Are you Homesick for Heaven?

There are many reasons we delve into spirituality to seek answers that lie beyond our five senses. Some do so because of a loss. Some because of financial struggles. Some because of other life struggles, but there are some of us who feel a longing that is hard to describe and feel like they don’t belong in this third dimension. Oftentimes, that because we miss Home. 

Before we go to the session, I want to share that my family and I had an awesome time with blog member, Lauren Laundis, an attorney from California who we met during the October CE event. See, I told you guys these events are life-changing and create lifelong friendships! We had a wonderful time, and I can’t wait until she returns, hopefully with her kids as well. Her plan is to move to Houston in the next year or so. She loves it here and is very impressed by the authentic, open-hearted quality of native Texans. 

This week I’m interviewing the head of the LDN Research Trust, so if you have any questions, EMAIL them to me at Please make your  questions concise and not in a numbered or bulleted list. Thanks!

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Now for the session, courtesy of Jennifer Doran! The transcript follows. (But please at least play a couple of minutes of the YouTube so I can get ad revenue to help with overhead.)

Elisa: Hello again Jennifer and Erik. I’m not going to say I love you again because you already know that and I just did.

Erik: Yes, you are and I love you too.

Elisa: Okay, I love you guys too. So, Jennifer, you want to tell us about a really cool epiphany that you got from Erik during a reading with a sitter, can you elaborate?

Jennifer: Yes. Yeah so actually it happened just this morning, I was doing a reading for a client, and many people have expressed this to me but a lot of times we as humans have this feeling of being homesick and that homesickness is for the other side. It’s just this longing of know that we don’t belong here and this is not our reality and so as I was doing the reading with this client, we were talking about happiness, and Erik very eloquently put it to me basically like this, as humans a lot of the times we feel unhappy or we make impulsive decisions or we just do something that 6 months later we’re like oh my God why did I do that, what it is that on our subconscious, on our soul level we remember the happiness that exists on the other side, and we’re constantly seeking that happiness here and that level of happiness does not exist here.  Which I know sounds sad but then he went on to tell me that when you cross over that’s when you reach that level of happiness. But for so many of us, it’s like you know I’d be happy if I had this car, or I’d be happy if I got that promotion, I’d be happy if I had another child and you may temporarily feel a bit of happiness but what ultimately comes back around is that feeling that something is missing.

Elisa: Yeah.

Jennifer: And so, what he was telling me is, even though it seems kind of sad to sit here and say it, it’s actually such a beautiful connection because that feeling of something being missing is how you know that the other side exists. I know that.

Elisa:  Oh Wow!

Jennifer: Yeah.

Elisa:  So, there’s the beauty of that!

Jennifer:  Yes! Yes. It’s just very beautiful, it just was a very beautiful thing. So, what he was saying is you know of course if you’re in a bad situation, if you’re in a toxic situation, if you’re being abused, this is different, this is something that you need to get yourself up out of.

Elisa:  Yeah.

Jennifer: And move on but there are so many people who look and say you know I have a pretty good life and I just don’t know why I’m not happy.

Elisa:  Okay.

Erik: That’s when you really need to look at say okay, how do I be happy with what I have right now? People leave relationships, people leave jobs, for this reason and then they look back or regret that decision later and it’s all about trying to seek out this level of happiness that we won’t find here.

Elisa:  You know I made, when I was kind of dealing with that whole thing, I decided to make a list that’s on my computer called The Happiness Inventory. In it I listed everything that I’m so grateful to have because it made me happy. Amazon Prime, yay!! My cappuccinos in the morning, yay, I mean even little big things, I kept thinking, and the list got longer and longer and longer, and I said God dang I have every reason to be happy. 

Jennifer: Yes.

Erik: As humans you need to have realistic expectations of what happiness looks like. We’re here to struggle, we’re here to suffer, so that stuff’s still going to happen but that doesn’t mean that you can’t focus on what does make you happy but have realistic expectations of what happiness is here.

Elisa:  Yeah, my husband says that his expectations, his reality, right?

