Just a reminder: For those of you who have signed up for the phone channeling session tomorrow, you should have received an email with instructions, the telephone number and access code. Let me know if you haven’t! Also, thanks to all of you for all of the grief-related advice and words of comfort. I’ve started to put into play many of the things I learned from you and it seems to be helping! Now, Erik explains (as only Erik can do) how numerology plays a part in our lives.

Me: Does numerology play a part in our lives?

Erik: If you understand them and know how to read them, then hell yes.

Me: Okay.

Erik: But most people throw it out like it’s some sort of child’s game.

Me: But is it true? Is there something to it?

Erik: Numerology has a lot of value to it, but I’ll tell you what. Our language and how we communicate as humans in ENGLISH not numbers—

Jamie (to Erik): Don’t do that!

Jamie (to me): He’s talking like we’re dumb! “Our language is eeennngggliish.”

Erik: Yeah, so we’re not going to communicate in the form of numbers, cuz you’re not going to understand it. Where’s the clarity in it unless you know numerology. If they know numerology and they can pick up the signs, then yeah, we can drop off those signs: on a clock, a phone, a billboard, a license plate. But to the mass majority, it’s just gonna mean shit.

Me: Well, what about numerology based on your name? Is that predetermined? So we decide on our names based on what’s going to make sense in those numerology calculations?

Erik: If I recall right, it was my parents who decided on my name!

Me: Oh, I don’t know. You probably had a lot to do with it. Or maybe we did knowing that on a subconscious level, um, maybe it’s based in part on math. Maybe we’re mathematical beings of some sort too—besides being emotional beings. In other words, the set numerology of the names and all that kind of stuff.

Erik: You can boil it down also to the numerology of the birthdate. What about all those people who were screwed because they went and got a caesarean? That isn’t your natural birthday, but your parents decided, “This is when you’re gonna be born. This is when you’re gonna take your first breath, and therefore this is what your astrological sign and everything is going to be based on.” That’s a little screwy. Astrologers need to ask, “Were you cesarean? When was your due date.” That way they can compare the cesarean date to the due date, cuz often it can be weeks different.

Me: Yeah, I guess even one day can make a huge difference. Some babies aren’t even born in a natural way on their due date for whatever reason.

Erik: What about timing: morning, noon or night. Those tentacles during pregnancy hit the baby, and it triggers them to actually behave in a certain pattern during the day.

Me: Yeah. So, why do we have numerology?

Erik: When it’s done like a path numerology where it’s not just based on your name but on your birth date and time, it can be a huge insight into who you are. It helps define you.

Me: So, our name and birth date are predetermined by whomever, and with that there’s a reconciliation with whatever life path you and others decided between lives?

Erik: Yeah and I would enjoy it, but not write it in stone.

Me: Okay. I guess because of free will.

Erik: Yeah, plus your name changes throughout life like when you get married.

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Elisa Medhus

  • Patrick De Haan

    One of my favorite subjects!

  • M and M

    This brings up a really valuable point that is so easily forgotten. If you don’t have a reference point for something it won’t be in your reality. If you don’t understand numerology it won’t be in your reality, but that does not mean it doesn’t exist for others and it doesn’t mean it won’t exist for you if you learn.

    It is really important to constantly question and examine our beliefs as they can hold us back or move us forward tremendously. As we change, our beliefs need to change with us, but we get so stuck in our habits that we hold onto old, outdated beliefs and that hold us back from change. The more we learn, the more new we can open up to. Thank you for the reminder Erik! Thank you for bringing this information to us Elisa and Jamie, allowing us to learn and therefore open up to new!

  • Suze

    I’m actually getting more understanding of that subject (I’ve also been into astrology since a teenager, but it’s crazy to me how a bunch planets can make a month go great and then horrible the next, lol) and after looking at my chart it’s dead on. I’ve actually learnt that based on your lucky number sign there are days that are better off for you to comence important things you want to accomplish for those days will have a positive lasting effect in whatever it is you do.

