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Enjoy this post on crystals. It’s amazing how powerful they are, yet most of us don’t use them! I have a stockpile under my mattress so I can get all that juju juice during the night. The YouTube version follows!

Me: Hello again!

Kim: Hello!

Me: Hi, Erik. I love you. I thought we’d just have a quick session on crystals.

Erik: What’s going on?

Me: Not much. They’ve always intrigued me. I want to know more about them, especially how they work. What’s so special about a rock?

Kim: He’s funny. He’s like a kid in a candy store. He’s going (mimicking him looking at a rock,) “Ooo. Look at this one!”

Me: And look at the massive one behind you, Kim!

She has a huge geode behind her.

Kim: Oh yeah. It’s massive all right. I’ll never pick it up again. It’s 300 pounds!

Me: Oh! Wow!

Erik: Everything, even beyond crystals, has a vibration and energy. Crystals are just pretty to look at. They’re easy to hold. They’re easy to take with you. And there’s an attachment, a unique, old-fashioned thing. How cool is it to have a rock collection. When we look at rocks, when we look at crystals and why crystals work with energy or how they work, there’s a lot to look at here. They, too, are a manifestation of energy. Everything starts with energy and materializes, but different crystals have different resonances. They resonate at different frequencies, and that will determine how that will affect you. That’s the cool part.

Kim (chuckling): He’s just kind of rambling.

Erik: If you go into a store and get crystals because it says it does this or that, that disrupts the natural flow. Instead, if you’re going to hunt out some new crystal, do so with blind faith.

Me: What, you have an intuition like, “This one speaks to me. This particular green crystal speaks to me.” Is it that sort of thing?

Erik: Right. Whatever you feel drawn to. You might go, “I don’t think this is all that visually appealing, but I feel like I need to carry it and not put it back.” Pay attention to that because you will attract what you need. The energy of the crystals will affect you in certain ways. Mom, it’s like if you have attachments to, “Well, this crystal is supposed to open my third eye, but I just can’t seem to connect to it.” It’s like we put up filters that don’t allow us to feel the full capacity of what that crystal is capable of. It’s like a medicine bag. Native Americans have a medicine bag. They won’t tell you what’s in it, but they’ll tell you to believe that it will cure you. It’s the same with crystals. You don’t have to know what they do in order for them to be effective, but sometimes, the knowledge is fun if you can remain objective and not stay attached in a certain way.

Me: Is there something about the geometry like the crystalline architecture that does something to OUR energy, or could you get the same effect from a dried ball of mud, a worthless ball of mud.

Erik: No, it’s not really the same with mud although mud has its own unique potential. When we look at crystals, because of their vibration, they do put themselves in different places when we’re talking about sacred geometry. A part of that whole spectrum, wherever we are, different crystals are vibrating at different places, but we’re all connected. It’s just a matter of experience as to how that affects our vibration. Let’s take a clear quartz. It’s a high vibration. Obviously some are higher than others. Some are slower than others.

Kim: He’s showing a wave pattern. Some are faster while some have a more expanded waveform. He’s showing a clear quartz having a higher vibration with a faster pattern. This is very stimulating for most people who carry or come into contact with a clear quartz. It stimulates intuitive awareness because it’s a high vibrational experience.

Me: How does it do that? What does it do to our wave pattern? Does it make it go faster in the third eye chakra or does it affect certain chakras? Does it change the frequency our energy or our chakras?

Erik: Yes, Mom. Different crystals will affect different areas.

Kim: He’s showing me almost like a cogwheel. Here’s an example. He’s showing me someone who has decided to carry a clear quartz. He’s showing me it affecting from the neck up energetically. Those energy patterns become like that of the clear quartz, faster and higher.

Me: So the sine waves will sort of interconnect, and the crystal will change the frequency of the sine wave by making it go faster or increasing its amplitude or whatever?

Erik: It increases their frequency. When the energies meet, the frequency increases and when the frequency increases, your awareness expands.

Me: Ah.

Erik: Because humans did not always have the capacity to get into that wave pattern by ourselves. Take red jasper for the root chakra. It has different qualities. It has a much slower pattern, so it’s not going to stimulate clairvoyance. Instead, it’s going to complete the circuit and complete the flow and put you into a place of presence. Mom, they all speak differently to your energy waves and energy patterns in different areas of your body depending on what you’re emanating. Your heart energy isn’t the same as your stomach, your intuition, your intuitive self. All of these patterns DO speak to each other, but they’re different. They’re unique to themselves.

Me: Yeah.

Erik: For example, someone can be very well-balanced, very healthy, clean and undisturbed in the solar plexus. Then, they pick up a crystal that’s over-stimulating and they begin to feel nauseated.

