More Erik Stories

Story #1 I just love validation! As I have mentioned before, every morning I go out on my porch and lay in my hammock and listen to the birds and watch my hummingbirds eat. Sometimes a wild turkey is in my yard or a deer. I love it! Well, I asked Analyn (my higher self) to ring the chimes I have … Continue reading

Erik Pranks Four Blog Members

I love this first story. She loves her f-bombs just like Erik does! Story #1 Pranked!!!!!! Putting on nail stickers.....something or other. I don't fucking know what they are called but they are cute colors and I stick them on my nails. Anyways! I use a nail file to file them down. I had … Continue reading

Sweet and Supportive Erik

I found this on Robert's timeline. So, funny!! Here are some great Erik encounters! Story #1 Hello! I have been following Channeling Erik now for a couple months. I have a son in heaven also, born and died July 1, 1977. He lived for an hour after birth. I never got to see him as he was whisked … Continue reading