Erik on Dreams

I’m back in Kerrville, camping through Sunday. We just love the Texas Hill Country. But I was surprised to find that another cold front is blasting through so tomorrow, the temperature is going to go down to 39 degrees! I love it, though, because I know that those 95 degree, 3000% humidity days are just around the corner. Strange weather this past year!

Here’s a recording of last night’s show. I was on the road and tried to mute when I could, but hopefully it’s not too annoying. We learned, from Erik, all about communicating with our loved ones across the veil.

Here’s an old YouTube from October of last year on dreams. Thanks so much to an anonymous transcriber for the transcript that follows!

Elisa: Hello Emma, good evening over there! Good barely afternoon over here.

Emma: Good afternoon or what is it lunch time?

Elisa: It’s 12:09pm in just afternoon. So Erik hi, I love you.

Emma: It’s 7pm here. Oh he’s saying I love you too mommacita. He’s very, I don’t know what’s wrong with him but it’s almost like he’s wiggly. I don’t know it’s like his body is kinda clinky (3 secs).

Elisa: Really? Maybe he’s trying to do the shoulder shimmy. If he takes after me, he cannot do it. I have tried so hard but there’s no way.

Emma: It’s probably just the way that his body is. It just looks like his energy is like wavy and, I think it’s just, I don’t know. It’s just the way he is projecting himself.

Elisa: Alright, okay so guys, first off I want you to know that Grandbaby Easton was supposed to stay up until 11:30a.m. and sleep through this entire session but it’s not going to happen because he got up so early and he already has his nap and he’s already up so fingers crossed. Hopefully Michelle will keep him out of here. Also I want you to know that I am feeling kinda crappy because that LDN, wonderful stuff that I take, is curing my hashimoto thyroiditis. So now because I’m taking thyroid medicine, I have become hyper thyroid, I’ve got to stop it because it looks like it’s curing my hashimotos. SO my heart rate is right now 149.

Emma: Oh Lord.

Elisa:   And I feel like a wet noodle, so anyway, if you have hashimotos you need to look into it. If you do start taking it you need to monitor your thyroid. It works for autoimmune disease for one.

Elisa: Alright, we are going to talk about, well we have 3 things: Dreams, Chemicals in Food and Personal Care Products, and we are going to interview Howard Hughes. What do you want to start out with Emma or Erik?

Emma: I’ll ask Erik what he wants to talk about first.

Erik: Let’s start with dreams.

Elisa: Dreams, ‘cause that’s the first on my page anyway. Alright, these are awesome blog members and I’ll throw in my own questions if I have any in this brain of mine which is not really working to well today. Alright, but I’m going to try to soldier on.

Question: What are some of the typical dream meanings and why do sometimes we not dream at all?

Elisa: Is that true? Is there ever a time that where we don’t dream?

Erik: No, we always dream however some people have a harder time remembering their dreams because they go into a more deeper state of consciousness when they get into that dream state. Now when it comes to common dreams or…

Elisa: Ok, let me share some of mine because probably a lot of people share the same thing. Going to school naked, what does that mean?

Erik: Going to school naked means that you feel very insecure about yourself. You feel very vulnerable. Let me explain that a little bit. The way our dreams project themselves to us is really a combination of the higher self that is working together with your fears, your anxieties, with what’s going on in your life – your dreams, your passions. And so what we’re getting is, in a dream state, we’re getting messages through from your higher self, we are getting signals through to guide you, to push you. But unfortunately, those will always be mixed and mingled with what the conscious mind is working on. So you have the conscious mind that’s collaborating with the subconscious mind and so that’s how you create all these weird dreams that don’t always seem to make sense. But if I can give advice, it is when you first wake up, it is the initial feeling that you get of the dream that is important. If you can access just the feeling of how it made you feel and if you then have the ability to recollect what your dream was about and attach that feeling to that dream then you’ll be able to figure out what it was all about. However, even if you don’t recollect, if you just have the feeling, then that might help you in understanding what you need to work on, what is not good with you.