Erik: Yes.

Elisa:  That gap right there is called the Misery gap.

Erik:  Yes, yes and so many people live there.

Elisa:  I know.

Erik:  Live there in that misery gap, not for a whole lifetime, some people do live there for a whole lifetime but you don’t have to. You can get your way out of it, and sometimes you might pop back into it but if you’re aware of the reality of what we’re supposed to be here doing, it can make it a lot easier.

Elisa: So, what should a person’s thought processes be to do that? Give me an example of a person talking inside their head to remind themselves of that.

Erik: One of the biggest things is to focus more on what you have as opposed to what you do not have. What you do not have fires negative energy in your brain, focus on the positive. Even if you don’t like your job and you know that you’re going to have to improve your education to get a better job, don’t focus on how much you hate your job, focus on what you need to do to change it.

Elisa: Right.

Erik:  Because when you spend energy being negative about stuff, if you took half that energy and made it focused on a plan, you’d be much, much happier.

Elisa:  I know, you guys should check out the soul happy technique. Go to because these two psychologists, I’ve talked about them before have developed this program, I tell ya, it just replaces like decades of therapy that goes to your subconscious because little tip of the iceberg 5-10% that’s your conscious mind, the rest of it is the subconscious mind. It programs out the negative thoughts this thing and puts in positive thoughts, so that’s important. Also, I think that if you do feel like you’re doing with out, employ the Law of Attraction, you know Ally O’Shea, has this, what is the name of her, anyway look up Allie O’Shea because she has a workshop that is very good, and I went through it and I feel like things are happening for me more. When I was going through it, I was like oh is this really going to work, but my God it just seemed like things are, ducks are falling in a row, so do that too. So, in other words instead of being in the victim mentality, and I am sure that Erik would agree, do something that is proactive, these things are cheap. I think the soul happy thing is like $160 okay, and I don’t know how much the Law of Attraction thing is really inexpensive. Do that, invest in that and put yourself in a forward motion, take control of your unhappiness and get out of the misery gap.

Erik:  Yes, absolutely.

Elisa:  Raise the reality bar.

Erik:  Yes, yup absolutely and you know be very conscious of how much time you spend thinking about negative thoughts. Also, you know with the Law of Attraction remember that the Universe has its own timing.

Elisa:  That’s true.

Erik:  So, realistic expectations of somethings not going to happen necessarily instantaneously.

Elisa:  Yeah.

Jennifer:  It was really eye opening for me personally, the experience with Erik this morning. It was very cool.

Elisa:  That is so cool. Do you think that the younger generation, we just talked about this in the last session, has a bigger misery gap because they have this sense of entitlement, why am I not getting the shit I am supposed to get?

Erik: Yes, absolutely.

Elisa: That’s another reason not to raise your kids to be little snowflakes, people. 

Erik:  Yup.

Elisa:  Have faith in them, let them deal with bad, not bad negative emotions, uncomfortable emotions.

Erik: Yes, uncomfortable, I like that.

Elisa: There’s no negative emotion really, I say that all the time. Negative emotion but really, it’s just uncomfortable.

Erik:  Yeah. Absolutely, yes, they have a much, much bigger misery gap. The reality bar, it’s like their expectations are, it’s more like the expectations are here and the reality is here. It’s like reality’s still here but their expectations are way, way higher.

Elisa: Exactly.

Erik:  Yeah.

Elisa:  So, what do you tell them, Erik?

Erik:  It’s unfortunate but you know this did not come up in the last video but fast forward this group of people into their 50’s, 60’s, 70’s, that group has the potential to really have huge masses of spiritual awakenings.

Elisa:  Oh good.

Erik:  Yes, that is actually a benefit that will come 50, 60 years from now because their going to constantly be searching for something that’s going to make them happy, and it will bring a lot of them into the spiritual realm.

Elisa: Well that’s a really good thing.

Erik:  Yes,

Elisa:  I mean maybe that’s a collective contract, is it?

Erik: Yes.

