Erik on Conspiracy Theories, Part Three

First let me say that last night’s show was stupendous! I don’t think I’ve ever used that word in this blog, actually. Guest, Mark Ireland, author of Soul Shift and Messages from the Afterlife, discussed his background and his teamwork with his deceased son, Brandon, a story not unlike my own. Brandon and Erik are pals, and Brandon chimed in with his own wisdom with caller questions. Veronica astutely picked up on the fact that both boys loved skateboarding. Heck, Erik tried so hard to teach me to do an Ollie on his board, but it was an epic fail and a close brush with a broken hip. Check out the show:

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EFT practitioners

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Those who speak Light Language

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Okay, now for the 3rd in the 4 part conspiracy theories series courtesy of our stupendously (there I go again) gifted medium, Denise Ramon. Mediums struggle with conspiracy theory questions because they really wreak havoc on their human filters. It takes a lot of courage. Book an appointment with her HERE. The transcript follows!

Me: Hello

Denise: Hi

Me: Denise Ramon, the Medium Extraordinaire, how are you doing?

Denise: I’m doing well, thank you – how are you?

Me: Good – Erik, “Hi baby, I love you.”

Denise: He says, “Hi, mom” and he is just giving you the biggest hug ever. I just have chills on me, how he’s just hugging you. He really loves you; I feel like there must be some kind of holiday or something special coming up the way he’s hugging you.

Me: Aw, I love you. I’ve been thinking about him A LOT lately.

Denise: Okay

Me: Sometimes there’s times where I just get caught up in all this and I forget – wow, I don’t have him here – so there’s that…

Alright, we’re going to do a part two – actually, really, technically – part three of conspiracy theories. We did one a long time ago, and then we did one – you and I recently, and then we’re going to do this one now. And I’ll be honest with you – I don’t know half of these things. I really don’t. Here we go…

Is the cabal – whatever that is – made up of both old money families and newer money families, and are the Koch brothers – oh my God, I just heard of them on the news – part of the cabal? What is the cabal? I have no idea.

Denise: I don’t either.

Erik: It’s definitely made up of old money. It’s not from somebody that just got rich that became a part of it, but it’s definitely old money.

Erik: Is it new money? Yes, you can say it’s new money, but it’s just newer people, but they’re all connected. It’s really all old money it’s just like newer people come in. Some of the people have passed away that we have no clue about.

Me: But can the next generation come up and be a part of it?

Erik: Yeah

Me: Alright, is it true that there is a thriving slave trade in the secret space programs? That human beings are sold to aliens for technology? Oh my God, that sounds awful.

Erik: No, that’s not true. We sell people to other people – that’s for sure, but we don’t sell people to aliens.

Me: Like for example, we sell little kids to…

Denise: Yes

Me: An organ – oh God, okay, that’s no good either.

Denise: No

Me: Now would you just – not tell me this because you don’t want to upset us or are you being for real?

Erik: *laughing* The aliens don’t have to divide people from us to use. The aliens can just take us, if they…

Me: Ah, that’s a curious thought, but yeah, I think you’re right.

Erik: Yeah, we don’t all just come from just one place – we all come from different parts. There are some of us that come here that do agree to go back to the motherboard or the mothership and do stuff like that, but we don’t have that kind of control where we can sell us humans to the ETs.

Me: Ah, good. Your hair looks really pretty by the way.

Denise: Oh, thank you.

Me: And I’m going to publish your first session on conspiracy theories on Wednesday – two days from now.

Alright, is it true that up to one million humans are abducted and enslaved every year? I guess they’re talking about ETs…

Erik: There are humans that are abducted, but they’re not used as slaves.

Me: Okay

Erik: Whatever they’re doing, they’re not being mistreated, and they’re definitely not used as slaves – like what we consider slaves.

Me: Okay, alright

Erik: We very much mistreated what we… they don’t do that – they just want to know stuff.

Me: Yeah, alright. Now just real quick yes or no questions because there’s so many… have humans colonized or established outposts on most of the planets and moons in our solar system? Yes or no…

Erik: No

Me: Okay, have humans from Earth colonized other solar systems?

