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Good news: Although it’s not definite, Jamie may be hosting a public channeling event with Erik in Los Angeles. She has a family thing to go to the first three days of August, so she asked me if I thought she should hold a workshop so she could trance channel Erik for your West Coasters and perhaps teach some of the other cools things she taught us in Atlanta. Who’s up for it? Head count please. Include guests you might want to bring.

Also, we’re tentatively planning another Friday through Sunday event just like the one in Atlanta this Fall, but in Austin. Anyone up for that? Again, head count, please.

Carol (Chris’s mom) has come along way since we first took her under our wing. Enjoy her beautiful story of spiritual progress. Kudos, Girl, and thanks for the great tips!


Not sure if I can say I’ve pierced the veil but…

I’ve been super clairaudient since Chris died…for him only. I’ve been able to hear him since he died. I think that was God’s gift to me so I wouldn’t completely cross that fine line into insanity. Hearing “other” people is new…and VERY exciting! It started with your son…Erik. I could hear him periodically when he and Chris would pull some pranks.

Then about 3 weeks ago I was talking to a kid (about 25) about his Dad who had died 10 years earlier. I was telling him that he could hear his Dad too, it’s something we all can do, we just need to be open. I then heard his Dad say, “It’s about time someone tell him this!”. Blew my mind!

I then had a short and sweet similar type message for my apt mgr who’s husband was murdered 5 years ago…again, blew my mind.

The recent thing occurred night before last. A kid that used to live with me and my children, David Bart, died of a heroin OD Fri. night. This has brought to the surface the grief regarding Chris’ death and has been difficult for me and the girls. David lived with us about 5-6 months when he was 17, he was 31 when he died. I had written his Dad a note telling him I knew how he felt and shared about Chris’ death and about being able to still hear him. Sat. night I was praying for David and his Dad and I heard David’s voice, clear as a bell, saying, “Hey, Carol. Can you really hear me?” I said, yeah, I think so. He then went on to ask me tons of questions about what would happen to him next, etc. I feel like walking around with my arms out in front saying, “I hear dead people…”.

I think it’s not so much piercing the veil but more of a willingness to step out in faith and say something when you think you’re “hearing” (seeing, feeling, etc.) something that you think is from the other side. I think that as we take those few wobbly steps of faith then it opens a door for more to come through.

Why me? I read your site every day and pay attention to some of the die-hards (Jason, etc.) I read anything and everything I can on spiritual growth, etc. I’ve been working on balancing my chakras. I pray that Jesus will bubble me with white light (etc.) and then ask my spirit guides to teach me (basically stuff Jason has been passing down to us). I’m still really isolating myself from people so it allows me lots of time to do all of this stuff.

Piercing the veil??? I want soooooo badly to SEE Chris…and feel one of his awesome hugs. (I spontaneously broke down in tears again today thinking of your Erik hug this past week-end…not of envy, just sharing your joy. I’ve had 3 or 3 lucid dreams (I call them visits) in which I’ve been able to hug Chris…those give me plenty to go on for months to come! (I’m over-due for another one, hint to Chris!)

Ask Erik a question…the first thought that pops into your brain is from him. As far as the other “voices” I wish I could say what the magic short-cut is…it’s all so new to me! Just pay attention to those very first, quick responses that you receive. The FIRST response is from “them”. I’ve also paid attention to where I “feel” it. I “hear” Chris out of my left ear (the one I’m totally deaf in…go figure!) and I feel my thoughts in my forehead. Your Erik is chatty…quite different from Chris who was always super quiet. I guess “just being aware” summarizes the process.

Love you, my dear soul sister!


Don’t forget to let me know if you’re interested in the Los Angeles or Austin events (or both)!

Love you!



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