Elisa: What is the main reason we dream? I thought maybe it was just a TV life (4:52) so we could just entertain ourselves and remain asleep for a significant numbers of hours to restore our bodies.

Erik: First of all, let’s go to Step 1. Why do we sleep?

Elisa: Yeah.

Erik: Let’s start with that question.

Elisa: I love sleeping! I could sleep all day if it wouldn’t shame me. Love it!

Erik: It’s very simple. We sleep, let’s just say sleeping is the part of the recuperation process of our body, right, of the physical body. So while we are sleeping sunlight (5:35) energy that our body needs to be in a good state, to feel good, to be healthy, right? While we are sleeping that sunlight (5:49) energy basically gets increased, it’s….

Emma: (Erik is talking fast) Go slow!

Elisa: Poor Emma. Have a heart Erik, have mercy.

Emma: (Throws her hands up by her ears and moves them around quickly) He’s like Arrrrrrrrrr!!!! He’s going all over the place. So when we’re sleeping, he’s showing me pictures and he’s combining it with thoughts.

Erik: While we are sleeping the body is absorbing sunlight (6:27) energy in greater amounts. There’s a great access to it.

Elisa: Oh, ok.

Erik: Because we are not being limited by our emotional and by our mental state.

Elisa: Right.

Erik: So basically when we are sleeping, what people would call the soul or your energy body releases from the physical body and so there’s nothing, there’s no thoughts, there’s no fears, there’s no anxieties that are causing these blockades for the sunlight (7:00) energy to be totally absorbed by every cell in your body.

Elisa: Ok.

Erik: While we’re sleeping, our body has a better chance to rejuvenate itself, to restore itself, and to really heal as well. We all know our body has a self-healing power but the only way we can do that is by introducing more energy into the cells to give basically your cells the power, the food that it needs to recreate the body to recreate cells, to make new cells and break down the old ones.

Elisa: Ok, Erik, Erik, stop, just one minute. I want you to know that (holds up paper) that I have these questions, (flips over), these questions, (holds up another paper) and these questions so.

Emma: Hmm, Oh lord almighty.

Elisa: I want you to give us a briefer version of everything. Fine. If you can. Sorry Erik, I hate to hobble (7:59) you. Alright, so the reason we dream?

Erik: The reason we dream.

Elisa: Short version.

Erik: The very short version is to basically make us more consciously aware of what we’re going through in their lives.

Elisa: Ok.

Erik: Is that short enough for you? (Emma laughs)

Elisa: Do we upload information from our guides and higher self during dreams?

Erik: Well, when we’re dreaming, were accessing the subconscious mind which is where all the information is stored. Including where we came from, who we are spiritually, who our higher selves are. So when we’re dreaming, we’re accessing that.

Elisa: What is the subconscious mind, I thought that’s kinda like the higher self?

Erik: You have the conscious mind where we do all of our thinking, we do all of our processing and the subconscious mind is almost like a storage unit.

Elisa: Oh ok.

Erik: Where we keep all our memories, where we keep all our past, all our lives, all our truths. And where the truth about where our true being is stored.

Elisa: Ok.

Erik: It is not really the higher self, however when you’re higher self-connects to you it will always be through the subconscious mind, through the feelings, through the emotions, through the gut instinct. Because the conscious mind is always to busy and will not be able to receive that kind of information.

Elisa: Alright, well let’s go into some very short meanings of some of these dreams. So we’ve talked about going naked to school. Sometimes I will have to go, I realize – oh my God, I didn’t take Chemistry and so now even though I went to medical school, I don’t have a M.D. because I didn’t really graduate from Rice University so then I have to go back to class and I’m 62 years old, amongst all these kids and sometimes you forget to go to class and so what’s that about when you have go back to school?

