Channeling the Living

I’d like to announce that Jamie (and Erik) have put up the sign up page for their April 12th small group conference call channeling session. She has also lowered her price. Just click on

Enjoy today’s topic!

Me: Can we channel the living?

Erik (to Jamie): You go first, Jamie.

Jamie: All right. I’ve had two cases. One was a man who was living; He was completely healthy, but he was a very big spiritualist. He actually practiced out of body experiences, you know, OBE’s, things like that.

Me: Mm, hm.

Jamie: And when I was doing a channeling, I clearly saw him and talked to him as plain as day for the sitter. The sitter knew him. I did not know him, personally.

Me: Wow! That’s so cool!

Jamie: Yeah, and when the sitter confirmed with him, he know he was talking—for him it was more of a dream state—so it didn’t really register as awake, a consciousness, a “this is what I am doing.”

Me: Oh!

Hm. I don’t really bring much to the party with my witty repartee, do I!

Jamie: And the other time was on several occasions I’ve spoken to people who were very ill and in coma state or very elderly with dementia or Alzheimer’s. When they sleep, they leave their bodies.

Me: I know my mom does that, probably.

Jamie: Yes! I have a client where I can, um she can come in while her mother is sleeping, and I can channeling her mom as clear as a bell, but if her mom wakes up, that’s it.

Me: That’s it.

Jamie: Yeah, the party’s over.

Me: Interesting. Okay, Erik, did you want to say something, too?

Erik: Yeah. If people really want to learn how to do it, they can, but there’s such a stigma against it they think they can’t, so it’s like “beam me up, Scotty!” People are going to think it’s never achievable.

Oh, and don’t forget to join our cozy little Channeling Erik Facebook group! It’s so much fun! Go to Once you sign up, Jamie’s assistant, Weedie, will email you all the instructions the day before the call.


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