Near Death Experiences

I recently disabled YouTube comments after a slurry of mean-spirited ones pummeled my heart and soul. They hurt too much plus I received more per day than I could possibly read much less reply to. I’ve heard from others, however, that letting people comment is a way of allowing for healthy discussion on the subject of spirituality. That said, I’m conducting a poll on the matter. Take 2 seconds out of your mind to answer.

Now for the first part in our near death experiences series. Enjoy!

We start out with our usual greetings.

Erik: I promise I won’t mess with Lola again.

Lola is a little Chihuahua Jamie is babysitting.

Jamie: Erik’s been pacing the room quite a bit, and it was interesting; Erik was standing at the door, and he walked around behind the camera again, and Lola was following him. It was really cool

Me: Aw! Cool! Lola see dead people.

Jamie: I don’t know. Those small things like that just kind of—I don’t feel like that was a coincidence. There’s nothing in my room that would catch her eye like that. They moved in the same pattern. Those things kind of make me feel normal again.

Me (teasing): Yeah, well I don’t know about that!

Jamie laughs.

Me: Bella always barks at thin air or an empty stairwell so I know she sees someone, maybe Erik. All right, we’re going to talk about NDEs, near death experiences. Maybe some of you have experienced this. Erik, can you tell us everything you know and then some about NDEs?

Erik: Ya. When you die—

(He cuts with an imaginary pair of scissors, which look like his hand.)

Erik: –you cut the cord so you’re energetically separated from the body. The body is legally dead. It has no life left in it. Pssst, you take off. You get to cross into other dimensional planes. You’re hanging out, ready for this death, “Bring it on!” and then it’s acknowledged that, “Wait, you have the opportunity to go back. Your body doesn’t have to stay dead. It can survive. That’s a big key. You’re body has to be able to survive what happened.

Me: Yeah.

Erik: And then, um, in different belief systems of that person—whatever you believe in is what you’re going to follow—so some say they go through a tunnel of light; some say they stood next to the body; some don’t remember anything. It was like a dream state where they woke up somewhere else. They’re all different, and they should be because it’s all based on what your memory is or what your description of death is in your head. That make sense?

Me: Yeah.

Erik: You play that shit out. You’re still carrying human vibrations and crap as your going to other dimensional planes. That wears off as you stay in those planes. So you have the opportunity to go back and you do. Sometimes people don’t remember exactly what happened. They just have a different outlook on life because when you are already living your life, and you have an opportunity to go back Home, which a lot of people call Heaven, the Beyond, the Afterlife, you come back to being human, that kick in the head amnesia shit doesn’t happen to you again. That happens when you’re crammed into a tiny little body when you’re coming back to life.

Me: What do you mean, just to explain to the viewers, by “the amnesia doesn’t kick in again?”

Erik: When you’re born or incarnated into this life, the majority of souls that come to Earth choose not to remember where they came from so that they can replicate a life of discovery, newness and learning. When you choose not to have amnesia to whatever degree, you feel as if you’re not learning, but you’re remembering something—that there’s really nothing new, but there’s tons of excitement and love and joy. So when you come back from a near death experience, you don’t get that kick of amnesia of that experience you just had. That’s why so many, many, many, 99.9% of people who come back to life have these changed perspectives.

Me: Okay. And almost always positive.

Erik: Always positive. Shit!

Jamie covers her mouth and blushes.

Jamie (To Erik): Do you want to say that?

Me: Come on!

Jamie: Okay.

Erik: Shit, life here is so much sweeter and better than the one on Earth.

Me: But you don’t regret your human life.

Erik: Absolutely not.

Me: A lot of souls live for becoming human and experiencing, well, life as a human.

Erik: Absolutely, and that’s the purpose. There’s so much that happens on Earth that can’t even happen here where I am. That’s why it’s so valuable.

Me: You say that the cord is cut. What’s the difference between true death and a near death experience on a cellular level, a body level, an energetic level—whatever you can give me, I’ll be happy with.