Erik: Basically, and that can come in any shape or form that dream, is it about that you are not in the right place when it comes to what you are doing. You’re not doing enough, you are not going in the right direction. So these are just indications that – hey, you need to make some changes, you need to start over in your direction. That could be career but that could also be relationships. It’s not that it is school related, the dream. It means education, that it means work. It could also mean that the relationship you are currently in is not good for you and that you might need to consider going into a new direction. So that is all processing your relationships. (uncertain if that’s accurate as I listened several times and couldn’t make it out completely. 10:42)

Elisa: It could possibly be a relationship with a friend or child or whatever. Alright, what about running and not being able to get away. Like I always have this dream, this disembodied leg, green leg, that’s running after me and I can’t move fast enough. I feel like I’m in the La Brea tar pits.

Erik: What that is, is a fear of failure.

Elisa: Ok.

Erik: It can be a combination of two things.

Elisa: I thought, I’m a feakin’ mess, I’m a freakin’ mess. Nah, I’m kidding. I don’t have that dream.

Erik: It could be a combination of several things but a lot of times it’s about the fear of failure or a feeling that, it’s almost like a low self-worth, a lack of self-esteem and if you combine that, the running is really about that you are trying to run from yourself, you are trying to hide from who you really are.

Elisa: What about, I also have this dream, everybody has these dreams of falling but I use to have this dream but anyway, going in a car up this causeway and we’re going steeper and steeper and steeper and I’m so scared because it seems like it’s going to flip over, the whole care is going to flip over. Fear of success maybe?

Erik: He’s going yes and no. It’s more about the fear of not being worthy to another person.

Elisa: Ok, what about when we have falling dreams? We never really hit the bottom, why is that?

Erik: We’ll you have different kinds of falling dreams. You have a dream where you really fall for a while and then you have those few seconds where you feel like you fall and you wake up.

Elisa: Oh yeah, that’s actually the reticular activating system shutting down or turning on, I can’t remember. That’s neurological.

Erik: Well what that really is mom.

Elisa: Hard landing. Oh really, really getting back, hard landing, getting back into your body.

Erik: Yeah, you are basically in that state of releasing the body but if something spooks you or a thought is being reintroduced into your mind and you basically get slammed back into the body to fasten to that feeling of “whoop”. When it comes to really, really falling a lot of times that has to do with the fear of not being in control of your life. That other people are controlling you and nobody is there to help you.

Elisa: Why do we never hit the pavement?

Emma: Huh?

Elisa: Why don’t we ever hit the pavement?

Erik: Why don’t we ever hit the pavement? Because otherwise mom, you’d be dead.

Elisa: Yeah, not really, I guess there’s no reason to, okay.

Erik: The reason you keep falling is because there’s no solution in your mind for it.

Elisa: Ok, alright. I also have this weird dream, I don’t spank my kids. We’ll I have every once in a while but not very much but sometimes I have a dream, or I use to, where I try to spank a kid and my hand, I just can’t, it just stops, I can’t.

Erik: That’s really about, your intention is there but you can’t fulfill it. That’s what it’s about. In your being, who you are mom, and everybody, we all are connected to that source of unconditional love and hitting a person, smacking a person will never be a part of who you really are.

Elisa: Oh I can’t, it’s so hard.

Erik: So what you’re seeing in your dreams is really about, their showing you this is not who you are.

Elisa: Ok.

Erik: You are doing something that is not you.

Elisa: Alright, also sometimes I have really stupid, menial dreams like unloading the dishwasher or I’ll have weird ones like I’m in meditation class and the meditation teacher tells us to lick our partner’s shoulder and I lick the partner’s shoulder.

Emma: Oh my God.

Elisa: All of a sudden, my tongue, it’s like this little person with a coat on. So some of us have this really weird, freaky dreams. Or sometimes I dream that I have this horrible secret, that I have a whole bunch of bodies buried in my front yard. That I’ve killed and I’m so afraid that somebody is going to uncover it. So sometimes I’m waking up and I’m like did I just dream that?

Emma: You have the weirdest dreams.

Elisa: My husband says I do so why people have some menial or some really strange dreams?

