Erik on Conspiracy Theories, Part Four

Finally, the last if our conspiracy theories YouTubes channeled by the gifted Veronica Drake. I hope you enjoy it. I’ve included the transcript as well!

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Elisa: Okay, and we are recording! Hi Veronica

Veronica: Hi Hi

Elisa: How are you doing?

Veronica: I’m just wonderful thank you and, how are you?

Elisa: Fine, we’re both about to melt and run down our boots as they say in Texas

Veronica: (laughing) I’ve got boob sweat

Elisa: Oh God I hate that! All right, well, I would rather have cold weather because you can always put more stuff on, and there’s only so much in hot weather you can take off before they send you to jail! So…

Veronica: God knows I ain’t taking no more off, God knows

Elisa: Oh God!

Veronica: Can’t do it

Elisa: You can do it, Veronica, and how’s my boy Erik?

Veronica: Your boy Erik is awesome! He is incredible and you know what I owe everything to him and I’m going to tell you what, he’s like a freak because he is in my face when I start feeling certain things, he like kicks my ass. He’s like becoming my best friend, very quickly.

Elisa: Aw, well, or a pestery little brother, maybe,

Veronica: You know what, he calls me his, I’m his second Mama

Elisa: Aw, how sweet, oh my God

Veronica: The hair on my arms stands up, and he told me, I’m supposed to watch out for the first Mama

Elisa: Oh, how sweet, oh my God, that’s awesome. All right, so we’re going to do, this is probably the last of the series of conspiracy theories, that everybody wants and ah, so we’ll just start out Erik, if that’s ok with you? If, there’s something you can’t answer that’s fine too. And all of these, pretty much everyone of them are from blog members.

Veronica: Okay, we’ll give it our best and I hope that I can hear clearly because I don’t want my subconscious to get in the way as the deliverer of the message, so hopefully

Elisa: What, because you feel like this, a lot of negative energy around

Veronica: Yeah and I don’t, I’ve never connected well with this, so, hopefully Erik will help me.


Elisa: Okay, well maybe this will be good practice to like, expand, push the envelope a little bit, if not we’ll just stop and do something else.

Veronica: Amen sister!

Elisa: All right, Jimmy Hoffa, where is he buried, Erik?

Veronica: (laughing) The first thing he said was “Well, where’s Grant?”

Elisa: Where’s what?

Veronica: Grant, where’s Grant?

Elisa: Oh, Oh

Veronica: He’s being a smartass!

Elisa: Oh, oh, I see, keep your day job please.

Veronica: I’m telling ya, he’s in a real form, uhm,

Erik: He’s in the pillar, under a pillar and he’s in New Jersey

Elisa: Is it a football field?

Veronica: It’s a, I see a sports arena, he’s trying to show me

Elisa: Ah, Okay!

Veronica: A sports arena, so there’s a sports arena and uhm, that’s his final resting place, touchdown!

Elisa: Uh oh, okay, well, interesting! All right so, there was this ship, Navy, guys, sailors I guess you call them, who went missing, like I don’t know, if it was like in the 1900’s or whatever but then all of a sudden came back to modern times, and we’re all like what the heck is going on, is that really true?

Erik: There was a bunch of sailors that went missing, off the coast of North Carolina was where they, where this group that went missing, but there is no validation that they have come back. It was in the 1960’s, that that happened

Elisa: Oh Okay, okay

Veronica: But no, there’s nothing to validate, ah, that they have come back to date

Elisa: I see, so it’s not, there’s not somebody, you know, this whole ship full of crew and captain that disappeared and then crossed the space time and reappeared

Veronica: No, no

Erik: The ship is still there off the coast of North Carolina, the physical ship is still there

Elisa: Oh.

Veronica: But at this point no.

Elisa: Does it have anything to do with the Bermuda Triangle?

Erik: No, no but it does have to do with the energy and the current in that area but it’s not the Bermuda triangle per se.

Veronica: He’s showing me that there is something off the coast of North Carolina, specifically, that is a very, it’s a very heavy magnetic pull, is what he is showing me, but it is not the triangle per se.

