Chillaxin’ with Jesus and Mary, Part Three

We’re on the tail end of our vacation, still having a lot of fun. Tomorrow we’ll take Rome by storm and next to Naples where we’ll explore the Amalfi Coast and the ruins of Pompeii. So much history here in Europe. Over the decades, I’ve been limited to traveling to Norway because, of course, Rune and I want to visit his relatives, but I’m glad we’ve decided to try to add at least one other country every time we go to Norway. 

Today, we wrap up our conversation with Jesus and his mommy. I hope you’ve enjoyed it!

Jesus: What I will say, which has been said before by scholars and others is that what was said in the Bible initially had one meaning at the time, and now it has a different meaning. When that interpretation was made, this new translation, it’s about semantics. This is why semantics has come up several times and why this conversation has even occurred. It’s understanding that everything is about interpretation. Interpretation is fueled by what it is that you have experienced as a soul, and if your interpretation is one of fear, is one of separation, which is what fear is, and you are aware of that, it might be something you should investigate if it’s causing you discomfort.

Me: Well, for example, I don’t know if the Old Testament was different and whether it was changed at the Council of Trent or something like that but now, in the Bible, it says talking through a medium is talking to the devil and there’s no such thing as reincarnation. To me, those are fallacies created by Man.

Jesus: Absolutely. Ultimately, there is one truth, and that is that you exist.

Still punting.

Jesus: But when it comes to an individual level, truth is very subjective. So for you, you understand that to be true that mediums are real, that speaking to deceased loved ones and life after death is real, and because that is your perspective, you open yourself up to allow you to experience those.

Me: It just kind of sounds like you’re punting.

A Come to Jesus Moment for Jesus?

Me: I want to know how much of the Bible is true and what are a couple of—

Robert: He’s trying to explain it to you.

Jesus: It’s all the individual’s choice.

Me: Well, I think there are absolute truths, though!

Jesus: The only absolute truth is that you exist.

Me: But look, when it rains outside, I can say, ‘Yeah, it’s raining outside,” and I go out and get wet. So there are absolute truths.

Jesus: The rain exists only because you, as a species, collectively agree that it does exist.

Me: Okay, let’s look at that, then. For us, as a species collectively, how much of the Bible is true—to us as a species collectively?

Jesus: Great question.

Got him cornered!

Jesus: This is what I was trying to get to.

Robert laughs.

Me: Okay, I aim to please Jesus.

Jesus: If it had not gotten to that point, the answer could have been very misinterpreted. Collectively as a species, 80% of the Bible is not true.


Me (horrified): Is not true?

Jesus: Is not true.

Me: Oh. What’s –

Jesus: The reason for that is that more and more human beings are realizing that a lot of it is open to interpretation and their interpretations are now changing. The older interpretations are no longer considered true.

Me: I see. What are a couple of the ones that are no longer true?

Jesus: That women must serve men.

Me: Oh, hell no! Sorry to my husband.

Jesus: This is why females are the kinds of souls I have mentioned several times as being reincarnated or members of my family bloodline. In this phase of evolution, humans are swinging towards the feminine side, embracing that. There will be a period of time when there will be a swing to a matriarchy, but it will never swing back to a masculine. There will be a balance between male and female. There will be this coexistence.

Me: Good.

Jesus: There will even be an absence of labeling male and female. It’ll just be humanity, and eventually it will no longer be humanity. We will be beings of Earth. And then eventually even that label will go away—

Me: Because we’re going to have aliens coming into our midst and all that stuff?

Jesus: You’ll be a citizen of the Universe, and then you’ll be a citizen of the multi-verse. Eventually, you’ll no longer say you are a certain thing. You’ll just say, “I am.”

Me: Wow. All right, any other big things? Reincarnation. We already know that’s true, and we know that speaking to deceased through mediums is true unlike what the Bible says. Is there one more thing that you’d like to say is a fallacy with the current interpretation of the Bible?