Erik: No

Me: Have humans from Earth colonized other galaxies? Well, the last one isn’t true, so probably not.

Erik: No

Me: Is it true that Americans can now be found throughout the Milky Way galaxy? Sounds like no because of the other questions, right?

Erik: Can Americans? No, but some people have agreed to stay aboard a ship and go back with them and not come here.

Me: So, ETs?

Erik: Yeah, that the humans agreed to stay with them and not come back.

Me: Did they used to be ETs themselves is that why?

Erik: Yeah, they’re kind of from the same…

Me: Star system or whatever?

Erik: Yeah, from the same star system, and then they just agreed to stay back from their perspective there’s not any…

Me: Well, they got a huge AMEX bill, and they do not want to deal with it.

Erik: *laughing*

Denise: He loves that!

Me: That is it. It’s like, “Oh my God, I got $12,000 I owe. ET take me home!”

Alright, how much do US Presidents and elected official know about this secret space program? How much do they know?

Erik: They know a lot, but they don’t know everything.

Me: Okay, so what is this SSP – I never heard of it. Secret space program, if it even exists basically…

Erik: It does and it is really all about fear because that’s why they created it. It’s about exploring other places and figuring out – they know that there’s ETs and so they’re really trying to further research it. They’re definitely trying to find life on other planets – the reason it’s so secretive is the amount of money that’s being put into it. The amount of money that’s being put into it could end hunger here in the US.

Me: So that’s what they’re trying to do – this SSP finding stuff about aliens and technology, they feel like they can help mankind… is that why it exists?

Erik: Kind of – they’re not that…

Me: Altruistic?

Erik: Yeah, they’re not that humanitarian for that to be their only reason. It’s just like anything else – they know that there’s more so they keep wanting to find it and the more…

Me: I got it…

Erik: And the more they want to keep going, it’s their thirst, their hunger to know more.

Me: Cha ching cha ching, probably. Do those in charge of the SSP believe they are acting on behalf of the American public and humanity – this is a good question – or is it purely a self-serving enterprise?

Erik: On some level, they feel like it’s serving the Americans because it helps to comfort them and appease them as to why they’re doing this, but ultimately, it’s all a selfish – it’s just to satisfy their own…

Me: Ego and pocketbooks.

Erik: Yeah, it really is.

Me: Okay, yeah, is it still funded by taxpayer – US tax dollars?

Erik: Yes, and there’s foreign dollars that help support that.

Me: Oh, good that’s the next question… is the SSP – are other nations involved in funding it?

Erik: Yeah

Me: Really?

Erik: Yeah, there’s foreign dollars being put into it.

Me: Like which countries? Name a couple.

Denise: I get Europe is involved.

Me: Okay

Denise: I am asking him now is that why we have so much conflict or whatever it is we have – because I don’t listen to the news – but I saw a blurb today about Trump and Putin. I really don’t know what it was about other than they’re selling off our debt, and I’m asking Erik if they are involved in it.

Erik: There is a connection there.

Me: Okay, what about China?

Erik: Of course, they do.

Me: They got their fingers in the pie always.

When will the truth about aliens and this secret space program come to light?

Erik: The aliens are coming to light more and that’s going to come first. It has to come in spoonfuls because there are still a lot of us that are nervous and scared about it, so it’s coming in spoonfuls, but it’s happening within 10 years – everyone will know about it. They won’t be able to hide it; however, there will be some people who just do not believe in it.

Me: Oh yeah, that’s fear.

Does Donald Rumsfeld or Dick Cheney – this person asks – have anything to do with the secret space program?

Erik: Not to the degree that the person asked the question. Not to the manner that they’re asking… but so they have some involvement? They do know something about it.

Me: That’s it, okay. Are there people living and working on Mars?

Erik: Not yet

Me: Okay, can you name any figures like politicians or CEOs that are involved with the secret space program, Erik?

Erik: That wouldn’t serve a purpose now to tell people who’s serving on it and stuff… like to name a person who’s on it… and the reason is just

Me: Safety?

Denise: Yeah because people watch these youtubes more than what we’re privy to. That we realize.

