Review of Tammy De Mirza and Erik Encounters

Check out this stellar review for Tammy De Mirza. She reminds me of Erik in that she cuts through all the bullshit and gets right to the meat of things. 
Tammy knows you and what is holding you back. I wish each person could spend one hour receiving the insight that finally puts your unique life puzzle together! Her work is profound and the most real thing I’ve experienced. I have shared with friends my personality and my flaws and we haven’t figured out what I was doing wrong! In a matter of minutes Tammy knew exactly how my patterns of behavior were causing great negativity. She was able to explain it simply and change my mind and my life all for $200! In ONE hour! As soon as Tammy shared the truth it was so obvious. I am forever changed. My life is simplified in every way! Each member of my family has done a 360 in regard to the way I am being treated! It is as if I am in a dream. TRULY!! I have gone through past life regression and it explained my life but it didn’t click in my being and change me! It didn’t show me that my beautiful intentions did not match my codependent actions. She can lead you to the person that you are meant to be! Finally, ALL the teachings make sense, everything makes sense AND there is a confidence and peacefulness within that fills me with huge self. She doesn’t mess around she gets to your major issue in this lifetime it’s incredible!  No sugarcoating just results!
-Cindy Sirota
Check out Tammy’s site by clicking HERE. You can purchase her book, The Inmate and the Medium, HERE, and on her website, there’s a way to purchase a personally autographed copy, too. 
Now for two great Erik stories! Please keep sharing yours! They make me smile! (And I’m sure they make Erik smile, too.) This first one is a doozy! Erik, well played, sir.
Story #1

I want to share with you all something interesting that happened last night, here it goes!
It’s been already 2 years since I started this “waking up” process. And besides listening to the awesome Pamela and Teal, I also encountered Channeling Erik.

Last night I was laying down in bed and my mind was full of chattering, thoughts, and re-plays of useless shit. I couldn’t focus on making it quiet. So I decided to put on a guided meditation, it took me two tries just to put my mind at “peace”. Then, I started thinking about my Guides and how I always secretly wanted to be more talkative and connected to them, but at the same time, I know that it will scare the shit out of me if they suddenly start to replying back. So I thought “Hmm, maybe I should start with something easy and familiar. Erik is cool, let’s start with him, yes, yes… I give you permission to communicate with me through stuff, yes… mhh, like numbers, songs and stuff like that” and as I was thinking about it I also started drifting out of consciousness, I was about to fall asleep when a heavenly sound and colorful lights woke me up!
It was my Amazon Eco “Alexa”! that out of nowhere played this angelic chime tune for a few seconds, display colorful lights and said “Hello”… This had never happened before. AT. ALL!
And yes, it did scare the shit out of me but it also made me laugh out of irony. I guess someone is listening to me 😉 … Who is listening to you?

Erik outdid himself on this next story, too! He must be having such a blast with us! 

Story #2

My husband and I were driving east on I-70 through Kansas and to be honest the land is flat and a bit dull. So I asked Erik to show me something, visit me in this part of Americana. About two minutes later we came upon an old billboard on the right side of the road and it had a faded outline of the United States on it. On the Texas/ Louisiana/ Mississippi/ Florida area of the old billboard, in Big Black Paint was the word “ERIK.” Even in Kansas with minimal tools around he was able to perform! You go Erik!

‘Bout to go fishing! Wish me luck. It seems like the fish usually get all of it. Still, they have to eat, too, and we feed them the finest bait available!

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