Sacred Geometry, Part One

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Enjoy the first of a two-part series on sacred geometry, a subject that has always fascinated me!

Me: Hello again, Kim. We’re back. The tornados haven’t gotten me yet.

Kim: Did you get new glasses?

Me: Yeah, you like them?

Kim: Yeah.

Me: I decided to go a little wilder. It was kind of scary, but I got the approval of my 22 year-old daughter, so I feel good.

Kim chuckles.

Me: So in the last session, we got to talking about sacred geometry. I’ve looked at pictures of sacred geometry and they’re really beautiful, but I felt like we really need to dedicate an entire session to explain why it exists, what it does, what its purpose is and so on. So, Erik, hi sweetie pie.

Erik (mocking me in a sugary tone): Hi, sweetie pie.

He blows me kisses.

Me: Aw! I know, I’m such a sap.

Erik: I love you, Mom.

Me: So first of all, what created sacred geometry? What’s it made of? What is it? Well, actually, go where you want to go. I’ll shut up now.


Kim: Before he even starts talking, he’s so sweet, he’s right behind you with his right hand on your right shoulder. So he stands behind you and says, “She takes it so well,” like from all of your children mocking you and teasing and picking and playing.

Me: Oh yeah. I’m one with my flaws.

Kim: He’s very sweet just adoring you.

Erik (hands out in front as if ready to talk): Okay, sacred geometry. This is the natural flow and rhythm of life. Everything in life, of life, that has life will reflect its sacred geometry in some way. It can be measured. Everything can be measured.

Kim: He’s kind of being random. He showed me an image of him picking up a seashell and shows how it has a spiral, but the energy of that affecting other things in its environment and being affected by things in its environment as well. He keeps saying, “Newton’s Law.” I think that’s the one that’s for every action, there’s an equal and opposite reaction or something. That’s the concept he wants to look at here when he talks about sacred geometry.

Erik: Mom, if you push here and now, it may cause an effect on the other side of the world. It will, not may. That’s because everything is connected in sacred geometry. Sacred geometry is the measurement of everything, the vibration and the rhythm it carries. It measures where it exists in that rhythm, that vibration. Take a massive, old oak tree. This tree is going to have a very intricate web with a very intricate design because of how the seasons change, its environment changes over and over and over, and it’s still there existing, being affected by its environment. So the web becomes very dense and intricate in its own geometry and its own existence in these different frequencies around it. Then comes along a human—

Kim (chuckling): He shows this little human just bee-bopping through the woods.

Erik: –feeling a draw, a connection to this tree.

Kim: I don’t know where he’s going with this.

Erik: So this human feels a connection or loves or adores this tree. Then that human takes a piece of that vibration, that geometry, and carries that imprint in his or her sacred geometry and vice versa. The tree does, too. It’s like a big spider web, Mom. Everything is connected by sacred geometry. (He moves his hand in the air from left to right, undulating it like a waveform.) It’s the rhythm of life. Everything exists in that rhythm on a scale, but everything doesn’t exist at the same place on that scale.

Kim: Did sacred geometry exist first or did things that materialized occur first and then was measured by sacred geometry?

Me: Oh, yeah.

Erik: Sacred geometry is a vibration, a measurement, and it exists first, then something materializes through it.

Me: So, does consciousness, in other words, thought, take that web of sacred geometry and use it almost like clay to mold something into the material and create reality? Do we use sacred geometry with thought to create reality? Like I could take a web of beautiful sacred geometry and think about creating a—I don’t know why I’m saying this, but a duck? Whatever. I know I can’t create a duck! I guess I could if I were powerful enough. Then I could just, boing, create a quack, quack, little duck.

Erik: You could. Because when you connect to sacred geometry with thought, when you encompass it—

Kim (to Erik): We’ll go there in a minute. Okay.

Erik: –when you can understand it and more so when you can accept it, that’s when you can use it for manifestation. People do already. You can use it to manifest whatever you want. This gets into playing with the laws of nature. There have been a few, not many, who can take an object and change its form with their thoughts and maybe even with their hands by manipulating it where other common people can’t.

I guess I’m one of the peons, then.

Erik: This is a claircognizant thing. People aren’t going to just be able to read about it and then do it. It’s not that easy.

Me: Okay.

Erik: It’s a claircognizant thing where you’re close in resonance with the sacred geometry of the object and you understand it enough to manipulate it or manifest through it.

Kim: He keeps mentioning David Blaine. Remember that guy we talked about?

Me: Oh, yeah.

Kim: He uses him as an example.

Erik: So, sacred geometry, from the big perspective looking in, is a way to measure vibrational frequencies. It’s just a different way to measure the existence of something in a physical way, in a scientific, tangible way.

Kim: He keeps wanting to reiterate this, so maybe I’m not articulating it well enough because he keeps repeating it.

I chuckle.

Erik: The existence of one thing—

Kim: He’s showing something kind of coming in manifestation, materialization, and as it exists, then because it exists, no matter what “it” is, everything else is then affected by it, too.

Me: Hm. So all the sacred geometry is connected so that if you take one piece of the web and mold it into something, it’s going to affect the rest of the web that’s not being molded into that something? Is it like that?

Erik: Yeah, think about it like that. Picture a spider web. No matter what, if you just change a little bit of it over here, the rest of it is still going to be affected. Take an acute example of when a family has a new baby. That new baby coming into the family is going to push and shove the consciousness of everybody affected by that birth. Everybody is now changed because of that new person. So no matter what it is that’s in existence, if it changes, so does everything else.

Talk about beating a dead horse.

Erik: That’s why it’s so hard for people to hear their own thoughts sometimes. That’s why it’s so hard for people to feel grounded. It’s because we’re all connected by sacred geometry. We all feel each other at some level, but most of us don’t understand it. That’s when we lose ourselves in it.

Imagine all those spider webs in our brains from other people’s thoughts, various actions, even the existence of everything. Of course my brain mostly has cobwebs.

Erik: So again, I want you guys to remember that.

Kim: He’s being very compassionate and serious about this message.

Erik: No matter what you do here and now, it will affect someone, even on the other side of the world.

Me: It’s like the butterfly effect.

Erik: It’s a law. It’s proven.

Me: Yeah, the wings of a butterfly will, you know, change the wind and create an effect across the world.

Kim: He’s really being compassionate about this! I have chills!

Erik: If a parent practices compassion, the kid will know compassion and will grow up and practice compassion to maybe animals, to people, to the community, so it has that larger, massive effect. So take responsibility for who you are, for how you exist and what you do with your environment because it’s all creating this massive spread of effect.

Sacred Geometry

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