Erik: There are a lot of current – people who are in office now that are aware of this and do know about this because something this big – how did this secret get out – this conspiracy – somebody had to have talked so there are people who are still in it. It’s almost like these are the politicians and there’s another line of politicians and another line of politicians and it just depends on what level you are.

Me: Ah, I see, okay.

Denise: Yeah

Me: Now the same person, I think – talks about inner earth civilizations – I guess that means civilizations that live inside the Earth. Well, first of all does that even exist like the Hollowed Earth or whatever…

Erik: Yes, this does exist and this has been discussed before.

Denise: This is interesting because this place has always fascinated me – the Antarctic.

Me: Hmmm…

Erik: There’s definitely some life underneath of there – deep underneath of there.

Me: Interesting… aliens or humans or what?

Denise: I do get that they’re ET type – they’re here but they live in a different dimension. Even though it’s lower…

Me: Oh, it’s still a different dimension all together.

Is it true that there is an inner Earth community of intelligent velociraptors?

Erik: Yes

Me: Wow, is that the reptilians? Well, actually this is the next one… is it true that our planet is controlled by Draco reptilians? Oh my God, scary.

Erik: No that’s not true.

Me: Okay, alright – is it true that they hold down human consciousness to keep us asleep and where on Earth do they live?

Erik: There’s a lot of theories about our human consciousness, but the bottom line is nobody holds their own human consciousness down but ourselves.

Me: Ah, that makes sense, yeah.

Erik: We’re the ones that do that to ourselves because ultimately, nobody has control over us as people think, and we do have a free will.

Me: Yeah, so where do these Dracos live?

Erik: Not in the US.

Me: Oh, okay

Denise: And the reason he says because – he makes me feel like it’s Australia or…

Me: Tell her, Erik.

Denise: I know. I guess it’s Australia or Austria – I’m not really clear on what he is saying.

Erik: They like the energy that’s over there.

Me: Ah, so what is it Erik. Australia or Austria? Number one or number two?

Erik: Australia

Me: Okay, alright. When reptilians live as humans are they living human incarnations, like born human, or merely assuming a human form like a shapeshifter would do?

Erik: They’re born to be humans just like some of us are born to be humans, but we’re not really.

Me: Oh

Erik: We’re from another planet.

Me: Star system, yeah. Like Pleiadians from Sirius, okay…

Denise: But can they take on a role?

Erik: He doesn’t see that.

Me: Okay, are they bad or good or both?

Erik: From how we judge it – they’re both. A little of each it just depends.

Me: Like humans are sometimes good and sometimes bad… is that what you’re saying?

Erik: They’re not born mean or hateful

Me: Oh okay

Erik: They’re not born that way and you kind of take on the same type of territory/environment that you’re born into. It’s more about survival for them though.

Me: Oh okay. Where are they from?

Denise: Where he is showing me it’s so far away – he’s showing me it’s past all the stars, all the lights and everything, it’s dark – he’s not giving me a planet.

Me: Far away

Denise: It’s extremely far…

Me: So how did they get here? Are they able to go through wormholes or whatever…

Erik: It’s almost like they walk in from one dimension into another.

Me: Oh

Denise: I guess it’s like a reality, I guess that’s what it is.

Me: Yeah, something that can shift realities. That’s so cool.

Can we expel the reptilians from our world – this person asks?

Erik: We are doing that now on a lot of levels – the way everything is coming up to the surface. Everyone thinks everything is falling into pieces. It’s not. Everything is falling into place. And so we’re getting rid of the stuff that no longer vibrates on this planet.

Me: Oh, okay

Denise: Yeah

Me: On September 11, 2001 was the Pentagon hit by a plane or a missile?

Erik: A missile

Me: Oh, okay, who fired it?

Erik: It’s who was ever involved with the planes crashing. It was a terrorist attack even though we knew.

Me: Yeah, well, was it our government that had something to do with it, or was it purely a terrorist attack?

Erik: Our government didn’t do that one.

Me: Okay

Denise: That’s what he is telling me – our government didn’t do THAT one.

Me: Okay, uh oh, well what did they do? You’re acting like… you don’t have to answer if you’re unsafe that’s fine.