  • Clau_Bueno

    Cool!!! The other thing is the astrology connected with that, it’s all based in calculations too. I was thinking about that: when someone is born naturally or cesarean. my sister was cesarean because the umbilical cord was around her neck, then when I came, there was no choice than cesarean as well, but my mom went to the hospital when the water broke.
    Coming back to the astrology, people also say that our moon sign is more what we really is.
    I really enjoy all this conversation as well (even though is so much information for my little brain)! 🙂

    • Mommazee

      Clau_Bueno–I know this is going to sound crazy, and it’s not the point of your comment, but I just wanted to share with you, in case you are a woman who does not have children yet, or others reading this….Having one cesarean does not mean that you must have only cesareans after that. I know that was the old way of doing things back in those days, but now it is ‘revealed’ that you can have vaginal birth after cesarean! I just wanted to put that out there for anyone who didn’t know or is being told so by their doctor. Of course, it depends on your incision and a few other health factors of the mom and baby, but in a normal, healthy pregnancy, you can have a vaginal birth after cesarean (VBAC). Sorry, it’s an interest of mine that I like to advocate for 🙂

      But back to your comment and what Erik said, I too always wondered how astrology plays out for those who were forced out of the womb. Thanks for clearing that up, Erik! I’ve always identified to a point with my astrology sign, although some things either weren’t true for me, or changed later in life, so like he said…it’s not definitive or set in stone, just a guideline I guess.

      • Clau_Bueno


        thank you for your comment… I ‘m aware what you are saying. I don’t have kids, but every time my sister and I talk with my mom she has some weird justifications to us why things where like this or that way… i just think that maybe she didn’t know too much, or she didn’t want to go through the natural birth pain, or something else… plus old times…
        thanks again and hugs to you!

      • Amber

        Funny. I always supposed that events that decided birth were MEANT to be, so that numerology landed where it was supposed to, in the present moment, despite our predictions/hunches.

  • Emeraldd

    Having recently become interested in the subject, I’d like to ask the question: When you arrive at a number(s) about your name, birth date, etc., what source do you consult once you add up the numbers? Is there a ‘code book’ for what each number represents or do you just go to any numerology book (there must be hundreds) and trust that source (author) as the definite meaning of the numbers involved? Isn’t it kind of reading your horoscope in a magazine? In other words, who is a definitive authority to give it any credibility?

    • LinT

      Good question Emeraldd 🙂

      • Patrick De Haan

        GREAT question, it popped the top off my bottle.

    • Patrick De Haan

      Great screen name, since green is my favorite color. I’ve reduced & numbered your outstanding questions to match make the responses fit.

      Q1. For a number, what source is consulted after adding up the numbers? [Really, reducing them to a single digits]
      2. Is there a ‘code book’ for what each number represents or will any numerology book source (author) definite, trustworthy meaning(s) ?
      3. Isn’t it like horoscopes? Who is a definitive authority?

      A1. Your second question answers the first.
      2. Some yes and some not as much, for your specific question.
      3. Yes, horoscopes and numerology are very similar; numerology is more basic.

      Astrology interprets through positions of celestial bodies, locations of which can be numerically calculated. Latitude and longitude lines humans use to grid the Earth’s surface are similar.

      Numbers appeal because of absoluteness and certainty; they represent groups. Numbers come from groupings of ever smaller base particles, sub-atomic and smaller. As building blocks of matter are constructed, numbers come to represent the groups of particles gathered.
      I’ve said here before that spirituality and science are the same; numerology is an excellent example of this in practice.
      The energy of our true existence controls these minute particles; think of very finely woven silk cloth; each individual fiber is small and weak in relation to the fabric made from the threads made of ever larger yet still microscopic threads which eventually make one long and resistant enough to be woven. It takes very little force to affect one fiber but that small, small relative force applied to many small fibers simultaneously has a significant effect on the entire object.
      As the smaller “building blocks” are formed, amounts of groupings can be expressed by numbers; so many of “x”, many more of “y”, many, many more of “z” and so forth.
      Because the groupings of EVERYTHING we perceive in our physical world starts and ends, sequential ordering is logical when examining such beginnings and endings. In short order we run into formulas. Everything can be said to have a formula.
      Numerology assigns numbers to larger groupings which share common characteristics; however as my brief explanation should demonstrate, the number of something is always a reduction to a single digit of a larger prior number. There is always a larger, more complex number or set of numbers behind the one in question.
      Common characteristics that any individual numerologist might attribute to a “6” regarding events of a particular day, or personality based upon a number representing a birthday – itself the sum of year, month and day – are subjective. Nevertheless the descriptions can be – and usually are – very accurate.
      Our perception of time on Earth and our creation of weeks, months, years, millennia, etc., are entirely human; accordingly the interpretation of numbers assigned to concepts of mankind’s invention are a product of mankind, inherently subjective.
      Language is a human invention. Assigning numbers to Latin alphabet letters works for wesern languages written with them, but what about Chinese? There would have to be a different numbering sequence applied to the characters. Likewise a Chinese or Mayan calendar which has little in common with a BC/AD calendar would have entirely different numbering of “years”.
      We all exist in dense matter by choice and select the qualities and personality to be expressed here, all of which serve as a filter of our understanding and expression.
      Numerology as applied to more specific aspects of our Earthly plane, not apparently subject to interpretation but rather seemingly fixed in dimension, quality and property, goes by another name for the same thing; mathematics.