Erik: I just want to emphasize that not every dream has meaning. Sometimes dreams are just expressions of frustration. Sometimes their just expressions of anxiety, fear. There’s not always a specific meaning to it. If the dream is really intense, if it is when you wake up and you are still feeling it, there’s a clear message there. You really need to dig into that. If it’s just waking up, and going what???? A lot of times it is just your mind expressing what’s been going on with yourself.

Elisa: Here’s another one. We’ll go through these briefly because we only covered this little one right there (holds up paper and points to two lines on the paper).

Emma: Oh my God.

Elisa: I’ll try to go fast. When I go lucid, I’ve been struggling between staying lucid and going back into a regular dream. What techniques, while lucid, should I use to stay grounded in the lucidity? So she or he wants to stay in the lucid dream.

Erik: Well for people that don’t know what a lucid dream is, it’s basically a dream where you are awake or where your awareness is awake. A lot of people can control their dreams – that is a lucid dream. When you are awake in the dream and you are experiencing it fully, and you can make the decisions yourself, then you are in a lucid dream. It’s very hard to stay in a lucid dream. Why? Because the slightest participation of the conscious mind will get you right out of it.

Elisa: So what can we do, just practice? Is that all it takes?

Erik: It is practice, it is practice and it’s allowing yourself to surrender in the dream as well. Because as soon as we try to control it too much, now you can say – ok now I want to go this place and I want to see this place because you can roam around and go visit your deceased loves ones or you can say I want to stay at this place right now.

Elisa: Ok, now that’s another question from this person. I’ve been able to bring past relatives or loved ones into my consciousness to reconnect with them and have had beautiful emotional reunions but sometimes I try to bring other people, including you Elisa or you Erik, but they don’t show themselves. Why is this?

You don’t have the password. Abort, abort, denied.

Emma: (Laughing) Yeah, you’re not on my list.

Erik: No, it is really because there is a fear that we won’t show up.

Elisa: Oh ok, that makes sense.

Erik: It’s as simple as that. It’s as simple as that.

Elisa: What’s the difference, or similarity, between astral projection and lucid dreaming?

Emma: We’ll that’s a good question.

Erik: There’s not that much difference. When it comes to lucid dreaming, you really have to first go into a dream state in order to then get into your deep sleep. So you go through your REM, you go into your deep sleep and once you get into your deep sleep then you can have a lucid dream. Then you are really aware of what’s going on or you’re in control. You say, I don’t like this dream, I’m outta here, I’m cutting this dream short. When it comes to astral projection, it really starts from a phase of meditation, where you never go into the sleep mode. But what happens is when you go into a deep meditative state, the body falls asleep but the consciousness is always awake. And so what happens then is, because the consciousness is awake, it can choose to leaves it’s body and to go and visit other realms. That is the difference.

Elisa: What is a good technique, simple technique to astral project? I’ve heard that you go into meditation, that you pretend like you’re, you don’t use yours hands or anything, but you pretend like you are pulling on this rope to pull you soul out of your body. I don’t’ know.

Erik: It rarely is, it depends from person to person. I think what’s important to remember is that when you want to astral project that, you have to for a while, really ignore the body. Because when the body starts to fall asleep but the mind, the consciousness is awake, your body will start twitching, you’ll get an itch, you’ll get something because the body is like – are you asleep?

Elisa: Or vibrations, I’ll feel buzzing as soon as my body is about to.

Emma: Yeah, buzzing.

Elisa: I think I’m about to go, but then I think – oh my God my bod is buzzing, and then snap back I go.

Erik: It’s very important not to respond to the body and really you have to ignore the itching, and the tickling, and whatever it is that you feel. So you have to really lay completely still and really allow the body to go into sleep mode and that’s really the hardest thing. Now how you get out of your body, my biggest advice is use visualization. Like you said, you can visualize yourself pulling out or you can just visualize standing next to your body and looking at it. Whatever it is, if you want to visualize that your angel or your deceased loved one is right there and that their handing a hand to pull out that is also but the biggest part is visualization. Really visualize yourself and so it will be. Don’t forget that when we get into that state, it is the mind that controls everything from then on. So it is your mind that tells you where to go, where you’re going, who you are seeing.

