without a real alien in it – but it felt an awful lot like an OBE.

  • Jennifer

    Youtube is a cruel environment. It’s the culture. I voted to disable them — but hopefully these comments will stay open. This feels safer.

  • Tracy Lamont

    Firstly, i had to look up dingleberry! Never heard that expression. And secondly, ditch those comments. You don’t need to have that negative stuff going around in your head. This is hard enough, Elisa. (((Hugs))) xxx

  • Trish

    Perhaps the typo in your voting box might be a clue for you?

  • Elise Marie Graziano

    What about hiring a personal assistant? Or at least someone you trust to do things like type transcripts or weeding out the negativity so you don’t have to? Justa thought. I’m sure some people might even volunteer to do something to help. I know I would. Sign me up!

    • I would if I could afford it. I already spend a lot for all the blog related stuff. I wouldn’t feel comfortable asking people to do it for free.

  • leoprofawn

    I do not comment often, but I am moved enough to speak my mind on this.

    First, it’s unfair that you even have to struggle with and ask this. For that, I’m sorry.

    It is easy for us to vote either way as it isn’t our son, and the trolling-type comments are only attacking our belief systems, and not a member of our family that we have had a long, deep, and uniquely intimate relationship with and feelings for in addition to our belief system. I believe it really depends on you emotionally, Mrs Medhus and that there is no wrong answer in following your heart about this.

    I also think the fact you’ve broached the subject and are allowing the discussion about it is in itself very brave and speaks for itself.

    It is very easy for me &/or “us” of us to make the argument for leaving comments on youtube because of something to the effect of, ‘they are just words, just remember trolls/hateful commenters cannot truly hurt you unless you let it just decide to not care about what they say because it’s their goal to hurt you and get off on having manipulated and hurt you (like the demons you discussed with Erik today; they try to evoke and then feed off of the fear they create)’.

    Just like most meaningful things in life, it is easy to say and understand that in principle, but in practice difficult to master (which is why many nintendo games, Wii in particular, are fun because they are easy to understand (intuitive) to pick up and play, but do take time, patience, and practice to develop the skill to play well). You&We are only human and are not all meant or intended to achieve and be at the spiritual developmental level needed (in any given life) to remain unscathed under such negative focus and intent of others who do not mean well. So on your behalf, I write a little love letter to all the trolls out there.

    Dear Trolls,
    So due to physical and emotional pain dished out to you in the past and/or present, and negative life circumstances, you have chosen to feel good and obtain happiness, joy, and the satisfaction missing in your life at the expense of others by passing the pain around by being the seeder of conflict, the instigator of destructive dialogue, and the merciless attacker and bully to those weaker and more vulnerable than you in this life. Human differences allow you to be the wedge when you choose, and in so doing, feel a false sense of control and power you do not have in some aspects of your life that matter to you. All this because you choose not to come to terms with physical and/or emotional pain dished out to you. Realize that the abuse & negativity can stop at you; you needn’t pass it on; and the choice is yours.

    But (sarcastically) thank God for the internet, right? Now you don’t even have to abuse people in your personal life or manipulate others into fights in person. You only have to insert yourself into and interject ill-intended comments on discussions of controversial topics (religion, money, race, and politics) on the internet. Pitting people against each other with a few carefully considered loaded comments to undermine and/or eliminate any chance at meaningful dialogue by making people fight for your personal pleasure must be like fish in a barrel for you.

    People need to disagree. It’s fundamental feature about life on earth. We choose the ability to be in conflict so that we can overcome, cooperate, and work together despite this. By sabotaging dialogue you interfere in their work at self-improvement and the improvement of us at the species level.

    Trolls desire violence but usually will not directly use it. They set the stage and use the rhetoric so that the less calculating will go that extra step to violence in their stead. Once accomplished the troll mentally absolves themselves and then rests their head in hands like a movie director, transfixed in enjoyment of what they’ve set up and caused. Think loudly asking if anyone smells smoke in a crowded theater to keep a claim of plausible deniability one cannot (legally) maintain by yelling, “fire!”