      The best numerologist will admit faster than a spark jumps that what really matters is the interpretation BY THE SUBJECT of an assigned meaning.
      To say a “personality number 6” is outgoing, gregarious and sociable and a sun sign “Aries” is combative, competitive and assertive could very well be true, yet the 10 digits and their interpretations cannot suggest or mean that the 1/10 of humanity that is a “3” personality number all act in a similar way. Far from it, but there will be “common threads”.
      Most important is to view a numerologic interpretation as static and able to be altered. Erik’s example of a birthday interpretation modified because of an induced birth before the expected date is excellent. A “personal day” number doesn’t mean the day in question has to be as the description says it should be; we can change the outcome entirely.
      Numerologic sequences, patterns and their meanings are not permanent. When changes are made, the numbers do also to reflect the alterations and amendments.

  • Stanley

    Ok, I have a twist for you. Being a walk-in, do I go by the body’s date of birth, or my walk-in date? Never thought THAT question would be coming out of my mouth….lol. But yea, which is the right one? When I look at my horoscope, I find my walk-in date is more spot on than the body’s date. I just look at both and shoot for the middle if at all. What I like to do is save the horoscope for that night and then read it to see if it was correct for the day instead of reading it in the morning and have a self fullfilling profosy. And I know, my spelling sucks…lol. Just some thoughts I had on this subject. 🙂


  • Patrick De Haan

    OUTSTANDING first paragraph. Masquerading as a human again, huh? You brilliant soul you!

  • a k

    Elisa, speaking of grief-related advice, there’s this wonderful thing called the Callahan Technique ( It makes you feel so much better in a couple minutes, you’re just tapping on energy meridian points while you think of whatever emotion you don’t want to be having. I use it all the time. I think there’s a free guide on the website.

    • Is this like EFT?

      • a k

        Yes. Roger Callahan invented this and one of the people he trained in it is Gary Craig, who then created a variation called EFT.

  • I would think that the date of your walk in would be like your birthdate because that’s when you came into this world. It’s really truly your “birth>”

    • Clau_Bueno

      another funny thing, when i was in china, someone there told me their day of “birthday” is the 9 months before the birth day itself. they count of the day of the conception. Is not that interesting. So, the person could have the same “birthday” as me, but he/she consider herself 9 months older.

    • Stanley

      Yea, that’s what I was thinking. The walk-in date would be my birthdate. I aways seem to be more on track with the horoscope for my walk-in date over the body’s birth date. Interesting topic though, numerology. Been seeing 11:11 a lot lately.

  • Sharneshaan

    I love the relationship Jamie and Erik have, they are so cute together!

  • Ceridwen777

    First off, great subject! I teach a Numerology class on three different levels: 101, 201, & 301. If anyone would like, I can send you an 18-page MS-WORD copy of the 101 class (includes charts and tables as well) for free (I usually charge or barter for classes, but in this special case with my special CE family, I will do it gratis). Oh, and I’ll also include the chart “form” I use when doing someone’s Numerology Chart which takes you up to your 90’s because I ran out of room after that…LOL! I’ll send a blank one and one that is already filled out so you can see how it’s done.

