Chillaxin’ with Jesus and Mary, Part Two

We’ve been having such a blast in Spain that I’ve been a bad girl and haven’t posted regularly. They have us so busy, I haven’t had time! In fact, I’m going to get ready for dinner now and have little time for a big introduction. Hope you enjoy this Part Two of the Jesus and Mary interview.

Arleen: I want to say something. I want to ask a question.

Me: Okay, one quick question.

Arleen: What was I in my other life?

I repeat the question.

Arleen: I mean, before I was me. Was I a squirrel?

Me: You are now!

Robert: You were an earthworm!

Me: An earthworm?

Robert laughs. He got me.

Me: For real!

Robert: No! I just said that. I’m kidding!

Me: Can you hear her voice?

Robert: I can hear Arleen.

Me: Okay.

Jesus: You are an angel. You are pure bright light energy.

Me (remembering what was said on the eBoard): I told you! I told you you’re an angel.

Not always, though.

Arleen: No, my other life.

She thinks that angels are only in Heaven.

Me: Maybe you didn’t have another life and you just came straight from God. Is that right?

Jesus: She has had other lives, but she’s always been pure light.

Me: Pure light. Wow.

Arleen: Was I a human?

Robert: I don’t get any human lives yet, but there could be some. For sure you’re living one because you’ve got one now!

Me: We’ll talk more about it later, but I still need to—

Arleen: How about was I a squirrel?

Me: Was she ever a squirrel? And that’s the last question. A very important one, though.

Jesus: No, but you have an attachment to dolphins.

I repeat that to her.

Arleen: Mm hm.

Me: It’s true! Okay, go on, baby.

Lukas is making goofy faces at the door to my office.

Me: Hey, Lukas, can you take her out? Okay, go on, baby.

Robert chuckles.

Robert: She’s so cute.

Me: She is. All right, how many children did you have?

Robert: I just saw the number four. Several of them died as babies.

Me: How many died as babies?

Jesus: Two.

Me: What did they die from?

Jesus: One was born dead.

Me: Aw.

Arleen comes back and is laughing.

Me: Not a reason to laugh, I’ll tell you that!

Arleen: No, him.

She points at Lukas, still making goofy faces.

Robert: I just heard typhoid or typhus.

Me: Oh, okay.

Robert: They (he or she) was little like 2 or 3 or 4 years old.

Me: Aw. Did you have any siblings?

Jesus: No.

Me: Okay. Now, when was your birth day and your death day? There’s a lot of miscommunication about that, too.

Jesus: I was born in June and died in February.

Me: How old were you when you died?

Arleen: Were you one hundred?

Jesus: No.


Robert: Gosh, this is interesting. He said 28, but that was when the cross thing happened.

Me: Ah! That was when that one human part of him died.

Robert: Right. And then the other?

Jesus: There was no other, but if we had to apply a number to it—

Robert: He considered after the cross thing that he was in spirit even though he was alive and living and having kids. It’s interesting how he has that perspective.

(Long pause)

Robert: So the person he got involved with, the wife, was 62.

Me: Was that Mary Magdalene?

Robert: Yeah. Right?

Jesus: That’s correct.

Robert: And then when did you die?

Jesus: Seventy-four. That number adds up to 11, and 11 is the number for fulfillment of living the vision you had for your life.

Me: And you did, right?

Jesus: Yes.

Me: Both lives.

Robert: That’s really interesting. I never thought of it in the way he’s describing.

Arleen: When did I die?

Me: No, no.

I elbow her away, and Robert laughs.

Me: Would you consider yourself an Ascended Master?

Jesus: No.

Me: If you aren’t, who is?

Jesus: There is no such thing.

Me: Oh, okay. Yeah, Erik said that. There is no hierarchy there.

Jesus: It’s just a matter of perspective. Human beings have different levels of awareness, but once you cross over, we all have the same level of awareness, but we still feel the need to work to expand that.

Me: And you never get to [the end.]

Robert: Yeah, it’s like the awareness is there, and you know all of these things, but you still do this work to try and earn the sense of awareness that you already have.

Me: Through experiences instead of just conceptualizing it?

Jesus: Any different way a soul decides to do it. It could be experientially in spirit or in the physical form or some other kind of form. It could be conceptually.

Robert: That’s pretty much the two major categories. Some spirits like to sit and converse. They enjoy philosophizing.

Jesus: I enjoy that. We collaborate and have a lot of fun. Play is a huge way to expand your consciousness.

Me: We need to play more.

Robert: Well that’s what they do all the time. It’s all play for them. They understand that, and they don’t make it into, “You have to do it this way or that way.”

Me: Okay. Do you have any descendants on the Earth now?

Jesus: Yes, there is one.

Me: Oh, only one?

Jesus: There was one. She died.

Me: So the line is—

Jesus: It’s gone.

Me: Oh, no. Who was it?

Robert: It was a female.

Jesus: She lived in Afghanistan. She died in the war in 2008.

Me: So you have absolutely no DNA lineage?

Jesus: Not in a way you’d describe as familial. We’re all connected and related.

Me: Oh, sure.

Jesus: We are all little pieces of [God] just as He is one piece of all of us.

Me: Now, how much of the Bible is true? Maybe you can give me a percentage.

Arleen keeps trying to interrupt.

Me: Wait a minute. I’ll let you ask one more question before we finish. We’re almost finished. I have one more question.

Jesus: The Bible is true for some people 100% and for others it’s true 1%.

Me: Yeah, but—

Jesus: It’s a matter of perspective.

Me: Okay, give me your perspective. I mean, if you were to read the Bible, in your perspective, how much of it is true?

Robert: He’s smiling. He thinks the question is interesting because he said he would not have read it!

Me: Uh oh! Not big into reading, are ya?

Jesus: I come to my own conclusions based on what I observe and not on what I am told.

Me: Yeah.

Jesus: No matter how I answer that, to some, it’s going to sound like it’s anti-religion and to some it’s going to sound like it’s pro-religion. It’s all about perspective.

I’m determined not to let him punt.

Me: Arleen wants me to show you her dough penguin.

We hold it up to the camera.

Happy Monday, everyone!


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