Erik: Just know that whole thing, and it’s out there. Everyone can read about it because everybody knows. It’s seeping out the seams and it continues – sometimes it goes quiet, but people are still looking into it.

Denise: People like you and I wanting to know, whatever…

Me: Yeah

Erik: There is no way that that happened without us knowing about it. There’s no way. That’s like saying we’ve got to be the dumbest people on the block. When I say us, I’m talking about our government. Not going to go into detail, but of course they knew about that.

Me: Why didn’t we do something about it? Was there a nefarious reason why they didn’t stop it?

Denise: He gives me the feeling – and I’m just like going – oh my God. I don’t think that they knew how bad it was going to be.

Me: Ah

Denise: But at the same time – he gives me the feeling – it’s like why we left so many people in Vietnam.

Me: Yeah

Denise: They didn’t think enough about it. They didn’t think that it was a big deal.

Me: Ugh. Tell that to the parents, man.

Denise: I know

Me: Okay, what happened to AA Flight 77 and the people on board?

Denise: Did that crash or something because he gives me the feeling like…

Me: I think so, but I can’t remember the actual flight numbers.

Denise: He is showing me something strange flew – it’s almost like something crashed into them or something.

Me: Oh, like what – a missile?

Denise: Not another aircraft or anything, but I feel like something crashed – when I say crashed – like this is the nose of the plane and it just sideswiped them or something.

Me: Like was it the ground that crashed into it?

Denise: I feel like just some kind of debris.

Me: Alright, okay

Denise: Yeah, some kind of debris and I also get that there was some engine failure of some sort.

Me: Well, that could be when you have engine failure – a fan blade breaks up, that could be the debris or a bird attack. Birds being sucked into the engine could do that too. Could it have been something like that?

Erik: It wasn’t a bird. It was some form of debris.

Denise: I’m asking him…

Me: It’s not important

Denise: Is it from space? He is just telling me it’s some form of debris – some type of debris.

Me: Okay

Denise: It must have been big whatever it was – I would think…

Me: Oh, it didn’t have to be, but it sounds like the way Erik is talking, it is not important to know what kind of debris.

Me: What was the agenda the American officials who facilitated – if they did – the 9/11 attacks? Were there Americans that facilitated the 9/11 attacks – Twin Towers and stuff?

Erik: There was no committee where they sat down and said, “Okay, let’s plan this attack to happen on 9/11 and let’s do this.” That didn’t happen, but they knew. They knew something was going to happen and people have already read about that. There are people that didn’t fly on a plane, a lot of people sent their family out of town because they really didn’t know.

Denise: One of the places on the map though, he is showing me the Houston area…

Me: Oh, really?

Denise: Yeah, he’s showing me the ship channel area…

Me: Yeah

Denise: Which would make sense, and then he’s telling me remember they were on a high alert over there too at the ship channel shortly after that – not long after that. So yeah, so…

Me: I bet.

Denise: Yeah because that would be a chain reaction of explosions.

Me: Yeah. Are any of the false flag attacks being planned by our intelligence community?

Erik: No

Me: Okay. We’re switchin’ subjects… is Noah’s Ark on Mount Ararat and was it ever there?

Erik: There is an ark there – but there’s more than one. Not of the same size, but there was more than one.

Me: Wow, how many animals were aboard Noah’s Ark? I mean was the whole Noah’s Ark thing – is it really real anyway, and if so, in what way – just tell us a little bit about that.

Erik: Well, first of all there is no way it could have held two of every animal on it.

Me: Yeah, yeah

Erik: Was it real? That really was real, but it wasn’t – it’s kind of an extreme thing – that you had to get on the ark to be…

Me: Hyperbolized, pretty much, yeah…

Erik: Yeah, it’s kinda…

Me: But what is the truth behind it – the sky… has a Noah app and he saw it was gonna rain a whole bunch and I’m just kidding… so, what happened?

Erik: That man, Noah…

Denise: I say that man because I wonder was his name really Noah.

Me: Yeah

Erik: He did have dreams and visions and was told to go do something. Really what it was about was obedience – and not obedience to obey Jesus or God – but obedient within his own self and to trust within his own self.