Erik: Okay, so with complete death, the cord is cut—

Me: Is there an actual cord, like that silver cord they talk about?

Erik: It’s not like that, but I think it’s a really good image.

Me: Okay, an image. So what is attaching it?

Erik: It’s like a dingleberry.

You might need to look that one up because I sure as hell am NOT going to give you the definition!

Jamie starts laughing.

Me: Oh no. Oh god.

Jamie (beet red): I haven’t heard that word in like forever!

Me: Me neither, and I wish I had not now.

Jamie takes a while to compose herself.

Jamie: Who knows, Erik, why some things crack me up? It’s just so wrong for you to put that together!

Me: I know!

Erik: It’s like that because it’s not like they’re cut with scissors. It’s just a certain kind of separation, and it pulls away from every—

Jamie: He shows me these little cells that hold the soul’s energy in it.

Me: Okay.

Jamie: It looks like little tridents. They have these little hair like—it’s really cool looking—these hair-like tridents that hook and feed into the energy of the soul, the energetic body, and when there’s physical damage, these things retract and remove and loosen and sever the energetic body from that.

Erik: What happens with absolute death is that these kinds of connections don’t come back. They pull in and stay removed, so no matter how many times you slam your soul back into your body, it’s not going to connect; it’s not going to grab.

Jamie (laughing): Okay, he wants to leave you with a better image.

Me: Than a dingleberry?

Jamie: Yes!

Me: No, I’m sorry. That image is in my mind for the rest of the day. There’s nothing you can do about it.

Erik: Avatar.

Jamie: Oh, the movie.

Erik: Remember when the blue guys get on the horse, and they have a tail that they connect to the horse. Then these fingerlike things connect so they can communicate as if they’re one.

Me: Yeah, I vaguely remember.

Jamie: That’s maybe a more colorful, better image.

Me: Well it depends on how colorful a dingleberry is.

Jamie laughs.

Me: Okay, that’s interesting. What about an out of body experience? How is that different?

Jamie: You guys are on the same page. It’s pretty cool.

Me: All right!

Erik: What about those that leave their body, cross over to other dimensions and then come back? Out of body experiences can happen in two different ways so we should label them in those two different ways. One is where you leave your body, but your still communicating to it energetically. You can use that silver cord image if you need to.

Me: The tridents are still hooked in?

Erik: Yeah, they’re still available. They’re still hooked somehow. So you’re out of your body, but you’re still in the 3rd dimensional plane. You can go to Italy, or you can go to, I don’t know, Korea, to see where their submarines are in the ocean. You can do whatever you want.

Me: Mm hm.

Erik: Then there’s one where you have an out of body experience, but you cross many more dimensional planes, and you kind of go into the Beyond—what we call dying. You now have the ability to be in those dimensional planes. That’s kind of different than what I would call a regular out of body experience because you’re having a death experience without trauma, without physical trauma.

Here’s a wonderful review of Erik’s book by T Love. For those of you who have not yet read it, I’ll be posting reviews nearly every day to convince you that it’s a must and that it will make your life a better one.

The best book ever written describing what happens after we die. Written by the deceased, and in his own words that may be a bit colorful for some, but hey, that’s who he is and really, they’re just words, not to be taken to heart, they’re not directed AT the reader. The strength of the Mom, Dr. Elisa Medhus, to have the courage to transcribe all that Erik said is a testament to the love parents have for their children and the bond shared from parent to child. This book will help so many who have lost loved ones, as a holistic health practitioner, I know it has already helped my clients who have lost children and I know it will help others. They are still with you, though not in the physical form. We must be open to hearing from them by staying aware so we understand the signs they send us. There is noting worse than losing a child, knowing that you can still communicate with them is a comfort for many and this book, this transcription allows us to know it can be done. Kudos to Dr. Elisa Medhus for sharing all that she learned from Erik with all of us. It is life changing read that has the power to change the world. Read, be aware and trust.

Here’s one link through which you can purchase the book: Click HERE. Take the plunge; change your life.

This is one of my favorite YouTubes about out of body experiences.

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