Elisa: Is it a vortex?

Erik: It’s like a vacuum, it just sucks things away

Elisa: That sounds awful, so, is that what happened, or was it just that they crashed on a reef or something?

Erik: This actually was pretty common, in that strip along there, it was pretty common

Veronica: He’s not using the word crashed, he using the word sank, and so as he’s saying sank, he’s (draws in a sharp breath), they were sucked

Elisa: Oh, that sounds awful, ah, remind me not to take any cruises around that area. I can almost guarantee, this is from a blog member, that the mystery of the Gleen Sheen mansion has not yet been addressed. What is the mystery? I don’t know, maybe it has to do with this one, this second line, in Southeast North Carolina, again North Carolina, a man name Henry Barry Lowry (sp?) is considered a hero to the Lambi tribe in our area, he lead a resistance in North Carolina during and after the Civil War, he disappeared, shortly after, leaving behind his wife and child, no one knows where or why, what happened to him?

Veronica: (laughing) Listen, I, this is me, like I’m just being silly, I think he got sucked into the vortex. Alright, that’s it!

Elisa: Oh! Okay. (laughs) Veronica: Erik made me do it. Elisa: Okay!

Veronica: Alright Erik, what’s the guy’s first name?

Elisa: Uhm, Henry, Henry Barry Lowry

Veronica: Erik, what, what happened to him? Oh…


Erik: He actually crossed lines, crossed dimensions, he actually came here for a specific reason, to right wrongs, he wasn’t human.

Elisa: Oh! (inaudible)

Veronica: Pardon me?

Elisa: From what dimension did he come?

Erik: He came from the twelfth dimension, very ah,

Elisa: WOW!

Erik: Highly elevated, and actually that energy that called itself Henry, has since come back on Earth and frequently comes back on Earth to right wrongs, but actually, the energy that comes back, takes over physical bodies, of people.

Elisa: Oh, I see!

Erik: So that, so this, this man Henry, while he was a man called Henry, the actions of this man Henry were not Henry’s actions. It was this energy that slipped into Henry

Elisa: I see, Oh, okay, oh that’s cool, we need more of that! Was it a Spirit or an alien?

Erik: No, it was just an energy, like if I were to do it, to slip into somebody’s body.

Elisa: Ah, okay!

Erik: I can’t do that, I’m not that privileged or of that elevation, that’s what it was.

Elisa: Okay. What’s up with the missing 4 11? The David Paulidies thing? That sounds familiar and are all of these people going, what happened to them and are they still alive?

Veronica: So, Erik missing 4 11.

Erik: Evaporation, there was a mass evaporation and it has something to do with…

Veronica: He’s showing me, we might know it as the Ozone, the layer of protection but it’s something that surrounds the Earth and it’s a mass exodus through evaporation. It’s what I’m hearing.

Elisa: Sounds awful, why, was it planned?

Erik: Returning home, they returned home. Veronica: So, what I’m understanding, Erik, E.T’S? Erik: Yeah, E.T’s.

Elisa: So, their E.T’s going home?

Erik: Yup.

Elisa: They probably opened up that little protective layer and says, “Come on back boys and girls.”

Erik: Yeah, yeah, it wasn’t a bad thing, like people think it was.

Elisa: Okay, ah well, are they still alive? I mean, evaporation that sounds kind of hard on the body.

Erik: Well evaporation, as in they just, they aren’t bodies, they’re souls.

Elisa: Oh, Okay, and they went back to their E.T bodies, if they even have bodies. Are Manchurian candidates really used for assinations? If so, what are some of the tragedies they were utilized in?

Erik: Yes.

Veronica: Actually, this is interesting

Erik: They shot John Lennon.

Elisa: Oh, okay.

Erik: There’s some sort of political connection there with Lennon.

Elisa: Oh, okay!

Erik: There was, with Kennedy.

Elisa: Oh wow, so Manchurian candidate behind that? Okay!

Veronica: JFK.

Erik: This is probably the most prominent, that we would know, John Lennon and JFK, are the probably the most prominent, other examples of that or pieces of their work are so underground that the average person would.

