Erik Gets Cornered!

I haven’t seen Erik squirm this much in a long, long time! You’re all going to love this one, and your girls are all going to be left scratching your heads and wondering!

Me: Can spirits develop an attraction for someone who is living and vice versa?

Erik: You mean like an intimate attraction?

Me: Yes.

Erik: Intimate attractions happens anywhere and everywhere.

Me: Can deceased and non-deceased have relationships?

Erik: We do have relationships. Are you asking about intimate relationships?

Me: Intimate, yeah.

Erik: We definitely have love relationships. You talking about getting it on sexually and all that jazz?

Me: I don’t know. I don’t know what she’s asking.

Erik: Well, that shit happens. It’s not so healthy for the human. It robs the human of the opportunity to be human.

Me: Mm hm.

Erik: And that crosses a lot of ethics on our side.

Me: Oh yeah. I can imagine. Well, how can they have sex, a spirit and a human?

Erik: Mom, well think about possession. You know, evil possession when people get pushed up against a wall or slammed down the stairs or wake up with black eyes or marks on their bodies. All that fucking shit is real. Why can’t it be switched to a more pleasurable thing? Cuz it can.

Me: So, we’re talking penis into the vagina sex? They can so that?

Erik: Well, we’re definitely not talking about impregnation, but it’s pleasure in different ways. It’s not so much a physical route or task.

Me: Okay. Now, have you ever had an attraction to someone who is not in the spirit world, who is human, that is?


Me: Or has somebody—a human—had an attraction for you?

Erik: I think I can say yes on both parts, but it’s not crossing the boundaries.

Me: Of course not. Have any of the blog members had crushes on you?

Erik (softly): Yes.

Jamie giggles.

Me: Aw. I bet. You’re so adorable.

Erik (grinning): Shut up, Mom.

Jamie and I both chuckle.

Me: Is he blushing, Jamie?

Jamie: He’s definitely not looking at me!

Me: Aw! Have you had any crushes on blog members?

(Long pause)

Jamie (to Erik, gently pleading): Answer it, Erik. C’mon.

(Long pause)

Jamie: He said yeah.

Me: Aw, how cute!

Jamie: He’s not saying who though.

Me: Oh don’t! You better not! You might disappoint a lot of other girls.


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