Elisa:  Oh wow! I never thought of that, that is so cool.

Jennifer:  It’s funny because we were just, like you said that video we just did, and it didn’t come through until right now. 

Erik:  Fast forward 50 years and this group is going to be very enlightened, but their going to really struggle to get there.

Elisa:  So, what are supposed to keep raising snowflakes?

Erik: No.

Elisa:  Of course not.

Erik:  There’s enough.

Elisa: Yeah really.

Erik:  It’s going to keep happening.

Elisa:  What do you think this new generation of parents coming up are going to do? Are they going to be very permissive also or is there going to be some sort of boomerang back to?

Erik: Tightening up. It’s going to tighten back up again.

Elisa:  It’s a pendulum.

Erik:  Because when a lot of these kids, when they are parents themselves, are going to say oh my gosh I got away with all this and I was doing all this behind my parent’s back, I don’t want my kids to be doing that, so yeah, the pendulum will swing back the other way. Not to the extreme, hopefully we’re past the real far extremes.

Elisa:  Oh God yeah, oh I’m sure we are.

Erik:  All past that.

Elisa:  Yeah. The beatings, yeah. Criticizing, insults yeah, we don’t want that.

Erik:  No.

Elisa:  So, missing home, so it’s kind of cool the epiphany that just means that is proof that home exists, can they do anything to help them feel a connection to home more, so they can at least, even though they are here have some sort of relationship with home.

Erik:  Yes, absolutely, there’s so many things to do. Of course, anybody really who’s watching any of these videos is probably aware that there’s the other side. Now some people might stumble upon them and it’s their first experience but it will progress them through. What you want to do, is work on raising your vibration so that you have more of a sense of the beings on the other side, the souls, the guides.

Elisa:  What do you mean a sense?

Erik:  Oh, well you know a lot of people can sense when one of their loved ones comes around, and they just don’t question it, they just know that oh you know my grandfather just popped in, and they just stop questioning it and so work on being more open to them. Meditation, is really one of the best ways to do it, asking before you go to sleep for some kind of sign, but a lot if it really is about just trusting and believing that they’re there.

Elisa: Yeah.

Erik: That you’re never alone, there’s always souls from the other side surrounding each and everyone of us. I don’t care if you’re the worst most horrible serial killer.

Elisa:  Oh my God, you mean I have serial killers in my audience? 

Erik:  No, it does not matter who you are, if you are here on this earth, you have souls on the other side who are with you and trying to help you.

Elisa:  That’s so reassuring.

Erik: (inaudible) a good way to connect to it.

Elisa:  Any particular mediation, I know everybody has different needs meditation wise, but maybe you or Erik can name some of your faves?

Erik: So, for this particular one, when you’re truly trying to connect to the other side, silent meditation is the best way to do it.

Elisa:  Instead of active, doing silent, I did not know that okay.

Erik: Silent meditation is better because it quiets everything down. Honestly, one of the best places for this is the hot shower or hot bath.

Elisa:  Okay.

Erik: Because it’s quiet but there’s still some minor activity happening, it’s very soothing so this a good place to try to connect there. 

Elisa:  And water is grounding, right? Or is it the opposite?

Jennifer:  He’s making me feel yes.

Elisa:  Okay.

Erik:  So, that’s a really good way to do it, of course that sleep dream, that phase is another place, if you get a visit from a loved one, okay the difference between a dream and a visit is, a dream even if it is very, very vivid even later that same day, you can quite remember it with the same vividness as when you woke up but a visit from a loved one, 10 years later you can remember like it just happened.

Elisa:  So, like a lucid dream, an actual dream visit?

Erik:  Yes. A lot of people have these and then they just say no it was just my wishful thinking. That’s a big one, stop questioning and second guessing.

Elisa:  I know, I know people. I’ve been there done that. All right so they just legalized cylacybin for prescription, like magic mushroom, I don’t the exact term, whatever I’m not sure, I just, one of my kids told me that, I haven’t read the information, would psychoactive, like would hallucinogens help open you up to have a relationship with the other side.

