Collect Call from Heaven

I forgot to tell you guys that right before I (crawled) out of bed on Mother's Day morning, I someone tussled my hair roughly. I'm sure it was Erik wishing me a good one. No breakfast in bed, but I'll take it. Actually--and I hope my kids don't read this--the whole "breakfast in bed" thing is … Continue reading

Best of Erik: Dying to Live

After I told my daughter, Michelle, about Erik's visit to Mariana, she felt happy for yet another sign of his continued existence, but she also felt a little sad that he had not given her a sign in such a long time. After all, Michelle and Erik were very close. They did nearly everything together. … Continue reading

How Spirits Say “Hello”

Many of you may have had deceased loved ones communicate with you in ways you might not be aware of. (Damn I hate to end a sentence with a preposition, but I sound too professorial if I do.) Anyway, I digress. (Ah oh. That sounds kind of professorial, too. Sigh.) The way Erik says hello or tells me … Continue reading