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It’s been snowing cats and dogs over here in Norway, so we’ve been holes up in our cabin by a cozy fire. It’s so beautiful and quiet here. At night, when I lie in bed, the silence is actually deafening like you have fluffy cotton stuffed in your ears. One of the main reasons we traveled here is because we wanted to see family. Bestefar, Rune’s dad, is 94, so you never know when our visit will be our last with him. Personally, I think he’s doing great and expect him to live well into his hundreds. He’s still a columnist for the local paper and quite the celebrity around here for his expertise in hydroelectricity and because he used to be the mayor in this small town. 

On the negative note, my grand daughter, Arleen, is having her very first softball game and I’m going to miss it! She’s never played before, so it may be interesting. I hope she doesn’t give up if she doesn’t hit a few balls!

Check out our interview with Charles Lindbergh courtesy of Emma McIntosh!

Enjoy this lovely testimonial for Erik!

Anytime I call in my angels I make sure to call Erik. Last night I called on Erik to watch over my daughter who was going to be celebrating her birthday. She got a table with bottle service at a bar. I have two gorgeous but wild and very sensitive daughters at ASU For a minute I was feeling guilty for always asking Erik for his help. Last night I realized that when it came to my two daughters the pleasure was certainly all his! Though they’re both beautiful and really fun they’re also tough as nails and I’m sure he gets a kick out of their behavior. That being said they’re also supersensitive like probably every teen, early adult due to social media, texting, and feeling that you have to be fabulous at everything. Knowing Erik is by their side is a godsend. I woke up this morning and saw a missed call on my cell phone from 1 AM. I was very nervous but on the other hand I knew that Erik was watching over them! My daughter woke about 9am and called me and told me her her credit card was declined. My mind had her in the hospital or some other crazy situation but once again everything turned out fine. I promise you my two girls are a handful for Erik but I thought he sees a lot of himself in both of them and is enjoying all the fun parties at ASU. It is truly amazing that every time I listen to your show or read a response from another listener we all feel the same. We feel so incredibly close to Erik we imagine that we were siblings, husband-and-wife, or mother child but we all feel that overwhelming unconditional love which is truly the way Erik is showing himself to each and every person that reaches out. Please don’t feel that you have to respond at all because I know you get thousands of emails but I was nudged to share! Anytime I’m worried about anyone anyone on the planet anyone in our community I call out to Erik. Obviously, Erik relates to each and everyone of us so strongly it’s unbelievable. Thank you again for everything because your emails and YouTube videos are like treats, their my favorite dessert! I make myself work out before I listen to them or do something I’ve been putting off and my reword is listening or reading Erik’s words! Everything he says absolutely resonates with me. Thank you I hope your Sunday is wonderful and congratulations to your husband for doing such an amazing job as a father to Erik! ?

You guys have to check this great book out. It’s by famed author, Alison Hobbs. Here’s her bio, and excerpt from the book and the link to check it out:

Allison Hobbs Biography

Stepping away from steamy prose, Allison Hobbs details her spiritual journey in Messages From The Dead: Spiritual Guidance From The Other Side.

Known for her edgy and graphic writing style, she burst on the literary scene with her highly successful debut novel, Pandora’s Box in 2002. A prolific author, Hobbs has penned over thirty erotic and paranormal/erotic novels.

Using the pseudonym, Joelle Sterling, she added “The Eternal Dead,” a young adult paranormal series to her list of published novels. The series includes: Midnight Cravings, The Dark Hunger, and Forbidden Feast.

Allison received a Bachelor of Science degree from Temple University. From Philadelphia, PA, she is currently residing in Atlanta, GA

Contact the author at: MESSAGES FROM THE DEAD


There are two nightmarish, recurring dreams that have plagued me throughout my adult life, leaving me panicked and breathless upon awakening. In the first dream, I can’t find my car. It’s not where I parked it and after searching and searching, I finally find it, but it’s been stripped down to bare bones. A skeletal car with a missing hood, engine, doors, headlights, wheels—all the parts are gone. Distraught, I feel as though life as I’ve known it is over.

            In the second dream, I’m in a public place and can’t find my handbag, which contains cash, credit cards, house keys, car keys, ID—my entire life. I frantically search for it, but I can’t find it anywhere. In the dream, I’m completely devastated. The handbag has such importance, it’s as if an arm is missing. I wake up in a horrible panic, and then I’m flooded with relief upon realizing it was only a dream.

            I’ve always wondered what triggered those dreams. Since they are recurring dreams, I figured they were important and I wondered if messages were hidden in the dreams. I turned to Erik to get an understanding of what the dreams were trying to tell me.

Erik: The dream of your car being stolen is a reminder that nothing lasts forever. The dream is also telling you that your most cherished desires don’t last forever, either. Desires move away over time, and there is a grieving process, but in time you outgrow your attachments to certain items and situations.

Dreaming of losing your handbag represents a deeply concealed fear of losing your security. Know that you are not going to lose that security in your physical reality. You have those dreams quite often. They occur whenever you consciously or subconsciously worry about money and security. You are working through your fears when you have that dream. You experience a great loss in your dream and then you’re done with that emotion for a while.

After you have the loss of a possession dream or the loss of security dream, you no longer nag yourself about the possibility of such an event occurring in physical life. The dream of the loss of a prized possession or loss of security is simply an available outlet to mirror your thoughts.