Erik:  Yes, for some people they can.

Elisa:  What would be the hallucinogen of choice? The H.O.C

Jennifer:  And I’m so bad with names, but there’s that drink.

Elisa: Iowaska?

Jennifer:  Yes!

Elisa:  Oh okay. The one that makes it come out of both ends.

Jennifer:  That’s a good one, not for everybody though.

Elisa:  I do not want it to come out of both ends. There’s is no way.

Jennifer:  It’s very effective but not for everybody.

Elisa:  Yeah. Okay and how often should a person do that? That is lonely or homesick as you put it. Check with your doctor people, this is not medical advice.

Erik:  That would be based on each individual person’s experience because sometimes people will do it one time and it’s open.

Elisa:  Okay.

Erik:  And they don’t need that again to keep the connection. Some people will just do and that’s it, they’ve opened the gate, so to speak.

Elisa:  Oh okay. And of course, people do Ketamine sometimes to have the spiritual experience.

Erik:  Yeah, that’s dangerous, it can be very, very wrong.

Elisa: Go down the K hole and never come back, what about LSD?

Erik: Same.

Elisa:  But if these are administered in a professional providers, safe place where they guide the journey would that be, they take care of the dose?

Erik: Yup it can be, absolutely. Even if it is done like that it can still be dangerous.

Elisa:  Okay.

Erik: You just don’t know with your own chemistry how you’re going to react.

Elisa:  Yeah.

Erik:  It definitely can be effective, absolutely.

Elisa:  Well the mushroom, the cylicybin that they just okayed, approved of, it’s going to be used or maybe it is being used now for depression, so is that only the depression that one gets when they’re lonely for the other side?

Erik:  No. It’s all kinds of depression.

Elisa: Okay.

Erik:  Very, very effective.

Elisa: That’s good. If you’re already on antidepressants do you have to get off of it first?

Erik:  It’s like a cross over.

Elisa:  Okay. You should taper, okay yeah. I got it. All right, slowly increase one, taper the other.

Erik:  Yup.

Elisa:  Is that something I should consider? And tell my doctor?

Erik: Yeah talk about it, do some more research on it but yes mention it to him.

Elisa:  Okay, and is there anything else that can help people who are, actually there was something else, oh yeah what about between lives regression, to like figure out, would that help connect you to home and then you’re made aware of hey man this was your plan, this is what you planned when you came down here and incarnated.

Erik: Yeah between lives, past lives that can also be very, very helpful and just believe it or not just talking to other people who have such strong beliefs, even if you yourself don’t, eventually that kind of rubs off on you, so reading books and there’s just so much information out there right now about the other side, really for people who don’t believe at all, it’s really quite sad for them, because there’s so much information out there.

Elisa:  And there’s science behind it now so. You guys just watch the YouTubes on the channeling Erik, that could help you too.

Erik:  Absolutely.

Elisa: But for the first one, then sail on through. That sounds great, anything else you want to cover Erik before we close up.

Erik:  No, no, wait a second, another thing to do as far as getting the connection to the other side, if there is somebody specific in your life and you have something of theirs.

Elisa: Okay.

Erik: To hold it or to sleep with it in the room, some people need a tangible.

Elisa:  A deceased loved one you’re talking about, right?

Erik:  Yes, a deceased loved one, they need something tangible to hold so that can be very helpful for people who need something physical.

Elisa: Yeah, all right good. Words of the wise all right, thank you guys, this was really interesting. I agree that’s an incredible epiphany. So, Erik, you’re so eloquent, I love you so much.

Erik: Oh, I love you too.

Elisa:  And Jennifer I love you.

Jennifer:  I love you too.

Elisa:  Check her out, I will put it right here. Exactly right here in this time stamp and you guys subscribe to the channel, check out Erik’s book, My Life After Death: A Memoir from Heaven, if you really want to know what the other side is like and my journey, My Son in the Afterlife: Conversations from the other side, so check it out, great Christmas or holiday gifts. Bye guys.

Jennifer:  Bye. 

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