Channeling John Lennon, Part Two

I’d like to thank everyone for all the love and well-wishes yesterday. You all made a difficult day easier to bear. In fact, in the channeling session this morning, Erik commented, “It was really weird having so many people think about me yesterday!” (He meant this in the nicest of ways, of course. Just the typical awkward expression of a 20 year-old guy.)  Here are a couple of pictures of his gravesite. We polished the marker and freshened the flowers. It seemed almost silly doing it, knowing he’s not really there. In fact, I felt him next to me, snickering, shaking his head, saying, “Yoo hoo! Over here. Not down there.”

Erik’s Marker

R.I.P. Erik

Well, time to move on. Erik tried to contact Steve Jobs to interview today, but he wasn’t available, yet. Too soon. I expected as much. Erik says he’ll probably be available for the next session, though.

And now for part two of John Lennon’s interview. Please know that I make a point not to fact check after any of these sessions. Because all mediums are human, and all humans have some filtering, of course we can expect an inaccuracy or two. Taking that into account, I continue to be amazed no, awestruck by Jamie’s gift. She is the most open channel I’ve ever had the honor to know.

Channeling Transcript

Me: Did anything surprise you when you crossed over?

John: Well, when I first left my body, I was quite alone. That surprised me. I half expected the old religious stories to unfold—trumpets playing, angels swarming!

Jamie (giggling): He’s laughing as he’s telling the story! It’s funny; he’s got kind of shaggy hair. It doesn’t look brushed, really. And every now and then he takes his hand and scruffs it back a little bit.

John: The moment I realized that I wanted to accept this new life was the first time I realized—

Jamie: I’m getting a little teared up.

John: —that I only had room for Love. That’s when I knew what I would have adopted had my life carried on, what I played my music for, what I wrote my lyrics for—this whole purging of the soul as a musician, as a poet, as an actor. Being a human is very much like being an actor.

Me: Yes, life is a play. In some cases it’s a horror movie, but—

John: But when you leave this body, and you leave the rules that are pushed upon you—the way that your body is governed by its environment—and you cross to here, you only have room for Love. There’s nothing else.

Me: Aw.

John: I began to see my family. I did not float up, up and away. It was always my awareness that Heaven wasn’t away from us; it was always within us. I walked over and stepped into seeing my family and my first awareness was my wife, my children—

Jamie: Oh, that time he used plural.

John: I was able to check in on them. I was able to talk to my son.

Jamie: He’s talking about his son with his first wife, I think.

John: He had suicidal tendencies, and I didn’t want him to use that as an out, because there’s so much good work to look at and to be focused on there on earth. We had issues we should have resolved.

Me: To use what as an out, your death or suicide in and of itself?

John: Suicide itself.

Me: Okay, I see. So the first son, your eldest, that’s the one you say you had indifferences with?

John, Yeah, with Julian.

Me: Yes! That’s the name I was trying to remember. Sorry, Julian, but I’m an old lady! The ol’ brain’s only running on one cylinder now.  So, John, was it your destiny to die when and how you did?

John: Apparently so. In my creation, in my head, I never saw myself dying that way. I saw myself hitting a plateau where I could float along, let the wind take me. I just never expected it.

Me: Why do you think this death was your destiny, then?

John: Well, looking back on it, it created another revolution about how sensitive the human life is.

Me: Mm, so fragile.

John: Yes, and for it to be so much in the public eye, and for—

(Long pause)

Jamie (to John): Oh yeah. Yeah. Wait, back up. Back up, John.


Jamie: He talks a lot! He has a low key, kind of monotone voice, and he just chats on and on.

John: I like that it was so much in the public eye, but I think the message is wrong. Instead of taking an opportunity to show compassion for somebody filled with such anger and helping him resolve that, all they did was punish him.

Me: Yeah. So did your killer–Mark Chapman–did he kill you as part of a spiritual contract?

John: Yes. Yes, that was our agreement before coming there to earth. And by punishing him, they’ve built and installed more anger into him and more frustration. Life is gentle. We must handle it so. We can’t continue good guy/bad guy. We all have to be on the same playing field, on the same side.

Me: So your destiny was to die the way you did, because you wanted to teach about the fragility of human life? To show respect and love for it?

John: Yes! I wanted to teach my son that, and I hope I communicated that with him on a soul level when I visited him after my death. But even my killer’s life must be treated gently, and of course it wasn’t.

Me: Yes. I suppose not.


Me: Can you tell me what your afterlife is like?

John: I still create music; I guide and protect my family.

Jamie: He’s very cute when he talks about his family. Lot of pride. You know, a lot of smoochy-smoochy feeling.

Me: Aww!

Jamie (laughing hard): Okay, maybe scratch the word smoochy-smoochy. That was all me. But that’s the look that he has. He has that look of adoration.

Jamie (to John): Oh, so you prefer adoration, then? Okay.


Jamie: And you know what? He’s actually shorter than I thought. Maybe because he looked like such a giant next to his wife.

John laughs.

Me: So, your life’s work over there is to create music?

John: My life’s work is to pluck the thorns of anger, defeat and jealousy out from the air around us.

Me: Oh! Well, you must have your hands full, then!

John (chuckling): Thankfully, I’m not the only one on that task!

Me: Good! And what insights did you gain, given your new perspective in the afterlife?

(Jamie laughs hard when she hears his answer.)

John: That I was RIGHT!

We all laugh.

John: I was right that there IS such a place as this. 

Wait with baited breath for the final part of this interview. Until then, enjoy the music video for one of his best songs, Imagine. At the end, you’ll see that smoochy-smoochy look Jamie picked up on!

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