Me: Oh, so crystals can do harm, too?

Erik: Well, they move energy, Mom, so it you’re well-balanced, it can be over-stimulating. There is such thing as too much.

Kim (laughing): He’s rambling about that.

Erik: You can never have too much of a good thing usually, but in this case, you can. You also have to know that numerology plays a part in crystals, and crystals affect each other. Some can drain the energy from another or vice versa. Some are very synergistic and work together. It’s all about their patterns, Mom, their waves. So what’s most important is not to look at how much the crystal has been defines but what it does for you. Just hold it, feel it and be aware of what you’re experiencing. Also be mindful of what you’re drawn to. If you’re drawn to this big blue crystal but you just don’t like blue, maybe that’s a place you need to grow or you need healing or something to that effect. So be mindful of how you’re drawn to them, how you’re attracted to them because your energy will speak the truth before you can comprehend what’s happening.

Me: Oh, yeah! I see. Now, what crystal would I benefit from right now? I’m sure it changes all the time. Your needs for different crystals surely change.

Kim: Sure. He’s showing two. He shows a soft pink so this is rose quartz. We’ll talk about that. Then he shows me—that’s interesting—there are three. There’s one that’s deep, deep blue, but he’s actually putting it on your root chakra.

Me: Oh, wow.

Kim: And then he also puts a crystal in your root chakra as well.

Erik: The pink rose quartz will keep your energy soft so that all of this external nagging and criticism—

Kim: I don’t know where it comes from.

Erik: Think about it, Mom. Anytime you carry a crystal, you carry what it does. You carry its energy. Rose quartz is a love crystal. It softens, so if you’re receiving negative energy, this helps to soften it and buffer it so that it’s not so harsh.

Me: Okay, what about the blue one? Is it like lapis?

Kim: No, it’s like, and I don’t know if I’m saying it right, it’s sodalite.

Me: Okay. I don’t know. That sounds familiar.

Kim: He puts it on your root chakra, which is really interesting.

Erik: So we have to look at what both mean. The root chakra is about family relationships, monetary things, material things, but the throat chakra, which is blue, is all about speaking your truth.

Kim: So he’s trying to encourage you to speak your truth but I feel like it’s to family. Say what you need to say to a family member.

Me: Okay.

Erik: It’s not about monetary things.

Me: Oh, I know exactly what it is.

Erik: The last one is for your root chakra, black obsidian.

Me: To get the black marks off my soul!

Erik: It’s to ground out your awareness, to ground out any negativity and have a space for it.

Me: Okay.

Erik: It grounds it so that it doesn’t stick to you. Think of it like that.

Me: Okay.

Erik: If you carry any crystal, it’s always good to carry one that represents space for negativity in your life. It carries that energy, not you. Then it cleanses it.

Me: Oh, that’s good. Can crystals affect you remotely, like can a crystal in Illinois affect a crystal in Texas, or do they have to be in proximity? Remote energy healing works, so…

Erik: Mom, you know the answer to this.

Kim laughs at his sassiness.

Me: I know, but…

Erik: Yeah, everything is connected. The energy pattern is infinite, and it’s not subject to space and time. So if some massive crystal was dug up on the other side of the world and you went into a meditation to connect to that vibration, you could. Time and space have no bearing on the experience you have with the vibration of crystals. So, you can do a remote healing session with crystals by imagining placing crystals in certain areas and the energy flowing into the person or a dog—I don’t care. Whatever you want!

Me: So I don’t have to get on Amazon after this session to buy rose quartz, sodalite and black obsidian? I can just connect to these crystals that are out there? Don’t I have to put these on my root chakra?

Erik: You could. It depends on what kind of person you are. If you’re one of those kinds of people that needs to have something in your hand like that tangibility, and develop that connection in front of you, then you probably should order them. But if you’re someone who can trust yourself enough to expand your awareness into that vibration and that frequency just through a meditation, then you can. You don’t need the rock.

Me: Or if you do have the rock, you don’t necessarily have to place it on the 3rd eye or whatever. You can just imagine it connecting to your 3rd eye chakra, right? I can imagine the one under my pillow connecting to and doing something to my root chakra?

Erik: Right, but go into that space. Go into your imagination and allow it to show you instead of forcing what’s happening or what it’s doing. Allow it to show you a picture first or communicate a message, and then you can go in with intention. Crystals hold a vibration. They hold a capacity that humans don’t or can’t hold continuously for that to occur.

Me: Oh, yeah!

Erik: It’s just my opinion, but I would recommend having them in your pocket.

Me: Well, some people put them under their mattress like creating some sort of energy grid. Is that an important thing to do?