Elisa: Wouldn’t know, oh okay. Does the government produce and use mind control presidential models or sex slaves? I don’t, I don’t know if they’re talking about models like models on the runway or I don’t know but anyway, maybe you know Erik?

Erik: No, no, no, no.

Elisa: Well, that’s easy, ok in 1982 John Gosch was abducted never to be seen again, a lot of people believe he was adducted and forced into the Franklin child prostitution ring, this ring was actually proven to be real and a lot of people went to prison, is this true?

Erik: Sex slave.


Elisa: Ok.

Erik: There was, there is truth to that, actually, he’s deceased.

Elisa: Ok, some people think he’s still alive, mind controlled and working on the government, so that’s true.

Erik: He’s deceased, he is in soul form but yes there is truth to that. Elisa: That’s awful! Was he part of the Franklin child prostitution ring? Erik: That is not the name of it, no that’s not the name of it.

Veronica: There’s something to do with drugs in this also, it’s a combination of prostitution and drugs and pornography, it’s big!

Elisa: Oh gosh!

Erik: It still exists.

Elisa: Is Britany Spears a puppet of the Illuminati?

Erik: No, that’s not true. What she does, she acts on her own free will.

Elisa: Okay! Free will she does have! The Illuminati is it a force for good or evil? What’s that all about? We talked about it a long time ago, before we even started making YouTube’s I think.

Erik: It can go either way, there are some on this side and there are some on this side. It depends on, what it is the mission is, and for the most part they are good. They do…

Veronica: I’m sorry it’s very confusing to me, there’s a lot of static interruption in the transmission, I apologize for that.

Erik: It obviously can go either way, obviously.

Veronica: Not so obvious to me!

Elisa: Yeah, we knew that, but that’s okay.

Erik: It is actually they can be underhanded, conniving, and deceitful, and they can be manipulative but some people might say that’s a good thing depending on what they are using them for.

Elisa: Oh, I see, so, they might have goals that are good but they might have to use deceit to achieve them.

Erik: You might look at them as unethical but in reality, they’re getting the job done.

Elisa: Oh! Okay, why are they so tied to the music industry or are they actually?


Erik: No more than any other industry, it just seems to appear that way but no more than any other industry or walk of life for that matter.

Elisa: Ok, I understood from Erik that they’re here to protect us from unleashing our ultimate potential because it would be too much for us.

Erik: Well, they keep us balanced.

Veronica: He’s calling them Big Brother.

Elisa: Okay. So, they’re watching out over us. I know he likened it to a farmer tending to a little seed, that grows, nurturing it etc., well how do they balance us? What techniques do they use? Is it through music for example?

Erik: You could use the term mind control, if you wanted to. It’s not sinister mind control like we would think it is. It’s through the generation of thought waves, and so it’s thinking, it’s the way that the thought travels and also yes, there are lyrics that is why it appears that there’s more connection to the music industry.

Elisa: Ah, okay. What are they? Are the humans, E.T’s, Spirits, all of the above?

Erik: They are spirits, they’re body-less spirits, they’ve never had bodies, so they imbody other bodies.

Elisa: Oh, just like the other, Henry.

Veronica: The guy we talked about at the very beginning.

Elisa: All right, is JFK Jr., still alive and running Quanon and in alliance with Trump?

Erik: No, he is alive, absolutely not!

Elisa: Okay. Now, this is another one, some people say that they are negative entities that trick you into not going into the light after death and trap you or something like that, so you don’t incarnate again. Is that true?

Erik: No.

Veronica: Erik wants to spend some time with this.

Erik: This is a false statement.

Elisa: Where does it come from?

Veronica: He’s adamant, all the work that he’s done to bring forward the peace that comes with crossing over and the love that comes with crossing over.

Erik: It does not work that way, that was put out there to breed fear in people.

Elisa: By whom?

Erik: A mindless, nameless group of people. It’s ridiculous.

Elisa: Why would they do that?

Erik: Control, ultimately it has cult mentality whoever has put that message out there.

Elisa: It feels like it does, yeah.