    Hey Elisa, if you would like to be the example chart for everyone to see, just email me your complete name on your birth certificate and I still have your birthday…<3

    Regarding some of the questions:

    1. My theory about the birth time – natural vs. Cesarian – is that the soul has a wide enough perspective on things that it probably already knows that there will be birth complications or a "premature" or "late" birth, so I would think the soul would take that into account when planning it's "entrance" into this world…that's my theory and I'm sticking with it! 🙂

    2. Regarding the "name", since each number has an energy, and the soul already knows which number "vibrations" it will need to accomplish its "mission", I am pretty sure that it is subconsciously feeding the mother and/or father this information and subtly suggesting names that include the right numbers…again, my theory…

    There is a lot to this subject, and I can also recommend the "good" authors of Numerology books as well, having tested most of them out… 🙂

    So, there it is – love to you all! 🙂
    Ceridwen /|

    • nikki6278

      Ceridwen777 that is sooo nice of you. Regarding cesareans I totally agree. I had four children c-section and two of them chose that date as one of them my water broke and the other when I got there they said wow you are in labor. So I agree with you.
      Regarding names I have read and heard that a souls name is determined in prebirth planning. Which always makes me laugh, My eric received his name less than 12 hours before the c-section. He was gonna be a Jonathan and the night before the schedulined delivery and husband and I both said, no, its not the right name.

      • Guess what Erik’s name means: Forever, alone (and he did feel alone in life regardless of how many surrounded him with love,) ALso, peaceful, eternal ruler.

    • Sdbugarin

      I’m interested!!! Hi Ceridwen777! My email is

    • Mommazee

      Thank you Ceridwen777! I just sent you an email 🙂

      • Ceridwen777

        *I will need your email address to send you the info – I didn’t see a regular email from you – just this Disqus thing…I hope you get this! Ceridwen /|*

      • Oh, I didn’t know you were addressing this to me! It’s

      • Ceridwen777

        Actually I was replying to Mommazee – I don’t have her email to send the material to… 🙂

      • Mommazee

        Hi! I got your email with the charts, I’m the one with the -supposed to be a boy and turned out to be a girl=beautiful- birth story 🙂

    • Pamelawood4795

      Ceridwen777 I would love a copy of this sent to my email. I would love to learn how.

  • Ceridwen777

    Oh, and my email address is

  • Mlslowik

    Elise, I am a numerologist and I agree with Erik. The month, day and year you were born will tell you A LOT about yourself and why you entered this Earth incarnation. You add up all those numbers and come up to a single digit. This single digit is important and the grid for numerology is 1 through 9, then master numbers of 11 and 22. 11 and 22 means people who are here on this planet and are very evolved. They are here to help others who are “beginners”. I rarely use a person’s name because not only can it change during the course of a lifetime, but there is more than one alphabet in numerology. Once you know your number, you can easily see how the Universe gives you karmic lessons to help you along in your path. No judgment……….we are not here to “compare” who is more evolved than the other guy…… fact, you’ll see that highly evolved people have HARDER karma and life lessons and this is because they are still evolving to yet a higher plane. They have mastered the lower numbers already. They are “old souls.” Numerology also gives you 4 distinct time periods (not equal) which has its own set of rules because these periods are governed by different numbers. It is so important to know what these periods are and what they mean because they guide you on what to expect during those times in order to work through those periods successfully. They are called pinnacles. Personally, when I do a work up, I do not ask if it was a natural birth or not. You’re “here” and “that’s that”………….you can work through ANYTHING!!!……..that’s the point!!……….God/Universe is a wonderful teacher. Have Faith!!!
    I recommend the following books. You can get them at
    1) Numerology, The Romance In Your Name by Juno Jordan
    2) Numerology and the Divine Triangle by Faith Javane and Dusty Bunker
    3) Numerology, Key to the Tarot by Sandor Konraad
    4) The Life You Were Born to Live by Dan Millman
    Numerology plus meditation and prayer will keep you “on track” to accomplish your soul’s growth and purpose for each incarnation. That’s really why we are here… complete our lessons during this incarnation and then go to Heaven “to rest” for a while……and come back and keep evolving!!!
    I love You, Erik, all the members and this wonderful blog!!
    God Bless You


    I had one for my son but 2 weeks after his due date and after labor had failed to progress after more than a day and a half. It would have been detrimental to his health and mine if we had waited…nothing was going to happen. We didn’t schedule it and my son isn’t “screwed”.

    • Denise

      If the decision is made to aid in the birth then that is the correct decision because you made the decision. How many times have we made decisions based on a gut feeling or a little voice in our head that urges us on? Our guides help us all the time but we have to listen. A need to intervene may come up as a medical necessity when it is just a cue to take action. Hope your son is happy and healthy.

  • kano

    About 20 years ago numerology came into my life, when I found the book: the life you were born to live, from Dan Milman. His system is based on a ancient system. It helps to understand your purpose in live and the path/proces you have to go. It has given me lots of insight and help.
    If you want to try?

