Channeling Jesus, Part Three

I hope you all enjoying Easter weather! Here is installment number three of the wisdom of Jesus. (I felt a little silly asking this first question.)

Me: Now, what were you here to learn? Were you here to learn anything, Jesus?

Jamie: He’s leaning in with his elbows down and his hands folded. They’re not clasped; they’re folded. He says—my hearts racing—

Me: I bet so!

Jamie: Okay.

Jamie clears her throat and begins to tear up.

Jamie (choking back tears): He says that, um, I told him maybe he should scoot back just a little bit. The closer he gets to me, the more I feel like I have to cry.

Me: Awww. Well, I’m not even in the same room and my heart is racing!

Jamie (to Jesus): Thank you.

Jamie sighs.

Jamie: He scoots back.

Jamie clears her throat.

Jamie: Yeah, it’s real subtle but as soon as you get closer to it, you just feel, um, I don’t know how to explain it, but you just can’t contain or control—

Me: Yeah.


Jamie (giggling): Okay, further back, maybe?

Me: Aw, poor Jamie!

Jamie (wiping away her tears): It’s awesome; are you kidding! This is so amazing!

(Pause as she gathers herself and dries her eyes.)

Jamie: Okay, can we start over?

Erik: Jamie, it’s okay. It’s not bad; dude, it’s the human body and the human body reaction.

Me: I know! It sucks to be human sometime! So were you here to learn anything?

Jesus: I was here to learn to give of myself fully 100% but still maintain my individuality and purpose. It wasn’t to surrender all to my children—

Erik: What’s that?

Jesus: Followers, believers.

Me: Yeah. Okay. And I think we understand what he’s here to teach, but could you restate it for us?

Jesus: I was here to teach that there were many paths to God. I repeated to others that I am not the only way, though this was rewoven by other people to state that I am the only way. I would never take the time to feed my ego this way. This is worthless effort. There are many ways to reach God. I was also here to teach that the many ways that find God is to start with self—to go in, then outward. It was not to place the responsibility of belief and spiritual security on another person. It’s only to be done within the temple, and the body is the temple. The church is not the temple.

Me: I see. Do you have any regrets? I feel weird asking you that, but you were human at the time, after all.

Jesus: I regret that I did not have the opportunity to speak out past my death—what was considered to be my death—I did not die on the cross.

Jamie: You know, I’ve heard that before.

 Jesus: Yes, I did not die on the cross. I was not kept in my stone tomb; I had a life beyond that—

Me: How did that happen?

Jesus: My regret was that I did not have the opportunity and the means to tell that story, because I knew, as the story stood, it was more powerful to give people a hope in what God could provide and what the afterlife could provide.

Me: Okay.

Jesus: I was able to achieve this in the same way as the Tibetan monks who can stay in meditation for day, weeks without food. They appear unconscious; their hearts almost lie dormant; it is a way of control over the temple, over the body. It is what I had practiced, and I would travel to several countries before I was announced to be as the son of God. I studied many different cultures and beliefs. I did this because I knew there were many different ways to achieve the one path, but it would have been wise for me to know intimately what they were.

Me: Mm hm.

Jesus: I had all the power, but I lacked the knowledge as a human, and so I gathered the knowledge. My followers and disciples—even the Roman guards with the spears—were able to come to my rescue and move me away so that I could come out of that state of being and I could lead my life.

Me: Where did you live out the rest of your life?

Jamie: He’s showing me three different countries. I can see France.

Me: I’ve heard that before. Did you get married; did you have children?

Jesus: Yes.

Me: How many children did you have?

Jesus: I lived my life under another title, another name, and I kept a very secret way of teaching.


Me: Did you marry Mary?

Erik: Mary Magdalene.

Jesus: She was my only true love, and I knew how important it was for women to be considered equal to men, so though you may have learned in the Bible that all of the disciples were men, they were not.

Me: Ah! Was Mary one of the disciples?

Jesus: Yes.

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