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I’m pleased to report that the first CE event in Denver has been a huge success. People have become lifelong friends and many have said that the experience was life-changing. I was looking at some of the photos on the CE Mediums Facebook page and the CE Facebook group, and I could tell the energy was wonderful. People got together after the workshops to party and discuss the day’s experience. Every time I go to one of these, I come out a better version of myself and a little  more healed than I was before.

Join Kim, Erik and me on the 6th, 7th and 10th of this month on the Joy Ride Radio Show. If you want to ask Erik questions, please go HERE. To listen to the show, go HERE.

Praise #1

Found your site, not sure how. Started reading the blogs and read Erik’s book. Since I have had contacts with family and friends who have transitioned, very comfortable with this material. Never experienced so much detail before from the afterlife so very uplifting!

Erik contacted with 5 distinct loud knocks on my bedroom wall, then he made me laugh. I was struggling with a sort of skewed perspective on an issue, details do not matter. He definitely moved my outlook to a much better one but not without tears on my part. Then, I asked him if he wanted to do something fun with me for a few minutes on Christmas Eve Day. He said yes. A friend and I having dinner at the local casino. Going to play the penny machines and lose our usual $20. Sat down at a machine, asked Erik to read the energy of the machine, and use my hand. He promptly did, not once but twice! I nearly screamed when my hand jumped out so fast. In less than 3 minutes, my $20 became $200. Pulled the cash and screamed in my head “THANK YOU ERIK!” Had a great dinner thanks to Erik. THIS KID IS NOT JUST WISE, HE KNOWS HOW TO HAVE FUN!

Praise #2

A couple of years ago my psychic abilities all opened up at once. It was scary and it left me in a bad place. I recently “stumbled” across the Channeling Erik site and read the book. It was at that point that I thought Erik was with me, helping me. I asked for a confirmation and I got so many. Erik has helped me and my family in so many ways. He has helped me overcome my fear of my abilities, shown me that I truly have reason to be here, led me to great resources and so much more.

I found my way to the blog again yesterday to find out that you might be coming to my area. Ha – I just heard that I should consider that my invitation. So I might be meeting you all soon.
Your son has truly been a blessing in my life!

Praise #3

thank you alisa for erik, he truly has changed my life in a good way I came about his blog and was grateful with all he had and you had to share. I know he loves you dearly and I think he did come by to say hey to me once, we needed really needed him on the other side to help us realize there is a other side and it is good and very real. I am sorry for your loss of erik but I had never felt good feelings like I did when I found eriks website thanks to you alisa: barb

Praise #4

Hi Elisa…..and Erik!!

First, I want to thank you both for allowing “all of us” to be a part of your lives. My name is Jennifer Bradley. I live in Inverness, Mississippi and am 46 years old. I “happened” upon a video on YouTube when Jamie was channeling Erik…..a lot of the content was about what the “other side” looked like, how things worked there and such. Since then, I have watched a lot of the videos and read every post from the Downunda site. I lost my Daddy February 15, 2015. He was 63 years old and passed away in his sleep at home in his bed. Ever since I got that dreaded phone call, I have felt as if something about his death was not right. I then dove into every informative piece I could find on raising my vibration so I could connect with my guides, to eventually connect with my Daddy and find out if my suspicions are correct. I am currently in a 4 week study to learn how to connect better with spirit. I’m in the second guessing myself stage as far as I feel sooooooo much but still wonder if it’s “in my head”!! Last night as I was reading Erik’s site… server kept reloading the page. I didn’t realize until this moment that it seemed to do that when something Erik said (in the post) resonated with me concerning my Daddy. Since last night I’ve felt a spirit presence (I felt it was Erik) telling me to send this message to you!! I actually even said, laughing out loud, “Ok Erik if this is you reloading my page PLEASE stop so I can read”….. I have had a peace in my heart that I WOULD find the answers about my Daddy’s death since I began reading Eriks site!! Thank you again!!! Through Erik, I know now that my Daddy is ok and that he is living the ultimate life……I will still try to reach him but Erik has given me so much peace until that can happen!! Hopefully, Erik can or will give me a bit of knowledge surrounding my Daddy either through here on his site or directly to me….!! I truly hope Erik was “picking” on me last night by reloading my page over and over and I hope he will visit me anytime ……and if he will show my Daddy a thing or two because it would make this daughter very happy to hear from him!! Please know, I am a faithful follower of this site now……. The good you both are doing here is phenomenal!!!! With lots of love and light…… Jennifer

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