Robert: Oh lord. This one is controversial.

Me: It’s okay. I don’t read the comments anyway because some of them are too hurtful.

Jesus: Lucifer—

Robert (nervously): Oh lord. I guess because I was raised Pentecostal. It’s funny because I didn’t even realize this was a trigger for me. Maybe it’s a trigger because now I’m saying it publically.

Jesus: Lucifer is not the devil that humans know. He’s not evil. His purpose is to challenge what you consider to be right and what you consider to be wrong.

Me: Okay.

Jesus: He is still the Angel of Light.

Me: Wow!

Jesus: And that’s what light is there for. Without light, you cannot create shadow.

Me: Well, that’s true!

Jesus: That’s where the whole right and wrong, light and dark came about. Lucifer gave fuel to that side of existence.

Me: Yeah, everything is light, right? There are just different spectrums of it.

Jesus: That’s the point.

Me: Dark is just at the bottom of that spectrum.

Jesus: That’s right, and the only reason we would label something as right or wrong is because we’re judging it. When you remove judgment, there is no right or wrong. It just is.

Me: Well thank you for coming in and clarifying so many things! It has really been helpful. Is there anything else you’d like to say before we close?

Jesus: Always remember to love each other.

You haters remember this before leaving a nasty comment.

Jesus: Do not take anyone for granted, including yourself, and do not distract yourself with things or experiences simply because you don’t want to face yourself or other people. So many human beings are suffering because they have forgotten how to connect with one another and because they’ve forgotten how to connect with one another, they can no longer trust one another.

Me: Mm. Mary, do you have anything you want to say?

Mary: All human beings were born to discover peace.

Robert: She’s showing me this visual. Okay, there’s this light, which represents your soul, and then there’s this being that’s your physical body.

Mary: The reason you were born is to journey back to the way you started—as a soul.

Me: Yeah.

Mary: As you start out, you’ve forgotten who you are, and as you move further along in life, and for some people it happens while they’re here, they remember who and what they are as a soul. For some it happens once they cross over, but that’s the purpose of your life, to make that trip back to where you started. Once you remember who you are, you develop a greater understanding of what it means to be a human being and then what it means to be a being on this planet. Ultimately, that expands into what it means to be in the first place.

Me: All right. Erik, do you have any questions before we close?

Erik: I really enjoyed this. This was great!

Me: It’s been fun! Very illuminating!

Erik: There’s always something new to learn anytime we bring in Jesus or any other figure. I love this, Mom. This is a lot of what I love doing, sitting around in a circle with a bunch of other [spirits].

Robert: He’s showing me a picture of everybody sitting on these rocks, and there’s like a fire in the middle. They’re all just sitting around and talking about this kind of stuff. It’s like he loves philosophy. I just never, I mean I should know because of some of the stuff he brings up to me, but it’s interesting. I think a lot of people would just think that Erik’s more like, “Give me my guitar and let’s rock out,” but he likes this other stuff, too.

Me: Oh, he does. He really does. He’s like his mama in that way, I think, and his pappa.

Robert: Yeah.

Me: So, Arleen, last chance to say anything.

Arleen: Uh, I forgot.

Me: Oh, she forgot. Okay. Thank you, everybody, Jesus, Mary, Erik and Robert. Thank you so much. We’re going to bring Erik on in this next session, so he will have the floor to himself!

Erik (pumping both fists in the air): Yeah!! Woo hoo!

Me: Oh god, we got him all wound up now!

Robert: You know, my energy changes when Erik comes in. I don’t know if you noticed that. I get all (He acts a little hyper and crazy.)

Me: Oh, poor you! Okay, thanks, guys, for watching, and stay tuned for the messages at the end!

One last thing: Don’t forget that tomorrow at 7 PM CT is Erik’s Hour of Enlightenment radio show. Call 619-639-4606 15 minutes prior to talk to Erik.

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