The next time you have one of those devastating dreams, don’t think of it as a bad omen. Understand that the law of attraction is at work. Through your thought patterns you have created a probable reality of losing a possession or losing security, but you have worked out the problem in your sleep. You have already lived out your worst fear in your dream and now you don’t have to experience the manifestation of your thoughts during your waking hours.

Your dreams are showing you how easy it is to work through your problems by merging your reality with the dream world. As it turns out, what you perceived as a nightmare was actually a good dream!

Every night when you dream, you are entering a different dimension and you are vibrating at a different frequency. The images you see and the scenarios that you are involved in reveal some of the characters you have played in your past lives. Sometimes the behavior of the people you encounter in dreams is a demonstration of your own thoughts and possibly your own behavior as well.

When you dissect the entire dream you will see a definite correlation between the events in the dream and events in your present life. I suggest you keep a dream journal so that you can see your patterns of behavior while dreaming as compared to your daily thoughts and actions during your waking state. Monitoring and interpreting your dreams are powerful tools to use as you navigate through life.

The average person isn’t talking to his spirit guide or getting advice from angels, and therefore, dreams can be a wonderful way to gauge the reality you’re creating. No one is capable of keeping track of every single thought that flits through their mind in the course of a day. People don’t typically monitor their thoughts or pay attention to what they’re thinking. The dream state lets you know what you’ve been thinking and concentrating on the most. The more you think a certain thought, the more power you give it. Unconscious, unmonitored thoughts that flit in and out of your mind build up momentum and eventually manifest.

It is beneficial to your life for you to be aware of what you’re thinking. Thoughts can be similar to unruly children, out of control and running amok. When you gain more control over what you’re thinking and choose what you want to focus upon that is when the manifestations that occur in your life are of your own choosing. Instead of simply letting life happen to you, you become the creator of your life when you pay attention to your thoughts.

Now, back to dreams. Let’s say you’ve allowed your thoughts to run amok and have no idea what you’ve been thinking and no idea of the negativity that’s been building up in your mind. Dreams can point out and magnify the problematic areas that require attention.

Dreams also provide signs that indicate the direction your life is taking. These indicators are typically symbolic, and the symbols are easy to interpret once you begin the practice of documenting your dreams by entering them in a journal. Many people don’t remember their dreams, so when you go to bed at night, be sure to ask to remember your dreams. When you ask to remember your dreams, your Higher Self will make sure that you do. Keep a pen and pad near your bed, and in the morning before you begin stirring about, write the dreams down.

Practice this every day and after a thirty-day period of recording your dreams, you will recognize the symbolism in your dreams. Forget what you’ve heard about the meanings of certain dreams because there is no universal symbolism that applies to everyone. The symbols in your dreams are personalized for you and relate to what’s going on in your life. They are uniquely tailored to your thoughts and beliefs.

No one thinks the same thoughts and no has the same beliefs. Then again, there are group beliefs about certain things, but your individual beliefs are unique to who you are. Often, dreams allow you to uncover certain limiting beliefs that may be standing in the way of your personal development.

Dreams are an excellent way to get to know yourself fully. If you find that monitoring your thoughts is too tedious, then pay attention to what you’re dreaming. Monitor your dreams, record your dreams, and then analyze your dreams. Over time you’ll get better at dream analysis and you will see the benefit of using this type of therapy to get in touch with your soul and get a better understanding of who you really are.


I asked Erik about a dream I had where I was stabbed in the top of my head by a woman I was visiting at a hospital. Initially, she seemed calm and stable, and then she suddenly jumped out of bed and stabbed me in the head. Traumatized, I spent the entire dream walking around with my hand covering the knife wound, trying to get to the Emergency Room of the hospital, but was unable to find it.

Erik: I’m all for whatever it takes to get that crown chakra open. That was a pretty violent dream, but if you recall, in the dream, you commented that the woman was wearing a nightshirt that was identical to one you had at home. What does that tell you? It should tell you that she was an aspect of you—of your Higher Self! I can hear your thoughts and you’re thinking, “But, she was a white woman.” To that I say, in previous lives, you were a white woman. You’ve been every nationality you can think of.

Also, you went to sleep listening to binaural beats to open the crown chakra. The music played in a constant loop and entered your subconscious mind, giving you exactly what you hoped for. Certainly, you didn’t want to achieve your desire in such a violent manner, but the pain associated with your crown chakra opening was a way for you to remember the dream and know that it had been opened.

What that means is that you have experienced an awakening. With the crown chakra open, you are better able to communicate with spirit and translate what is being said without your own filters interfering with the message. You have become a clearer channel to translate the messages that spirit wishes to convey.

As you fearlessly continue on your journey, I am beside you, applauding loudly. Pumping my fist and saying, “You go, girl!”

You are listening to all the guidance that is being offered to you, and you have thrown yourself into this journey of enlightenment, full force. I enjoy witnessing how quickly you’ve learned to take the focus away from the exterior and to concentrate on your inner world. It’s all about how a person is feeling and not what they look like, not how they’re dressed, nor is it about how many possessions they acquire.

Continue to take care of the inside because that’s where the magic happens.

To purchase the book, click HERE.

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