Me: Oh, okay

Erik: That was a real big thing to learn.

Me: So what did he do, he said – “Whoa, there’s a big flood, so…”

Denise: This is so weird because I never read the Bible really…

Erik: To create this boat…

Denise: Which I’m sure it was bigger than a boat…

Erik: The flood – it’s almost like it was a river just running through a place…

Me: Okay

Erik: To shift things over…

Me: Like an arroyo – sort of like that – flash flood, arroyo?

Erik: Yeah, it wasn’t like the whole US flooded and he was on the boat going somewhere…

Me: Oh, okay

Erik: It was kind of similar to the Yangtze River when there was a flood and how it took away a lot of stuff – it was kind of similar to that on that kind of level.

Me: Oh, okay. Is the Vatican a force for good or evil in the world?

Erik: Well, it’s not for evil because we know that that doesn’t exist. But it was do – it has a lot of control.

Me: Ego-related control?

Erik: Ego related, and a lot of power. A lot of power. A lot of people consider the Vatican like a god. There’s a lot of control – a lot of riches in there, and nobody questions anything.

Me: That’s too bad.

Erik: Yeah, but it does serve as good though also because there’s a lot of healing that people get from going there.

Me: Yeah

Erik: Not so much that the Pope is doing, but just the energy that goes on in there, and people believe what is there – so there is a lot of healing.

Denise: I feel like though – that’s going to get exposed…

Me: Oooh

Denise: All the money and stuff in there and everything – from what Erik is showing me – he is showing me the doors being pulled widen open because here is a lot of…

Me: A lot of wealth

Denise: A lot…

Me: And so many people who are starving, and yet the gold leaking here and ugh…

Denise: That’s what Erik is showing me gold…

Me: Yeah, not cool.

Erik: That’s going to be exposed and it is slowly getting exposed, but it’s really hard to expose a religion.

Me: I know

Erik: Because you got a lot of people kicking and screaming when it comes to that.

Me: Exactly, and there are so many Catholics, devoted Catholics because Catholicism and other religions do… do some good.

Denise: Yeah

Me: I mean there are nefarious parts of it… but is the Vatican involved in any nefarious activities?

Erik: Not all their money is being put into clean spending.

Me: Ohhhh, okay – ‘nuff said, ‘nuff said. Was Princess Di – this person asks who murdered Princess Di – and why was she murdered? But, first of all, was she even murdered?

Denise: I love Princess Diana

Me: I know

Erik: No, she wasn’t murdered. That really was an accident and some carelessness took place. It really was an accident. It was an accident.

Me: Okay, is there a pedophile ring involving the Royal Family, and if so, did Princess Di know about it?

Erik: No, Princess Diana didn’t know about that because she would have done more. She wouldn’t have just stood by and done nothing on that part… but is there a sex ring within the Royal Family – that immediate Royal Family? No.

Me: Okay, alright. Does Queen Elizabeth really have many dark secrets, and does she have any nefarious activities that she is aware of or involved with? Well, this person’s trying to take people down, don’t like the Brits I guess, okay, just kidding…

Erik: Of course, she has stuff that she has put in a closet that she doesn’t want people to know about because we all do that. She works real hard to keep herself squeaky clean and not let people know anything about… has she done things that are kind of shady and stuff like that? Of course – because they view it as – but it’s for the betterment of whatever…

Me: For the greater good?

Erik: Yes

Me: Okay

Erik: But there is another layer above her…

Me: Ohhh

Erik: In the government just like our government it’s kind of like…

Me: Oh, yes, and that’s nefarious – or at least partly so?

Erik: Partly

Me: Oh, alright… three more questions! Many people have reported seeing a mermaid off the coast of the Israeli town of Kiryat Yam – hope I’m pronouncing it right – a news crew captured the creature on camera. What are these people actually seeing?

Erik: There are mermaids. They don’t look like you know…

Me: Like Ariel

Erik: Right, but there are mermaids. There’s a lot of things in the sea that we don’t even – that we’re not even privy – that we have no clue of…

Me: And I want to do a whole thing on the ocean – that’d be so cool!