Veronica: Cult mentality.

Elisa: All right, well, Anthony Bourdain murdered, whatever, we’re going to actually interview him, so let’s skip over that, and we’ll talk about that when we interview him. Okay, I also read that Mother Theresa was involved with selling babies.

Erik: No, Mother Theresa was involved in placing babies with people.

Elisa: Ah, Ok, like orphans.

Erik: She didn’t sell them for profit.

Elisa: Okay, all right.

Erik: She was involved in placing them in the right home with people, and by the way, Mother Theresa was very intuitive, very psychic.

Elisa: Oh, interesting! All right now, here’s a big one that people talk about, and we might have a whole thing on this. There’s a lot of Holistic doctors who have died and looked like they have been murdered, recently. Are these doctors being targeted? There was just one kind of recently, in fact. And here’s the same, another person is big Pharma behind the deaths of around 50 Holistic doctors? Many of these doctors had the potential to expose truths, that would have cost pharmaceutical companies millions even billions. So, there’s a clear motive.

Erik: Yes, they are being targeted, they do have a bullseys on their back. Anybody that comes out against conventional ways of treating things make money that line pockets, essentially has a target on their back. This is going to get worse before it gets better, the secrets, that big Pharma, parts of our government, the secrets that they kept to keep people in line, you know are actually secrets on these industries, and so it’s manipulation by blackmail.

Elisa: Who’s blackmailing who?

Erik: Government.

Elisa: Government is blackmailing?

Erik: Big Pharma, all of these companies to move forward.

Elisa: With?

Erik: With the promotion of their drugs, we’re inundated with it. Every time you turn around there’s a new drug, and so putting the drug out there and pimping it before it’s actually even sometimes safe to do that.

Elisa: Yeah, I see it all the time as a doctor, now. Do politicians get money from pharmaceutical companies? You know under the table?

Erik: Yes, but it’s under the table backhanded, it’s never overt, you can’t place the money from some of these companies and everybody does it.

Elisa: It’s not just, you know American Pharmaceutical companies, it’s in other countries too?

Erik: Yes

Elisa: Is there two or three that are the major players as far as pharmaceutical companies are concerned?

Erik: It’s like a conglomeration, again if you want to use the word cult. The mindset of control manipulation, there isn’t one that leads the pack per se. There is one, the one that has to do with the most recent diabetic medicine, that brings forward the money. Diseases like diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, very rare that they’ll be cured. Very rare, because they make too much money. Now, these blood pressure medicines are nothing, their old, there          hasn’t been a lot of new movement with those, however, the fear that it puts in people, can get them to escalate to different kinds of drugs.

Elisa: Oh Gosh! So, anyway you probably wouldn’t want to say the name but of the pharmaceutical company. If their murders, I don’t want to know either. All right, did Elvis really die when he did?

Erik: He didn’t die the moment that they said he did, he didn’t die in that moment, however, he did die from that incident, just not at the moment. He actually lived a couple days past.

Elisa: Oh, interesting! Wow! Why was that kept a secret?

Erik: For peace of mind, for sanity. You know, so that there wouldn’t be hounding of, they thought that he could have a chance, if he was left alone.

Elisa: Oh, I see! Yeah!

Erik: You know, and actually it wasn’t even made known to his entourage that he lived for a few days.

Elisa: Wow! Interesting! Who knew? Priscilla, I guess? Veronica: I don’t know, I can’t hear, if he’s saying Priscilla. Erik: The doctor knew.

Elisa: Oh ok.

Erik: It was a very, it was on lock down, very exclusive, it was a very hidden, elaborate process, 3 days, actually, he lived 3 days.

Elisa: Well the probably had hopes he would survive.

Erik: But they did want the public to believe that he was dead, so that there would be peace from the press.

Elisa: Oh yeah, I gotcha. I see. All right, does the U.S government actually have contact with aliens?

Erik: Yes.

Elisa: Ok, well, Erik’s covered that before. Would it be possible to ask Erik about generational curses and whether those are real?

