Oxygen and Breathing, Part Three

Blog member, Rebecca P., sent me this amazing story of reincarnation. It’s so comforting to know that we’re eternal beings and that the soul is colorblind. Check it out. It’s pretty short.

Enjoy the final installment of our series on oxygen and breathing!

Me: Do you want to get onto oxygen therapy?

Erik: Yes, that’s good. Let’s go to oxygen therapy. There are different ways to do oxygen therapy. You have compressed oxygen. (shows Emma a canister with a mask) You can get those.

Me: Don’t you need a doctor’s prescription for that?

Erik: Well, either way it’s always good to contact your doctor first and discuss what you would like to try. Oxygen can heal a lot of things; a lot of bacteria and viruses can’t survive in an oxygenated environment. For example, cancer cells thrive in a space where there is a lack of oxygen. So what a lot of people have done is use those hyperbaric oxygen tanks. This fills the blood cells with more oxygen and prevents cancer cells or even stops the growth and kills the cancer cells just with oxygen. However, you might need to convince your doctor that that is the way you want to go. Not a lot of doctors are open to that yet.

Me: Yes, that will be the hard part, just like vitamin C,  high doses of IV Vitamin C. Doctors won’t go for that, but it’s been shown to cure so many things. Now people with certain lung diseases like COPD and emphysema have to be very careful because oxygen can actually shut off their desire to breathe, and they can go into respiratory arrest. So I think it is important for people to check with their doctor before going to an oxygen bar for example.

Erik: Yes, always check with your doctor before you do any treatment. Also, people who work with, for example, the hyperbaric chambers usually know what they’re doing, so make sure that whoever will be doing it is qualified and that they have good credentials. What’s freely available to everyone is oxygenated water. There’s a whole process in adding more oxygen to water. It’s a little complicated so I want go into that.

Me: Thank you.

Erik: Now you also have ozone therapy.

Emanuelle: He’s bringing up cancer again. He keeps bringing up cancer for some reason because the primary precondition for the development of cancer is a lack of oxygen at the cellular level. (Nobel prize winner, Dr. Otto Warburg, proved this.)

Erik: Again, most of the therapies that are out there are really based on the fact that most bacteria and viruses can’t survive in an oxygenated environment, but it also speeds up the healing process.

Me: Yes, I’ve used hyperbaric oxygen on patients to heal wounds, to stop bacterial infections and things like that so, sure.

Erik: It helps with people who have severe burn wounds, people with burns all over their bodies. At first it was used for divers.

Me: Yes, decompression sickness.

Erik: Luckily, they’re now using it in hospitals for so much more than that. They do see the benefits of it; they do see results with it, but again, be aware that this might not be good for everybody. It could be harmful for certain people with specific diagnoses. So really look into it, whether it would be good for you or not and check with your doctor. There are doctors out there who are strong believers in healing with oxygen, so find yourself a good doctor who can assist you with this. Now also, and this might sound weird to some people, old age is also considered to be an illness. Often you’ll hear doctors say, “Oh, it’s old age. You can’t do anything about it. You have arthritis. Oh, it’s old age, etc.” Now, with oxygen therapy, you can speed up the renewal of your cells. You know, Mom, how our body is constantly making new cells and therefore renewing our body parts? Well, oxygen can speed up that process of creating new cells to replace the old ones. Oxygen can keep you healthy and, although it doesn’t really stop you from aging, it speeds up the renewal of cells so your body stays younger longer.

Me: So how many times, how often and for how long is the ideal amount of time and frequency to do hyperbaric oxygen, for example ?

Erik: It really depends on the person and on what it’s being used for, so that is something that definitely needs to be discussed with the person who is helping you with it. You can’t really put a time on it. It really depends on the situation. Are you just doing it to get a cleaner skin? (He acts all feminine, stroking his cheeks.) Yes, it helps with wrinkles because it renews the cells in your skin. So yes, it really depends. Are you using it to get rid of cancer or just to feel better or reenergized,? Do you just want to give your body a boost? It really depends on why you’re using it.

Me: I can really see centers all over the place like a whole chain of all these hyperbaric oxygen chambers. People going in and stay in there for 30 minutes and go like once a month or something.

Emanuelle: Yes, instead of a tanning salon, an oxygen salon.

Me: I think it would be much better than a tanning salon. So what’s the difference between hyperbaric oxygen and like going to an oxygen bar?

Erik: The oxygen levels. For instance, the oxygenated water. You really have to drink that within a certain time that it’s made, otherwise the extra oxygen disappears. But there are a lot of differences in who prepares it and what method is used to add the oxygen and so on, so look at the web and get informed.

Me: But some will help.

Erik: Yes, and really see what might be beneficial to you. If you think it might be good for you or you just want to give it a go, see if it makes you feel better. The water can’t really hurt. For the tanks and hyperbaric rooms, you will need a doctor or specialist to help you with that, and they should know whether or not it would be good or bad for you. Either way, extra oxygen has a lot of medical benefits. It detoxes your blood because it adds more oxygen to the red blood cells. It also helps against fungal infections. Fungus loves moist, dark places with a lack of oxygen. Fungus is really hard to get rid of, even with medication.

Me: Sometimes, yes and the medication can be really horrible. Like one that we use for systemic fungus infection is Amphotericin B, and we call it Ampho-terrible B because it’s so terrible. It’s so hard on the body.

Erik: Yes, Mom, they can even cause liver damage etc. The oxygen therapy is a lot safer. It’s also antibacterial, and good for your cardiovascular health. There are a lot of benefits to treatment with oxygen, more then I have time to sum up, so check it out online. There are tons of website discussing the different options and applications. I just wanted to open your eyes today and tell you all to just breathe.

Me: Very wise words. Okay, I’ll start breathing now! I think Michael Jackson had a hyperbaric tank at his home that he got into. I don’t know; you guys can correct me if I’m wrong.

Erik: Yes, a lot of celebrities have them. It keeps them looking young.

Me: They got the dough for it. Well, that sounds great, Erik. Anything else you would like to share?

Emanuelle: I don’t have the room or the money for one.

Me: I know I don’t. All right anything else you want to share with us on oxygen or oxygen therapy, my love?

Erik: You just have to see oxygen as the love of the universe. Breath in and inhale the love; breath out and exhale all the stress and pain. Just let it out. I love you guys, I love you, Mom, very, very much.

Me: Me, too

Erik: I’ll be watching you; every now and then I’ll tap you on your shoulder and go, ‘Mom, breathe in and out.’

Me: You’re as bad as my Apple Watch!

Erik: Just remember to be aware of your breathing. Break your autopilot every now and then and just breathe.

Have a wonderful weekend, everyone. I’ll post last night’s radio show tomorrow!

Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber

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