Channeling the Living

I'd like to announce that Jamie (and Erik) have put up the sign up page for their April 12th small group conference call channeling session. She has also lowered her price. Just click on Enjoy today's topic! Me: Can we channel the living? Erik (to Jamie): You go … Continue reading

The Spiritual Side of Disease

Today, I offer the transcription of the last part of my hour-long session with Erik through Jeannie Barnes. Erik tag teams with the angelic being by his side. Enjoy. Channeling Transcript Me: Okay, let’s get into various diseases. What is the spiritual basis for some of them—and I’ve talked … Continue reading

When the Soul Enters the Body

Happy St. Patrick’s Day, everyone, Irish or otherwise. Let's send some of our luck wrapped in love and light to the folks in Japan and all those brave men and women there to help. Blog member, Shawna, sent me the most recent Divine Openings newsletter, and one section in particular really struck … Continue reading