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Okay, so remember when I was talking about Oprah’s energy grid and how it’s visible from up here?  (Shows me an overhead of the world from space, and the lights visible on the ground are the people who have connected to Oprah’s far-reaching energy.)

Everyone has that.  We all have grids, and the size of the grid isn’t important.  What’s most important is the functionality, the health of that grid.  Is it healthy, or is it fucked up?

So here’s what I’m talking about:  When you meet someone, you plug into their energy, and they plug into yours.  (Shows me a plug with an extension cord connecting two people.)  Now the current runs between those two people.  Those two people are – on some level even if they’re completely (ignorant) of it, those two people are sensitive to each other’s moods and needs and wants.

Those two people could be a mother and child and the plug goes in before the kid is even born.  They could be life partners.  They could be coworkers or a boss and employee.  This energetic connection is formed when one of a few different things happen:

–       If one or both people is emotionally invested in the well-being (or suffering) or the other person. 

–       If the balance of power is altered – like an employee cares what the boss thinks of him because he needs to keep his job. 

–       If one person, like Oprah, is generating a lot of content / output that other people are plugging into. 

There are some other examples, but you guys get what I’m saying.  That last one is like the blog, kind of like me and my mom and my family – there are all these people plugging into the blog, and so we are kind of like the generator, creating all of this energy that other people are tapping into. 

And that is all fine and dandy (shows himself in a costume of a dandelion flower, cute!) as long as the generator is healthy, balanced and able to create enough energy to meet the demand.  Usually the generator needs positive feedback, energy feedback, to keep the charge up.  The more people that plug in, the greater the draw – which is fine as long as the generator can handle the increased power flow and as long as there is always enough energy coming back to feed the demand.

 If the generator is feeling depleted, then she or he needs to unplug from all those people.  This is when celebrities might go into hiding or something like that.  That’s where tabloids can get really evil because they chase people down in their hiding spots and they print shit stories, so just when a person needs refuge to recharge, a tabloid will trigger this huge flow of negative energy towards that person.  Tabloids suck people, don’t read them.

Healthy energy connections are pretty easy to identify ‘cause they make you feel energized.  They make you feel great!  I’m not gonna waste your time talking about it because you KNOW when you’ve got a great energy feedback loop going.

What I WANT to talk about is how to recognize when you have a SHITTY energy connection happening, and that it’s (super-important) to fix it.  If you ignore it or just accept it, it’s going to eat away at your health, your finances, your self-esteem, your whole quality of life.  So it’s really important y’all pay attention to this.

So the first one:  the connection that happens when one or both people are invested in the well-being or suffering of another person.  This is typical family connection, but it can also happen with friends.  (Shows me a social worker who creates this energy connection with every one of her clients.)  A lot of social workers do this – they plug their energy into their clients and then get burned out.

This connection is awesome if it is making everyone feel great, and you’re getting back what you’re putting out.  A good energy connection is something that you manage so that it builds you up emotionally, energetically, financially (and so on.)

But it can be EVIL if it goes bad and you don’t see it for what it is!  If someone’s a drama queen, that’s a pretty good sign of a fucked up energy connection.  Drama queens are always looking to ramp up the energy connections in negative / draining ways, and they want to suck in everyone around them.  Sometimes this energy pattern is shown just by people who like to complain a lot – the point of complaining isn’t to complain, it’s for the complainer to be HEARD and gain the sympathy / energetic connection of the person listening.  THAT’s why someone complains or whips up drama – the payoff is in the energy return.

In these situations all you really gotta do is recognize it.  Once you recognize what’s happening, the energy flow will automatically be ramped down, and if you need to unplug from that person all together, you can do it in a calm way.

The second one: when the balance of power is out.  This one happens in relationships a lot, like if one person is ashamed for being unemployed for a long time, the other person might start to leverage the energy to their advantage.  Like, “I made all the money this year, so *I* get to decide where we go on vacation.” 

The energy behind that statement isn’t at all what the words are saying.  The energy says “I dominate you, you are not worth as much as I am.”  You could re-word the statement with a different energy, like “I have felt a lot of strain supporting the whole family financially.  I would really appreciate it if we could do my thing for vacation.”

See, there the energy says “I need a reward for busting my ass.”

The great thing about that second statement is that it’s a good maintenance on the energy connection between these two life partners.  The one with the job is feeling drained, and that’s why she or he wants to get the vacation of choice.  If they don’t get that little reward, then the resentment is going to build up and THAT is an energy feedback you do not want in your connection to your partner, right?

