A Ray of Hope for the New Year

First of all, I want to express my deep love and gratitude for all of your caring comments and wise insight. I don’t know what I’d do without you all. Before I unveil a deliciously exciting piece of news, I want to share another side to grief with you that those of you who have lost loved ones may relate to as well. It is my hope that when we all relate to the same things, whether painful or joyful, we gain a sense of community and connection. So here it is. One of the most difficult aspects of grief other than the obvious is how it has changed my footing in the family. Before, I was the “glue of the family,” the one others came to when they wanted advice, unconditional love, nurturing, encouragement or a kind and patient ear. Now, I feel like the weak one. The fragile invalid. The 800 pound gorilla in the room around which others must step on eggshells. I hate this new role, and I don’t know how to get out of it. I don’t know how to rediscover my strength and change from child to matriarch. One day, perhaps…
And now for the fun stuff. Here is a comment Robert posted to the last entry.
Now on to something funny doll…i was speaking to Laura today and while we were talking, Erik popped in and flushed the toilet.  he gotta a kick outta doing that, mostly because I got a confused look on my face and then grinned when i heard him laughing and slapping his knee.  I didn’t mention it to Laura because at the time we were deep in a discussion and i didn’t wanna lose focus.  Erik says that was precisely why he did it….he LOVES trying to throw me off my game!  oh, Erik wants to know if the floors were warm enough for ya’ll there in the chalet.  i assume he must have been up to something or he wouldn’t have brought it up…heehee…

Big hugs and lots of love to everyone!
The reason this comment is so amazing is that several days ago, the warming cables in the floor of the main bathroom went totally haywire for the first time ever. Despite being at the proper setting, they heated up so much that the ambient temperature in the room was 89 degrees, and it felt like we were walking on hot coals. Rune had to reset the entire system. Our first thought was, “Erik, you little sneak!” This event was a classic Erik calling card.
No one but us, 5000 miles away, could have known about this electrical malfunction. It was not posted anywhere. It lived and died in the austere beauty of the Arctic Tundra. Furthermore, not many would know that floors in this remote little chalet could (and should) heat up.
This story spun my mood around 180 degrees. I’m hoping it gives you the same comfort and joy on this important and meaningful date: 1/1/11. 11:11 is the number for manifestation. May you all manifest joy and abundance in the coming year.
Sorry, but I’m being pulled out the door for a long and snowy walk. No time for edits or spell checks! Love you all!
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