Elisa: But it’s so hard if I get like that buzzing feeling because it’s like saying don’t think about that pink elephant. It’s really hard, how do you, do you concentrate on just paying attention to your breathing or is that even a problem?

Erik: Yeah, or you can use music in your ears to just focus on that. It’s basically taking one focus point and just keeping your focus on that, allowing your body to fall asleep and once you, you’ll feel it. It’s almost like you’ll become lighter, when you become lighter and then you can say – ok and now I’m standing next to my body or now I’m getting out.

Elisa: Ok, can you actually see past lives in a dream or other lives ‘cause you know there are future, past or same time? So are some of these lucid dreams other lives they are living? Well those are two separate questions.

Erik: In your lucid dreams, you can visit anything you want. You want to see who you were in that lifetime or you want to see that, absolutely. Your lucid dreams can go anywhere you want however a lot of people do have dreams that seem very real. Emanuelle is one of those.

Emma: I’m really good at connecting to other lives. Basically, I’ve been murdered in so many ways. My dreams are always nightmares, I don’t really have good dreams, I always have nightmares. I always connect to the trauma points in my other lives because the energy is so intense at that moment that while I’m sleeping, I’m connecting. I basically, I feel like it’s me but when I look at myself I look completely different. There is a new person standing in front of me.

Erik: So whenever you get those dreams, what is happening is you are connecting to an energy that is connected to you through your higher self. It will usually be very intense emotions. That could be extreme joy too. A lot of times, it’s going to be unfortunately, not so positive experiences that you are connecting to through your higher self.

Elisa: How do you tell what type of dreams you are having? If it’s a prophetic dream, like predicting the future, an experience from another life or reality or a reflection of your current vibrational reality? That’s pretty good.

Emma: That’s a good question. We got good questions people.

Erik: That is a really hard one.

Emma: I know people are not going to like the answer he says.

Erik: The only thing I can say on that is really following your feelings.

Elisa: It’s intuition.

Erik: If you have a dream and it feels like you but doesn’t look like you or you’re not familiar in any way, but it really feels like it’s you then you are connecting to another life. Let’s say it’s a really bad dream but it’s you, you see yourself as you or you feel yourself as your normal you and you see people that you recognize because we do have dreams where people seem completely strangers but here and there you’ll recognize things from your current life. Whenever you have that it will always be a message from what is going on with you at this moment. Whether or not it is a lesson, I would always recommend writing everything down. Keep a dream journal and when you see different dreams in that week, for instance, that all seem to be connected in some way or form then for sure there is a message there. For sure then your higher self is trying to connect to you and trying to tell you something. If all the dreams are going in completely different directions, then a lot of times it’s going to be your own fears and your own anxieties but again, we can learn from that too. Why do I have such fearful dreams? Why are all my dreams like this? That is because you are off track. There is something going on in your life that is not resonating with you at this moment.

Elisa: So basically that’s probably the best way to remember dreams is to write down as soon as you wake up.

Erik: As soon as you wake up because as soon as you put your focus on something else, they are gone.

Elisa: I know. Ok, here’s another one. I’m curious, what is going on when you have a dream about a celebrity or someone famous and the dream is so full of deep emotion, usually some form of bleh, when you wake up it feels so real but then it is so sad because it was, well, a dream. You feel this connection to that person but they don’t even know you exist. What is that about? Maybe another life with that celebrity?

Erik: Yes, it could be that this may be a past life. That you passed with that entity or yes, a lot of people don’t realize that what we would call celebrities, are guides to everyday people. Over here we’re no longer the celebrity.

Elisa: I know.

Erik: We are everyone and everything, we’re all just one. So it is possible that Freddie Mercury will come into your dream and help you with his music choices for instance or if you’re into blank (26:37), Albert Einstein coming in and talking to you but it could also be a past life connection to that person.

Elisa: Why do we forget them so quickly? Just minutes after we wake up.

Erik: Because it is all stored into the subconscious.

Elisa: Ok.

