Channeling Kurt Cobain, Part Two

Many who have led such tortured existences like Kurt seem elated to transition Home again. This should in no way condone suicide. In past entries, Erik has explained time and time again why taking your own life is almost never the best option. When you cross over, you still carry the same emotional baggage with you, but you compound it with the misery your death leaves in its wake. And when you realize that you short-circuited not only your own spiritual mission but those of countless others, you’ll feel devastated. I’ve channeled such suicides and am touched by the burden of grief and guilt they still carry. And now, let’s see what else Kurt Cobain wishes to share with the world.

Me: Okay. So, was it your destiny to die when and how you did?

Kurt: Well, I know it was my destiny to die young. I knew it. I knew it from when I was little. I would even tell people that I wasn’t going to live a long life. 

Me: Wow.

Kurt: And I don’t think that was self-proclaimed; I don’t think I lived out my own words. I really said it because I felt it was true.

Me: Yeah.

Kurt: Maybe because I was neglected by  family, by that support that you would expect to have as a child—maybe it was because of that neglect that I had listened so hard to find peace that I—I think that’s when I found out what spirituality was. I think that’s when I damned God, but I actually wanted Him closer.

Me: Yeah.

Kurt: When you’re twelve, when you’re on your own already, when you’re sleeping on park benches, when you’re hiding under trees and bridges—

Jamie (to Kurt in disbelief): You were twelve?

Me: Gosh.

Kurt: Oh, I had taken off before then! Fourteen on, I considered myself my own identity, my own ship. I lived in so many houses, I just—I began to not care where I was.

Me: Oh, Sweetie.

Kurt: And that’s when you create that steel box inside of you that you take—you take it with you. You take the angst, the anger, and music was the only thing that could open it up.

(Long pause as we all digest this)

Me: What were you here to learn and to teach?

Kurt: Really, I was here to learn about pain and suffering so I could understand what it was.

Me: So, you could fully understand what?

Kurt: So in the depths and corners of my head, I could understand what it felt like to be at peace.

Me: Ah! Okay. What were you here to teach?

(Very long pause)

Jamie: He’s just kind of standing there, his arms are down by his side, he shifts his weight to one hip. He has tight jeans on and a grubby shirt. Blackish blue.

Me: Wow, you and Erik must go to the same tailor!

Jamie (laughing): It is kinda true, Erik! You can’t deny that!

Kurt: The only thing I hope I conveyed was the music. How to express yourself.

Me: Nice.

Kurt: And to speak up. I really think that if I wasn’t handed that guitar, if someone didn’t actually see that I could learn, I would have imploded.

Me: Mmm. Okay. Any regrets?

Kurt: Not being there for my child.

(Long pause)

Kurt: For hurting myself.

(Long pause)

Kurt: For breaking up the band.

Jamie: He’s saying he broke off the band before he committed suicide.

Me: Oh, really?

Kurt: Yeah.

Me: Well, at least Nirvana’s music is immortalized. (short pause) Can you share a past life that you feel most affected this last one?


Jamie: He’s not really talking to me, but he’s showing me images. It’s during a war. He’s a young man, and I see him belly down on the ground in a shallow ditch.


Jamie: It looks like World War I. He’s trying to get directions to help protect one, two, three, four other people that are with him. Five in total. It almost looks like they’re pulled away from their troop, their brigade, whatever it’s called. So, he was supposed to be the one in charge, but they wouldn’t listen to him.

Me: Hm. Okay.

Jamie: —because they didn’t like him. They thought he had a foul attitude, but in the moment of need, they should have listened, because he followed his instinct, and he got out alive, and the other four didn’t choose to follow him. They sacrificed their lives.

Kurt: Yeah, and that connection of your attitude is what people will most likely believe to be able to trust in you.

Me: Yeah, attitude, not the words.

Kurt: Yep. So that just kind of pissed me off even more, and so when I came into the life that we have been talking about, I just didn’t control my personality. I just let it be whatever the fuck it wanted to be, so, the true people who don’t rely on personality but rely on honesty would be able to understand them.

Me: Yeah, that way you can figure out who your real friends are.

Kurt: Oh, yeah.

Me: Okay, one last question. Of course you can say anything you want, Sweetie, but  I want to know—now that you have this new perspective from the other side of “the veil,” is there anything that you’d like to tell us? Any messages for humanity?

(Long pause)

Kurt: The human body is a container. It’s not meant to be sealed up when you’re alive. You’re meant to take the lid off the box.

Me: And express yourself, just as you were meant to teach others?

Kurt: Yes.

Me: Okay. Anything else you want to say before we close the interview, Darling?

Jamie (giggling): I know now why River Phoenix said what he did at the end, because I just caught Erik whispering to Kurt, “So, Dude, what’s your favorite animal and what’s your favorite color?

Jamie and I laugh hard!

Jamie: And Erik is so funny, like sixth grade humor, but everyone thinks it’s funny!

We all laugh again. Typical Erik.

Kurt: The wolf. My favorite animal is the wolf. Here’s why. They’re all meant to be loners, but they always travel in packs.

Me: Ah!

Kurt: Get that one! And my favorite color is black.

Me: Of course it is, Kurt! Okay, well, thank you Sweetie, and if you ever need anything, just holler at Erik, and he’ll get that to me.

Kurt: Well, if you ever need anything, you holler at me!

Me: Thank you, Kurt!


Me: Oh, Erik, can you run get River Phoenix again? I forgot to ask him what his life’s work is now.

(Long pause while Erik asks that question)

Jamie: Okay. Erik comes back. He says River says to be, um—oh, say it again, Erik! It just went in one ear and out the other. Shwook!

Erik: To learn to love himself and start bringing the healing arts—whether it’s music, acting, hands-on healing back to earth.

Me: Well that’s a worthy cause, my boy. 

Speaking of locking things in boxes, Here’s Nirvana’s Heart Shaped Box (with lyrics)

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