    But progress can only be delayed, not denied (thank goodness). The evolution out of violence and into more full cooperation and friendship is our destiny, as the majority of humanity have decided. That’s why those in the minority become louder. It’s why hate has to propagate itself so much more to create the illusion it is more entrenched than it is. It is and always has been a negative minority ruling over the positive majority.

    The fear of progress and cooperation is why trolling uses fear and threats to argue that things can’t be changed, aren’t really changing, or that further positive changes signal the end of existence. These cries are louder and more frequent the closer humanity comes to liberating itself from self-loathing and self-abuse. There is another way and they wish it to be avoided by humanity.

    Cool thing is (empowered) people can see you for what you are, not allow you to achieve what you wish (hurt, sadness, anger, depression, hopelessness, worthlessness in others because that is how you feel yourself) because we understand you and your goals, and cooperate despite you.

    Stop, Grow up, and Look Inward so you can come to grips with the hole in your heart that you are trying to fill (we are too!) just not by causing negative emotions of people you provoke and mistreat. Work on self-improvement because denying your own personal misery is what actually drives you to this. Develop the compassion that you have only for yourself now and grow it to encompass other people and you won’t depend on what you now do to feel as if you matter. Trust me, you’ll feel much better.

    But it is up to you whether you wish to join up with the majority of humanity that wishes to cooperate or whether you choose to be left behind in this lifetime stuck in pain you feel you can not let go of. We all love you and hope for the best for you regardless.

    Troll Lovers of Humanity

    • Love your letter to trolls. Brilliant!

    • Peggy Arbuckle-Crerar

      Wow! What an amazingly written letter! Thank you for taking the time to write it! I wish everyone would have a chance to read it! I’m very proud of you! Thank you!

  • Madzia

    Hi Lisa. Regarding comments on youtube I think you should do as you want. If it hurts too much and yeah you shouldn’t care but you still do. Just do what feels right for you. You are running this show. I read your and Eriks book. It’s awsome. Thank you.

  • Joe D.

    Internet Movie Database is another place where, even though an administrator will delete comments that are monumentally offensive, you’ve already been exposed to the comment before it’s gone. I have to just stop in the middle of the sentence and go back to previous page quickly. Do I come off as an easily affected person? I go between resilient to not so resilient, current circumstances in my life determines it. I have Dysthymic Depression, so I’m at different levels of coping.

  • Peggy Arbuckle-Crerar

    Dearest Elisa, I so sorry some people who read your blog or watch the videos would feel compelled to leave nasty comments. I certainly have no understanding of it. I agree with you that we all should pray for those people. They deserve our love too!!
    I think, if I were in your position there’s a very good chance I’d want to disable the comments as well. You need to do what you feel is best for yourself.
    Love and lots of it to you and all your readers!!!

  • Heather G

    Hi! I only just found this wonderful website today! I am very sorry (and a bit perplexed) as to how I didn’t find it sooner since I have been doing a great deal of research and ‘soul searching’ re: the afterlife and NDE since my parents ‘passed on’ suddenly in 2010 and 2013 (only in their mid sixties). I have had some cool experiences i.e. contact via mediums since their ‘earthly deaths’ and I feel their presence often (even my more cynical physician husband admits feeling my mother’s presence). My young children have also reported actually ‘seeing’ my parents a few times.
    Anyhow, I’ve literally enjoyed spending this whole day reading and watching these awesome videos! Thank you so much!!! It has been so comforting and affirming for me as it has been for countless others.

    I just wanted to also tell you that I think I hear Erik at 7:47 in this interview (NDE part 1) – it’s hard to make out but there is a voice that sounds like his (based on the other videos where he speaks). It sounds like he says “Beep Beep” or something like that. I didn’t see anyone else comment on this yet but I thought I would mention it in case it hadn’t been brought to your attention. So cool!
    Thank you so much again… Hugs, Heather

  • Emily

    Elisa you are awesome! Thanks for sharing that video of that guy singing his song! So stinkin cute!

    • You’re so welcome!

      • Emily

        Hey Elisa, if we would like to call into the radio show, do we call that phone # you gave right at 7pm? or a few minutes before? Thanks!

      • Yes, no more than 15 minutes before. Try to hit it right at 15 til.

      • Emily

        Awesome Elisa! Got my fingers crossed that I get to chat with you guys!

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