Channeling Prince, Part One

I know many of you have watched the Prince YouTube, but sometimes you glean something different from text, so please enjoy. And please keep sending love, prayers and healing to the victims of the recent shooting as well as to their friends and family. 

Kim: Hello there!

Me: Hello there, Ms. Babcock! Hi, Erik!

Erik: What’s up, Mom?

Me: What’s up? So, look, we have so many requests from our viewers for a couple of things. One is to clarify some of the things that Mary and Jesus said and the other is an interview with Prince. Where would you like to start, Erik?

Erik: Where would you like to start.

Me: Oh, I don’t care! You’re the boss.

Kim: He’s going like this with his fingers. (She rubs her fingers on each hand together.) He’s, um, frisky!

She laughs.

Me: All right!

Kim: He’s showing me images so I guess we’ll talk about Prince.

Me: Sounds good. Can you go get him, baby?


Kim (chuckling): He’s making fun of you! He says he can get him, but he doesn’t have to go anywhere.

Me: I don’t know how it works over there yet!

Erik (putting his fingers together and tapping them to the fingers on the other hand): Let’s just connect to him.

Kim: He’s being goofy when he does this. He’s not mocking anyone or anything. He’s just being sarcastic.

Me: Okay.

Kim: Okay, I’m just going to shift a little bit and tune into him because he’s definitely stepping forward next to Erik. There’s another male coming in next to him.

Dang, I never did ask who that was.

Kim: I see a bunch of images that look like Prince. You know it’s funny—I’m just going to say this for what it’s worth to everybody who might watch this video—I did a session one time with a client where Michael Jackson came through, and the energy coming through from Prince is very much the same in that he’s very calm. He’s very gentle, extremely gentle. He initially expresses gratitude.

Prince: I already know what this is going to be about.

Kim: There must be a lot swirling about on how he passed and why he passed.

Me: Right. First of all, thank you for coming forward. I appreciate it. You’re missed.

Prince: Thank you for giving me an opportunity like this—to have a voice and maybe clear up a few things. (He bows.) You have the floor.

Kim: He’s being very chivalrous.

Me: How sweet! That seems like it would be him. I didn’t know much about you, but it rings true.

Kim: Me neither.

Me: Now, your state of mind when you passed over—what was that like?

Prince (sweeping his hand, palm down, in front of him from left to right): Very calm.

Kim: He gives me the sense of feeling very calm. He’s not telling me how he died yet.

Prince: I didn’t fight it. There was no struggle. It all felt natural. As far as my mindset and where my heart was, it felt very natural with the timing and all.

Me: Was it one of the exit points you designed for yourself?

Prince: Yes.

Me: Well, what did you die from?

Prince (looking down at his body): I was frail.

Kim: He makes me feel like his health was frail or not superior.

Prince: My health was compromised.

Kim: He’s speaking with images, with energy. So, I see his body as being unwell, and then I feel like because his body was in a compromised state, somehow there was medication that he was taking—

Prince: Yes.

Kim: –that affected his compromised body. For example, it’s like if someone had a weak heart and took a medication and it just—

Me: Snuffed them out. So it was a medication given to a frail body that caused your demise?

Prince (softly): Yes.

Me: Any particular medication? Or were there several?

Kim: There were several, but it wasn’t abuse.

Prince: Perhaps they shouldn’t have been used together.

Kim: They were in his names, prescriptions.

Me: Okay. Why are so many music innovators dying now? I don’t know that they are, but a blog member is asking this.

Prince tips his chin up and smiles really big.

Kim: He’s so sweet.

Prince: No matter who you are, when you come to Earth and then when you come back Home, once you make your mark—it’s not like it’s planned that we all leave in waves—but once you accomplish what you need to, you transition back Home. That’s why people design different or even later exit points.

Kim: This is a little bit new to me.

Prince: For example, I might have an exit point in my fifties but I still have some work to get done. That exit point is there if I’ve accomplished what I want to with free will thrown in there, but if I haven’t, there’s another exit point a little bit later.

Me: Right.

Prince: I felt like I was a voice for many based on my actions. I felt like I was a voice for those who couldn’t speak, who were introverted and afraid to express themselves. I knew I made an impact. I knew I left an imprint. That has something to do with—not everything to do with—the timing of my transition.

Me: Okay. Now, you were a devout Jehovah’s Witness, right? First of all, why were you?

Prince: Yes.

Kim: This is so hard. He’s giving two words to describe why, but he’s giving energy that says something different. I’ll try to break it down for you. Um, I just knocked my water over!

Me: Uh oh!

Kim laughs.

Prince: Safety and comfort. It felt safe, and it’s where I felt comfortable in my beliefs. I understand the framework that it kept me within. That doesn’t mean it’s wrong to have certain religious ties and beliefs.

Me: No.

Prince (laughing): It doesn’t matter who you worship or what avenue you worship through. We’re all truly worshipping the same thing.

Me: Well, were you just raised like that, so it made you comfortable because that’s what you knew?

Prince: Conditioning, yeah.

Me: Okay.

Prince: Comfort in conditioning.

Kim: His communication style is much different from Erik’s. He gives really short, fragmented, I mean I guess I’d describe him as a man of few words but direct and to the point. He’s not somebody who speaks a lot, but when he does, he’s very direct.

Me: Not a Chatty Cathy like Erik!

Kim (laughing): Exactly!


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