Dreams and Astral Travel

Well, I still feel crappy, but maybe a tiny bit better. My problem is that I’m a slow learner. When my kids were sick, I’d go overboard kissing them to try to heal their bubonic plague with love. Believe me, the only thing that happens when you do that is you get the plague, too. I know this. After five kids, I should know this, but I do the same thing with Arleen. Now I have to stay completely away from the grand baby, and my heart bleeds to hold him! I’m grateful for one thing, though (besides Emergen-C, Dayquil and Nyquil.) I’m grateful that Rune isn’t sick because when he is, you’d think he was suffering from some terminal disease. Like most guys, he becomes a big baby! My father was a lot worse, though. Every time he got a bad cold, he’d mope and drag his feet as he passed by me and say, “I’m going to die from this.” He was serious, too. But he lived until the ripe old age of 93 so… God, when I’m sick I ramble, don’t I? I’m starting to annoy myself. So, let’s get on with today’s post. But first, there is one thing that might make me feel better. Follow me on Spreaker (where the radio show podcasts are) because I’m getting reviewed by iTunes and iHeart Radio and I need a lot of followers for them to agree to host me. Please, please, please click HERE.

Me: Okay, here’s another one from a reader. When we dream about those who have died, do we every really get to be with them? Some dreams just seem so vivid and real!

Erik: Yes, you do on an energetic level. It is, uh, that’s the soul that’s able to come down and connect. I’ve been there with you, Mom!

Me: Yeah, and I love those dreams.

Erik: So the connection is made on an energetic or soul level, not a physical one.

Me: Oh, sure. Of course! I’d hate to tuck in the kids at night, see empty beds and wonder where the heck they flew off to!

Erik: Yeah, and the energetic level is just as real, maybe even more real, than the physical one. The physical body is just energy that has slowed down enough to be solid, you know. It’s like everything is this big ocean of energy and some parts are slowed down in their frequency to make our bodies and our three dimensional reality like houses and trees and stuff.

Me: Yeah, we talked about that before, and I love thinking about it, uh, that we can control the frequency of energy to create matter. Cool stuff. Now, when we’re asleep, we can project our consciousness into the afterlife to see deceased loved ones, right? I can project my soul or consciousness—whatever you wanna call it—to see you?

Erik: Yep, that’s the way it works, Mom.


Me: Now, how do you manifest, Erik, and come into our dreams, etc. What’s the procedure you use?


Me (in jest): Do you just grit your teeth, clench your fists and bear down?

Jamie starts howling in laughter.

Jamie (still laughing): Erik! (To me) Erik pulls up his jeans to show me some glittery shoes, you know, red glittery shoes and he says (in a high pitched little-girl voice), ‘I just click my heels together three times!’

Jamie and I both laugh hysterically. This is soooo Erik!

Jamie: You’re such a ham, Erik!

Me: Oh my god, he’s in rare form today, isn’t he?

Erik: Ha! I don’t do anything. With dreams, you come to us.

Me: Huh? But—

Erik: Yeah, because you’re leaving your body behind, your higher vibration of self is extended beyond your body, and that’s a meeting place where we can interact. This is why some dreams are so lifelike and real. You actually are playing them out. We’re meeting and interacting just like we do on earth, just in a different place and without our bodies.

Me: Oh, I wish I was better at doing that!

Erik: And then there are some dreams that are just extraordinarily creative. That’s when you have dreams that are almost logical. They’re in the head. There’s not that extension beyond the body. I say logical, but of course they can be total freaking fantasy, off the wall shit.

Me: Well, my dreams are sometimes really mundane, like unloading the dishwasher, so I guess I’m a real bore!

Erik: There are different levels of dreams, Mom.

Me (chuckling): I know, I know. Can we go somewhere else besides, um, I mean, I know we can travel on the earthly plane in our dreams and in the afterlife dimension, but can we travel to other dimensions in our dreams too?

Erik: Oh, yeah, sure! And some people do, but they don’t really understand what they’re doing and why it is.

Me: I get it. Now, when we dream about our loved ones in a lucid dream, do we actually get to be with them?

Erik: Hell yeah, you’re actually with them for real. You’re just not dragging that damn body all over the place when you meet. (Giggling) That’s gonna wanna make some people want to sleep all the time!

Me: I know, I know! And I’m one of ‘em! I love hanging out with you in those lucid dream states. Wish there were more of them!


Me: Okay, here’s another one. When we dream, do we travel to alternate probable realities, past and future lives, and can we meet our other selves?

Erik: Yeah.

(Pause as I wait, in vain, for Erik to expound)

Me: Cool! So can one of our selves meet another self in the same life?


Jamie: Oh, that was really cool! He says, yes.

Me: Oh, wow! Well, we can look different, I suppose. It’s like “Back to the Future.”

Erik: It is like that, isn’t it, but it’s in a way so that you won’t interfere with anything.

Me: Oh, yeah.

Erik: Cuz often, you’re not going to recognize yourself.

Me: Can you give me more, Erik? I feel like I’m milking a cow again.

Erik: Shit, you haven’t milked any cows!

Jamie and I laugh. Little smartass.

Erik: Coming across yourself in another dimension or another timeframe—usually you’re living a different life; you have a totally different name, totally different awareness, and this happens more than you can imagine, in the wake state and the dream state.

Me: But usually while you’re in the dream state, right?

Erik: Correct.

I'm outta here!

I’m outta here!

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