Denise: That would be…

Me: Okay, yeah

Erik: Definitely, but the people that got that mermaid on camera, they didn’t capture the mermaid… and mermaids are male and female.

Me: Oh, like hermaphroditic?

Denise: Yeah

Me: Okay, okay

Denise: Yeah that’s what he – like that, and I was like…

Me: Well, it’s not like they can spread their legs so…

Denise: *laughs*

Me: It’s probably true. That makes total sense. Okay, can you tell us more about the species, Erik?

Erik: Don’t worry, they’re not going to come to where we live because they really like the cold, cold, cold, cold waters.

Me: Oh, wow

Denise: The reason they like that is because it’s a lot calmer – when I say calmer, there’s not a lot of human activity and stuff because of the coldness.

Me: I see, yeah

Denise: It’s not like going to Cancun or California or Hawaii, but…

Me: Where women go all – women go – well, you don’t want to be around them, let me tell ya. Well, where do they live? Okay, go ahead…

Erik: They live in the water, obviously, but there are a lot of caves that are deep, deep, deep within the water like we haven’t even touched anything yet – we don’t know…

Me: Oh wow, okay

Denise: He’s saying, and I’ve heard this before, I saw this on a TV show too – a documentary and he is referring to that – he is showing me – way back before Christopher Columbus days whenever he was around. I don’t know what time frame, but he says that people saw mermaids and stuff like that – that’s how they knew to carve them out of wood and have them on their ships and stuff like that.

Erik: A long time ago, the mermaids and some other sea creatures that we don’t know anything about were treated like Goddesses…

Me: Oh, by whom?

Erik: Way back then, by the humans..

Me: Ahhh

Erik: They were treated like Goddesses…

Me: Why, did they have special powers?

Erik: There’s an energy they put out in the water…

Me: Ohhh

Denise: And it’s almost like a hypnotic feeling or whatever…

Erik: We need to stop looking for them because there’s no reason for us to know about them. We don’t need to go find them and dissect them, and research them and find out about their habitat – we need to stop that and…

Me: Are they from another planet or other planets?

Erik: They’re from here. They’re thousands of years old.

Me: Wow, each one or the species itself?!

Erik: The species itself is thousands of years old.

Me: Oh, how many are there you think – more or less – in the world?

Erik: Thousands

Denise: I’m asking him why were they able to capture that one on camera?

Erik: These are highly intelligent sea creatures – they’re very highly intelligent…

Denise: This is so fascinating to me…

Me: It is awesome!

Erik: The reason they were willing to be captured – because they know – they go by vibration – feeling the energy, but it’s almost like they were wanting to be seen, they were wanting to know, but we won’t – there will be always someone – but it will not be a continued search for it.

Me: Oh, okay. Why did it want to be seen? Just messin’ with our heads?

Erik: Playfulness

Me: Oh, okay

Erik: Whatever equipment they had was able to go really deep…

Me: Ohhh, okay

Erik: But not as deep as they can go – it went really deep and they were just like I said – playfulness, curious…

Me: Okay, what part of the world are they in – you said cold, is it in the Arctic regions or off Norway?

Denise: That’s where it is – I get Iceland, Finland, around there – around in that cold area, yeah…

Me: Oh, okay, cool. Alright, Steven Greer – an expert on the ET cover up – I never heard of him – is he providing accurate information? He claims that there are no negative ETs…

Erik: He’s done his homework, and this guy – he is accurate when he says there’s no negative because we think negative like somebody’s coming here to harm us…

Me: Yeah

Erik: We’re doing that ourselves…

Me: True

Erik: So they’re just standing back…

Me: Yeah

Erik: There are no ETs that can come and make us do something that we’re not willing to go do.

Me: Oh, good, okay

Erik: They can’t brainwash, they cannot brainwash…

Denise: So evidently somebody must think that – for Erik to say that…

Me: Okay, last question. A couple of credible sources have said that Jesus was not crucified at all – well, actually, Jesus said that, himself, in one of our interviews – that a follower took his place on the cross. I know Jesus is a friend of yours – he’s a friend of everybody – and this is a sensitive subject, but can you confirm? So, did Jesus die on the cross? I mean he told us, no – that he was able to because what he learned from the yogic – whatever, he was able to decrease the respiratory rate and pulse rate so low that it seemed like he was dead, and then, people ushered him off to France, and he had five kids, and married Mary, etc. but I don’t know, I mean, Erik, tell me…

Erik: You’re good, Mom.