Erik: Yes, in the sense that it is mind, it is in the mind. It’s more of a, it’s not a literal curse, like an energy woo woo woo, kind of curse, it’s more of a mindset, well this happened in the family and so then it begins to be believed and passed down. Anything that’s passed down through the ranks, it gets blown out of proportion and all of a sudden it becomes more than it is, and the more you believe something, the more true it feels.

Elisa: The Law of Attraction, right, the law of attraction, you’re manifesting your own curse. Okay. Was the Titanic destroyed on purpose?

Veronica: Interesting! Whoa!

Erik: There was some kind of mechanical flaw in it. I don’t know if it was known or not, but there was a mechanical flaw in the design and actually one of the designers on that was a spy. Elisa: For whom?

Erik: Some sort of

Elisa: For what country? Germany?

Erik: European, he was some sort of plant, like we have what we call sleeper cells that we have now where they integrate into the community, it wasn’t as advanced then. The person who infiltrated in became part of the team and (inaudiable), were in some of the dynamics of the creation of it, based on this person and some of his cohorts that actually worked on the Titanic. Elisa: Did they sabotage it on purpose? The mechanics? The design?

Erik: Yes, but it was to divert attention off of something else.

Elisa: What was that Erik?

Erik: So that they could build up their war,

Elisa: The industrial military complex. Oh, okay to justify defense spending and all that kind of stuff?

Veronica: Yes, our government, yes. So, it was an internal, there was an internal knowing, but these were external Europeans spies, but they were in cahoots with our government, if I’m understanding you correctly.

Erik: Yes.

Elisa: Oh okay. So, but most people would say “Well, I just ran into an iceberg, but

Veronica: Well it went off course, it miscalculated, it went off course

Elisa: Yeah, okay.

Veronica: Because of something wrong. Actually, what Erik is showing me is, it actually taking on water long before it hit the iceberg.

Elisa: What does that have to do with war? Military operations? Were the off course because they wanted to get away from German U Boats, I don’t even know, I can’t remember

Erik: There’s no logic to it, the military, the army, the government had something to gain by it.

Elisa: Okay.

Erik: And the same is true for the Hindenburg.

Elisa: Oh, Wow! All right, are Yeti’s real? I know they are because I have one in my garage full of Diet Coke and water bottles.

Veronica: (laughing)

Elisa: Nah, I’m talking about the abominable snowman!

Erik: Yes, of course they are!

Elisa: Okay, alright! Just like Big Foot, are they related to Big Foot?

Erik: They’re all one in the same. Yeah. Elisa: Just one, one you know in the cold Erik: It’s a species.

Elisa: Oh, and they also cross dimensions just like…

Erik: Yup.

Elisa: Okay.

Erik: Yup Yup. The mystery, what’s the mystery? Because, so what you see one, it’s why, the mystery, they don’t need to be mysterious, that’s folklore that created the mystery.

Elisa: Oh yeah, of course. Was Hilter trying to save Europe from Communism? Or was his plan something more sinister? I’m thinking probably sinister, no matter what!

Erik: Yeah, yeah, just no good could come out of that, there was self serving reasons for that. But the premise was that “I’ll save you from communisim,then I’ll turn around and dictate you”.

Elisa: Oh God. All right did he have neurosyphilis, that infected his brain or something else that made him crazy?

Erik: Yes, neurosyphilis, yes. There was a maddening and it was progressive, it got progressive. Elisa: That’s awful! Okay, is it true that UFO and alien activity is increasing in numbers and that they are making themselves more publicly seen?

Erik: Yes, they’re getting bolder, the more open we get about it, the more open we are with talking about it, the more familiar it feels to us, the more we’ll see them, the bolder that they will get.

Elisa: Okay.

Erik: Our government knows their there, our government spends tons of money trying to connect and learn.

Elisa: Okay. Oh cool. Our tax dollars at work! Okay, was, Princess Diana’s death, planned by like the Queen or someone else?

Erik: No, it was a very unfortunate accident, but not, her contract was up.

Elisa: Okay

Erik: She chose to exit in a crash like that.