  • BeFreeMyAngel

    Oh Stanley I thought I was the only one who did that !!! LOL !! I always enjoyed reading them at the end of the day or the next day too.

    • Stanley

      Hey Angel, Wow, I didn’t know anyone else read them at the end of the day either. I was always told I was doing it wrong. That your supposed to read them in the morning so you knew which things to do or not do. But I felt if I did that, how would I know what was meant to happen and what was happening purely being I was told they would happen and caused them to happen. So even if it’s the wrong way your supposed to do it, I still will continue to read them at the end of the day just out of curiosity of seeing how spot on they were. Nice to know I am not the only one doing the horoscope backwards….lol

  • cc

    My mum told me how I was supposed to have been born by caesarian because I was a bridge baby then I just turned magically for a normal birth when the doctors said they had to do a caesarian.I guess sometimes babies dont want to be “wait..wait wait for it..ok Im ready wish me luck”‘

    I was wondering about women when they get married,if your surname changes does it affect your life or if you’re born with your surname,that is the one that actually determines your life whether you’re married or not for your whole life

    • Denise

      It is my understanding that when a woman takes on her husbands family name she also takes on the family karma.

      • cc

        My boyfriend is italian.Apparently in Italy the women remain with their maiden surname even after marriage.Although I do think whoever you associate yourself with,their energy does influence your life as the children have their fathers name.Its quite interesting as the surnames and history of a female is kept intact even with families of many daughters.

  • cc

    Hi if you have a pdf copy of The life you were born to live-dan millman.Let me know.Thx

  • Errin Taylor

    Hello Elisa!

    I came across your blog from The Huffington post yesterday and I am so intrigued by it! First off, I am so sorry for your loss of your precious son, I can tell by looking at the pictures, he was a bright and beautiful soul, a very rare one indeed. It’s so amazing to know that he has passed on to a better place and that he is aiding you everyday in your present life in such a profound way. Second, I am a firm believer in spirituality and the afterlife. Lately, I have been feeling alot of “vibes”, if you will from my beloved Aunt Cleo who passed on 1999 from cancer. She was very regal, sassy, and she had such a beautiful presence! she also loved the color yellow, so the other day when I was walking to work I seen a goldfinch flying around and a thought of her. I have a feeling that she wants to tell me something, but I am not sure what, all in all, I feel her presence, and it’s so nice. Lastly, I think you are so amazing and courageous to start a blog like this, I know alot of people are relieved in knowing that yes the after life does exist and it is a world far more beautiful the one we humans exist on everyday.

    Keep up the good work! I am proud of you, and your beloved son, Erik!



    • Oh, Emin, thank you for your words of encouragement. I need them from time to time when those grief tsunamis wash over me. I’m glad you are part of the CE family. We take care of each other in good times and bad; we share insight, and most important, love. I hope you read the comments, because quite frankly they’re often better than my entries. 🙂

  • Lissy

    hi 🙂 does anyone here know anything about numerology? I’ve just done my date of birth which adds to 33 is this really a master number or should I just count it as life path number 6? also I did my time of birth which is an 11 another master number. Is this really common? most people do not count master numbers and I’ve not really found much info on them but when I had a numerology chart done the didn’t count the master numbers and it felt like they were talking about an entirely different person the only numbers that did make some sense were to do with my name.

  • Tammy

    My numerology number do not match me at all. I can just about revirse EVERYTHING it sayes about me. Could this be because I was a csection baby? The doctor made a mistake with my mothers due data and took me over a month too early.

  • I doubt if it has anything to do with your birth. Your soul chooses when and how to be born and your numerology should reflect you. I don’t know why it doesn’t. Maybe ask Erik in one of his channeling calls?

    • You should have been born in the Bahamas! lol. Maybe you’re here to LEARN how to have fun. What better challenge than Earth to put you to the test.

      • Tammy

        The Bahamas would teach a soul how to have fun for sure! I find numerology very interesting and a friend of mine is so into it that I want it to be true because he puts so much faith into it. His number does match him. it is disappointing that mine does not. I tried to fit myself into the life path number but its sooooo far off the truth that I know its foolish of me to try that. Its like trying to be someone your not, and just gets me more frustrated. We all need to be who we are on the inside, if we don’t that creates conflict within us or at least that’s how it felt to me. My friend is researching my number as well now because he too sees how far off it is from me and it confuses him. He told me I am the only person he has ever come across whos number do not match….

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