Me: It’s what I dooo!

Erik: As you were saying that, there’s a lot of – there’s hundreds of people – yogi people that can bring their breathing down to where it’s almost like they’re dead…

Me: Dead, yeah…

Erik: And it’s almost like a deep form of sleep meditation and what happens is they go traveling out of their bodies and they…

Denise: This is fascinating, Erik…

Erik: And they go visiting other cities, states, countries…

Me: Oh, cool…

Erik: And they meet up with other people – there’s other people – the ones that know how to do this – they kinda communicate together and go visiting one another and stuff like that…

Me: Oh, cool…

Denise: I know that is cool…

Erik: With water, they’re able to withstand…

Denise: I don’t know how that would work, Erik – about being underwater, how they can just labor their breathing…

Me: If they can slow down their breathing – but they can. There have been people who were pronounced dead, and three days later – they’re in the morgue – it’s like, “Hey, I’m not dead.” So, weirder things have happened, man.

Erik: Everybody’s so fascinated about Jesus because you have this group that believes he did die on the cross, and you have this group that doesn’t believe, and then you have this group that’s not real sure about it. Go with what you feel, if you’re not real sure yourself. But the fact of it is – my mom said how it was because he told you what happened in a video…

Me: Yeah, that’s really tough because the whole point of Christianity is that Jesus on the died on the cross to absolve us of our sins, so that totally upends Christianity, so what do you have to say about that, Erik, or Jesus?

Erik: The sin thing – it’s been talked about – that’s out of fear, but people…

Denise: *laughs* Erik…

Erik: It’s a money-making business to get baptized.

Me: Ohhh, yeah

Erik: Because you pay for… but there is no sin – so…

Me: There’s no right or wrong there just is and everything “bad” or “good” is just a wonderful teachable moment.

Erik: Exactly, and there’s a lot of books written about – there is no sin, but people want to punish people.

Me: I know. It’s a way of control, and also, it’s a way to – for ourselves to – explain our guilt feelings, I don’t know what it is, it’s silly, anyway…

Denise: We want to blame somebody…

Me: Yeah

Denise: Hold them accountable…

Me: Yeah, we focus on blame, not solutions, always – it’s terrible. Alright, thank you, Denise – that’s all I got.

Denise: You’re so welcome.

Me: Erik, thank you so much, my sweetie pie.

Erik: I love you so much.

Denise: He’s just squeezing you again, just squeezing…

Me: Aww I love you…

Denise: I told him – visit her in her dreams…

Me: Please…

Denise: Yeah

Me: Denise, you want to share anything – besides your website, which is – I will put it here. What else you got – what else you got for us, girl?

Denise: I don’t really have anything else. I’ve been busy because I work a corporate job and do this on the side…

Me: Now, when are you going to stop that and go full time, girl?

Denise: You know, Erik keeps telling me when I’m gonna do it, and then I was all excited, and then I was like, “Okay, but wait, maybe I can do this for…”

Me: Oh, it’s scary…

Denise: It’s going to happen…

Me: It’s scary…

Denise: I didn’t realize how scary it was, but Erik and my guides are really helping me with – to stay centered…

Me: Yeah

Denise: Because I like to go everywhere, and really teaching me about trust and walking through fear.

Me: Good

Denise: Because that fear is just an illusion…

Me: It is…

Denise: It’s not even real…

Me: So much, yes, absolutely, as is scarcity – you don’t have to worry about that. Abundance, abundance, abundance! Alright, thank you, guys!

Denise: Thank you!

Me: Be sure you guys check out the October event we’re going to have at my place! And it’s on the right-hand sidebar of the blog, if you want to check it out.

Okay, I love you, Denise, I love you, Erik.

Erik: Love you, Mom.

Me: Bye

Denise: Love you, too.

Erik: Bye bye, thank you.

Me: Bye, thank you.

Have a wonderful weekend, peeps. You know how much I love you!

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