Elisa: I would have chosen something else! All right, I’ve heard of this, I don’t know anything about it, two questions. The first is what the hell is going on with Pedogate and Pizzagate, Pizzagate, I don’t know what that is, but I’ve heard of it but I don’t know. Pedophilia rings of the country or the world, humans are certainly being sold across the planet, so I don’t know, why pizza?

Erik: It has to do with kids.

Elisa: Oh, okay, Okay.

Erik: It has to do with kids, sex trafficking of children, it is a real thing, you can call it Pizza gate if you want, but it’s happening, it’s more prominent than we realize. So, yeah, it’s a real thing. Elisa: In what country is it most prominent?

Erik: Ours.

Elisa: Really? Oh my Gosh! So, are the Americans that capture and sell the children or?

Erik: It’s American’s and Mexicans, so it’s an America/Mexico kind of thing, and the cartel has something to do with it.

Elisa: Oh, what about other countries like the Eastern Block countries?

Erik: Yeah but they got their own thing.

Elisa: All right so that’s the Pizzagate thing. Was Bill Clinton, I heard that he goes to this island with a big buddy of his, and they have sex with kids and things like that. Is that true?

Veronica: You know, I hate to chuckle but Erik is chuckling.

Erik: No, it’s not true

Veronica: I don’t know why he is chuckling but he’s picturing the island of misfits, on Rudolph you know.

Elisa: Oh my God yeah!

Erik: But no, it’s not true.

Elisa: Okay, Thank God! Okay, the second one from this person, whether there are humans on other planets in this solar system?

Erik: This can be complicated, there, humans, no, energy yes, that’s the simplest way to put it. We are human here, on this earth, and we incarnated to be human on this planet, on this earth, so we can learn our soul lessons. You will notice that we will not put humans like this without apparatus on other planets.

Elisa: Sure.

Erik: Because Earth, which people think will disintegrate, go away, self-combust, isn’t going to happen. This is part of the process for souls, so that doesn’t mean don’t be nice to the planet because we want to be well.

Elisa: Yeah

Erik: The planet’s not going any where so, Mars, are we ever going to live on Mars? No, not us like this, with human body, but that’s that answer.

Elisa: Okay, so these energies, are they just a , are they spirits? Do they have differnet kinds of bodies? Are they micro bacteria or some kind of microbe or what? Are they intelligent? (inaudible)

Erik: If you think if it like vapors, you know, they are different energies, and they can, they can take on an appearance, not a human, like they won’t have blonde hair, blue eyes, they won’t have arms or, they do take on, it’s almost like an amoeba kind of appearance that they have.

But their highly evolved.

Elisa: So, their very intelligent?

Erik: Yes, highly evolved, it’s funny we humans think that…

Elisa: All that and a bag of chips

Erik: No, oh hell no.

Elisa: So, how big are these creatures?

Erik: Not, you know they’re not extraordinary, their probably, you know, they come in different forms, you know, they’re not like the tall lights or there’s nothing extraordinary, you wouldn’t look at them and think oh well their extraordinary.

Elisa: But they’re not a microbe, not microscopic?

Erik: No, no, no,

Elisa: Okay, that’s what I wanted to know. Okay.

Erik: They can be channelled, because they are a resource for learning.

Elisa: Ah, we should do that! Okay, cool, what are they called then? And I will write that down in my thing. The vapours of Mars, where are they are they Mars or any other planet?

Erik: They can be any where, they’re just not on Earth.

Elisa: Okay.

Erik: Vapors, we can call them Vapors.

Elisa: Okay. Did Trump do anything illegal when it comes to Russia? Collusion’s not really illegal, but did he use the Russian to meddle in, if you don’t want to answer that’s fine.

Veronica: I’m scared.

Elisa: Okay, that’s fine. (laughing)

Veronica: Erik is saying “Tell her, Tell her”. You know what, I’ll say this because listen I, I’m human, I got to be careful. You know don’t shoot the messenger, really doesn’t matter. He wouldn’t really call it semantics, that’s the simplest way to say it. Yes, there’s always semantics. Elisa: Okay. Now the Malaysian flight, that, flight 370, do you have a location for that Erik?