Erik: You don’t have to, but those people who create an energy grid can feel the flow. Mom, it’s almost the same thing as Feng Shui like when you change around the furniture and go, “That couch doesn’t feel quite right there. It just flows better if it’s over here.”

Me: That’s so true. It’s amazing.

Erik: When placing your crystals around, they have more power and a higher frequency than furniture so pay attention, when you make the grid, to how it feels. “That crystal feels like it would flow better if I moved it over here.” That’s the whole idea behind it.

Me: Okay. Well, we’re almost out of time so I’m just going to ask you a couple more questions. Do crystals need to be recharged? I mean, they take on all this negative energy, or, I don’t know, they might run out of something. Do you need to put them out in the sun or…

Erik: I don’t know about recharging them, but they do need to be cleansed.

Me: Oh, okay.

Erik: They’re objects that hold energy, but do your research because there are a lot of crystals that don’t like the sun because it messes up their pattern or how they emit energy.

Me: Oh! The Vampire Crystals! Okay.

Erik: So cleansing crystals is important, but if you put them altogether, you just create a mess.

Kim chuckles.

Erik: Think about putting a whole bunch of radios together and they’re all playing at once at different frequencies. They’re not in sync so you can’t hear anything clearly. That’s why it’s important to pay attention to how you set up your crystal grid.

Me: It sounds complicated! Ah!

Erik: Just feel it.

Kim: I have my crystals over there (She looks over to her left) and it sounds silly, but it took me forever to put them on the stand because I’m like, ‘Ugh, that doesn’t feel right over there. That feels better over here.’

Erik: When it comes to cleansing them, you can do a lot of things, Mom, but keep it as natural as possible. Tell her your favorite method, Kim! (He laughs.)

Kim (chuckling): My favorite method, I have this raised bed outside of my house, and I just put them in the dirt. I cover them up and let them hang out in the dirt.

Me: Yeah, Mother Earth will cleanse them! That’s easy enough.

Kim: Some people prefer to cleanse them in candlelight or literally warm water but no chemicals. You can sage them.

Erik: You can give them love, Mom. You can take one and meditate with it and give it love.

Me: Okay.

Erik: So, it’s limitless.

Me: Okay, how do they heal. Just tell me briefly because I want to ask how numerology fits into the way crystals work. Do they just unblock chakras or balance them? I mean, they can heal disease, right?

Erik: Yeah.

Me: Especially if your intent is to have them do that.

Kim: Right. My grandmother created a crystal grid with clear quartz, and she only accepted healing for her cancer from the clear quartz. When she went back for her MRI, they were like, “You’re clear. You’re fine.”

Me: So cool!

Kim: It was wild.

Erik: What they do, Mom, is raise your vibration to a certain level in order for healing to occur. Some people can’t meditate ourselves to that level. We can’t get ourselves to that level on our own. Our head gets in the way. So, crystals bring in that wave pattern, that frequency, but it depends on what you have going on in your body, physically, as to what energy you need to bring you into that channel of healing.

Me: Okay.

Erik: That’s why I say, ‘Listen to what you’re drawn to’ because you’re naturally going to be drawn to whatever you need at the time to bring you to a better, higher place.

Me: All right. So, numerology. Let’s talk about that. Crystals and numerology—how does that connection make sense?

Kim: He’s shouting, and I don’t know why!

Me: I mean, numbers are math, and crystals are math like sacred geometry architecture, so I think it’s along those lines.

Erik (shouting and looking up, trying to make this really big): Vibration!

He slams down a piece of clear quartz.

Kim (chuckling): I have to show you my clear quartz because he keeps referencing it. Let me go grab it.

She leaves her chair and returns with the crystal.

Kim: He must like this crystal because he keeps talking about it. This is my baby, my clear quartz. (She put it into the camera.)

Me: Oh! Wow, that’s purdy!

Erik: This crystal can put off a certain hertz, megahertz, whatever, but ultimately, everything is going to boil down. If you look at numerology and push it through that understanding and filter, then it’s going to all come down to a number. That number—and again, it depends on where you are in your experience and what you need—but when you look at numerology, each crystal is going to have a specific number. Each is going to have a different vibration. You can have an amethyst over here and another amethyst over there and one can possibly be more intense, vibrationally, than the other. Color can help determine that, too, but ultimately, that wave pattern, that sacred geometry is going to boil down to a number. Like Kim’s clear quartz vibrates at the number seven when you take it down to the single digit.

Me: So, numbers have a vibration of their own, I guess. Do they?

Erik: They do.

Me: Okay, well, I won’t go into it more because I think we need to have a whole session on numerology.

I close by giving everyone information on Kim and then we all say our goodbyes.

Thanks again to all of you who have donated to the CE cause to help with the expenses!

Sweet Jesus, the look on my face!

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