Now, maybe the other partner is feeling like the one with the job is controlling everything.  Maybe that person wants the vacation of their choice because it’s one small choice they can actually make, since being unemployed isn’t what they WANT.   I’m not sayin’ it’s easy to maintain a positive energy feedback, it’s a lot easier to bounce that negativity around for a while.  Sometimes that’s what you’ve gotta do, and that’s even cool so long as that does not become the permanent state of your relationship.

And speaking of jobs, how about the boss who’s lording it over the employee?  (Shows me a former boss of mine who used to casually threaten to fire me for the smallest reasons.)  The most important thing in this dynamic is to recognize that you need to get the fuck out.  (Shows me a controlling person in a marriage, it’s the same thing.) 

You might not be able to get away immediately, but just by RECOGNIZING you have to get the fuck out, you are suppressing the power of the negative connection between the two of you.  Sometimes you can’t break the power of that connection all at once, sometimes you have to amp down a bit at a time, and THEN unplug.

The third thing is the big energy output, when a person has become a generator.  Sometimes these negative energy connections can be totally addictive.  (Shows me the Maharishi – the “beatles’ guru”.)  This dude is fucking hilarious (he was known as the “giggling guru”) but he got really popular once he became this rock star guru.  Suddenly a lot of people plugged into him, and he started to get addicted to all these people looking to him like some sort of demi-god.

He started to expand his energy grid a lot like Oprah’s, but his energy grid wasn’t really an output to the world, it was a feeding line right to him.  He became really dependent on it, and after he died he needed to start to wean himself off that massive energy grid.  (Shows me the man dissipating if he breaks the connection too quickly, like he can’t hold his individual consciousness together if he goes cold turkey.)

That guy’s story is a great example of how fame can go horribly, horribly wrong.

That’s why it’s really important to recognize who and what you CHOOSE to plug into.  How are you creating that connection with your teacher?  Do you see her as a human being who has information to offer?  Are you treating your teacher like she has access to all the answers?  If you are, you’re giving too much of your own power away, and you’re putting too much strain on the load.  If that’s how you do things, you will ALWAYS be looking for someone else to plug into, and you’ll NEVER feel okay on your own.

And that’s the whole fucking point of this (word vomit – literally shows himself puking words like a messed up sesame street!  Awesomeness.) 

The thing is you need to look at how you’re creating these energy connections in your life, and manage how you’re plugging into other people in the world. 

(Shows me a young woman sitting at a giant control switch board and managing dials and levers, adjusting the energy connections in her life.  One dial says “Mom” another “Sister” another “Carl” another “Dog – Daisy” another “Facebook” and “News” and “Movies”  – pans over the board and there are several hundred connections.)

You are making these connections ALL THE TIME.  Whatever input you accept, even in the TV you watch, the music you listen to – that’s an energy connection you’re creating. 

That’s why people get so stoked on rock stars (shows me the energy bouncing around at a concert – the energy connection is a massive generator created by the band onstage, and it’s fed by the audience going nuts – that is looped back to the audience through the band, so it’s this upward-spiral of building energy, and the audience is all connected to each other.) 

Every time this song is played on the radio, that energy connection is expanded by the people who hear it and plug into the energy around that song, which is connected to the concert(s) that happened and will happen in the future.

If you’re feelin’ burned out, there’s a reason for that.  It is way too damn easy to get burned out energetically because there are all these energy connections that were not possible before this instant-feedback age.

Think about it:  at work, you’ve got email.  So some boss in another city could be demanding this thing like, now.  You’d have to send it to him.  Thirty years ago, that boss could call you on the phone but he would have to fuckin’ chill his nuts in a bucket of ice for a while because the best you could do was mail something to him.

And before you even got to work, maybe you checked facebook.  Maybe you saw some of your sister’s drama on there.  Before smart phones, most people didn’t check their email before their first cup of coffee, you know?  It all MATTERS.

But the cool thing is NOW you KNOW.  So go forth and be fucking enlightened!  (flips a huge power switch which sparks on contact, a massive power current kicks in and a stadium lights up.)

Toodles!  (flusshhhhhh)

That’s all, folks!

Kate Sitka is a spirit medium and animal communicator located in Tofino, BC.  To learn more about her and her work, check out her professional website and her personal blog






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