More or less, as specific as you can.

Erik: In the sea. It’s in the sea.

Elisa: You said it was off the coast of India before, it could have drifted from there.

Erik: It’s never going to be found, it is in so many micro pieces.

Elisa: Oh okay.

Erik: Because of the salt water on it, the deterioration, the longevity of it, it’s long gone.

Elisa: And the currents, you know, so, okay, so it’s spread out all over the Indian Ocean maybe I don’t know, I gotcha, okay. Why is there such a big increase lately, like 25% increase in teen suicide Erik?

Erik: Because a lot of what’s happening in this world energetically is putting more and more pressure on kids younger, and younger. Kids are being forced to handle mature adult things at a younger age and so their bodies, their mind are not equipped to handle it and the pressure becomes too much. The other thing is you have these immature minds that don’t understand the permanence of the departure.

Veronica: He’s using airports, because we know we don’t depart permanently.

Elisa: Right.

Erik: But these immature minds, don’t understand the permanence of the departure, but it’s really being forced to grow up fast. There is a lot of heavy energy.

Veronica: He’s talking about video games and all of the energy in that and the hatred and the self loathing and then you add in there the decline of the core family in a lot of these…

Elisa: So, you don’t have the support, of course back in the 40’s 50’s whatever, guys would graduate from high school and go work at the factory and raise a family, that early or go off to war, so you know, it’s almost like in a way they had to grow up way faster than they do now, most of them are still living with their parents, in their basement.

Erik: The difference there, is that in the 40’s and 50’s we didn’t communicate the way we communicate now. Where everything is accessible and even stuff that shouldn’t be accessible is.

Elisa: I gotcha, yeah.

Erik: It’s eating into the minds of these young, these young minds, making them think the solution, that that is the solution.

Elisa: Okay, all right, Rod Russelstein and what’s his name? Muller? The ones that are whatever, investigating this whole Russian thing, are they objective or biased?

Erik: Oh, they’re, they can be objective.

Elisa: Okay, so there’s, no bias in Muller and his investigation.

Erik: Well, no, something happened that straightened him out.

Veronica: I’m not sure what that means but something happened but something happened and Muller got scared. He got, he made some kind of deal to take the pressure and the light off of him.

Elisa: Okay, okay. I don’t know I don’t even watch the news anymore, I just can’t stand it.

Veronica: I don’t watch the news at all.

Elisa: These are just blog member questions so but it seems like he’s scared so he doesn’t really have, maybe he did before any biased or agenda.

Erik: He straightened up.

Elisa: Is there a deep state? I think there always has been frankly, I mean.

Erik: Yes, why question it.

Elisa: Yeah, yeah! Will we ever get rid of it?

Erik: No, no probably not.

Elisa: Do we need to?

Erik: No

Elisa: Okay. Good. Does it serve a good purpose?

Erik: It’s like everything, everything has two sides to it. It’s a matter of what you look at, how you look at it, everything has two sides.

Elisa: Okay. What was in the 30,000 emails of Clinton’s? Was it wedding plans? Grandkids? Erik: That’s a good question. (laughing) A lot of it was girl emails, there was nothing would pin her to any illegal activity. It would make her look an ass and a buffoon.

Elisa: Oh, so it would mostly be embarrassing stuff and that’s why she destroyed it.

Erik: Exactly!

Elisa: Okay. All right. Well, that’s it, that’s all I got peeps. Thank you sending all of these questions to me, because I would not, I don’t know half of them. So, especially since I no longer watch the news but, all right, thank you Veronica! You guys check her out at, which I will put right here! Veronica, you have anything to share?

Veronica: Nope, I’m good, thank you very much!

Elisa: You’re good, you’re a brave soilder! You survived this! Awesome! That’s it for conspiracy theories, I’ve had my fill with this stuff, it’s the third one so we’re done. All right, and I love you Erik, sweetie pie.

Erik: I love you, Mom.

Elisa: Try to leave an EVP on this one, and you guys listen for it. All right bye people.

Veronica: Love ya.

Elisa: Love you, too.

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