Erik: As soon as we wake up, the conscious mind gets reactivated and so the connection with the subconscious mind subsides.

Elisa: What goes on spiritually when you have sleep paralysis? To me I feel like well you are kinda out of your body so your spirit is not controlling some arms and legs.

Emma: I’ve never had that so I really don’t know what that feels like.

Elisa: I have, it feels like my arm is like a piece of wood.

Emma: Like you can’t move it.

Elisa: Yeah, it’s true.

Emma: He’s just showing me (fling arms around) like – hello, how are you?

Elisa: Oh really, that’s funny.

Emma: He’s just flinging his arms back and forth.

Erik: What you are saying mom is basically, in order for you to reconnect to the body you really need to be fully in it and when you’re just kinda half-assing it then the body is not fully connected to the brain yet or the mind is not fully connected to the brain so part of the body parts aren’t fully active yet.

Elisa: Ok, what about people that sleep walk? I remember Lucas use to wake up. When they were little sometimes they would want to sleep next to us so we would have a little cot and he would wake up and get on my treadmill by my bed, which was very rarely used, and start whipping it out and almost pee. It’s like No!!!

Emma: When I was a kid I was a very big sleep walker and I remember my mom telling me a story. I was about 6 and I came down and I got scissors. My mom was like where are you going with those scissors and I said I had to go cut open my hot water bottle that was in my bed.

Elisa: Well ok that’s weird.

Erik: When it comes to sleep walking, what that is you are still in the REM sleep so your spirit hasn’t fully left the body yet but the REM is such an intense dream that the body will cooperate with the dream because the body can’t tell the difference what is real and what is not.

Elisa: What about sleep talking? Same thing probably?

Erik: Same thing.

Elisa: Is there a dream plan that people occupy? Is it the same as the astral plane or the spirit plane? Do we all go to the same place to dream?

Erik: We just go into a different vibration so what happens is you go into whatever your vibration is at that time. You go into a realm that will resonate with that. So do we all go to one place, no because really everything is everywhere at the same time. Let’s not have that discussion again. Let’s just say that we go to the dimensions that have a really really high vibration. If you want to call it heaven, if you want to call it the 5th, the 6th, the 7th dimension, whatever number you want to give it. We don’t really have numbers. We don’t really take the elevator to the 6th floor. Basically you go where spirits are, that’s same frequency. You go home, let’s just say it that way – you go home. The body and the mind are always connected to source so when the body is asleep it kinda surrenders itself to source as well because it needs the energy, it needs the absorption of the energy.

Emma: Oh I got it, great. He’s showing me, he’s a little all over the place but I get what he’s trying to say.

Erik: So when you are sleeping this is basically what it is. You are plugging in your electric car into the source, right, which is the battery and then you basically open the door and you go for a walk and you go and communicate with source and with everybody who is in that. Basically that is what sleeping is all about.

Elisa: That’s awesome. How do you know when you meet, when you think it’s a deceased loved one, if that’s really your deceased love one or if that’s some contract you made up?

Erik: Let me explain that. When a deceased loved one comes into your dreams they are actually there. They are connecting to you. Always. However a lot of people get scared because they will see their deceased loved one in a very negative environment or they will see their deceased loved one in an environment that does not seem to resonate with that person. You have people who are have nightmares while their deceased father is there trying to say hello. Now this is what happens, spirits will come into your dream state to say hello however the dream state is determined by your thoughts, by your mental state, by your emotional state. So let’s say you’re going through a lot of fear and you’re desperately – dad, please come and talk to me he says. You’re desperately trying to get an answer but you are going through a really bad time in your life. You’re into a depression, you’re in that very negative state then your dream state will be very negative but your father will try and come in that. Now you’re father does not control the dream state so he actually has to penetrate that negative dream and still try and get the message through.

Elisa: I see. How come sometimes we don’t see, I don’t know if I even see faces in my dream or I just put the faces on them after I’m awake. Why do sometimes not see faces?

Erik: You can see them very clearly and sometimes you don’t see them at all. Really because the faces aren’t always important. So wherever you put your focus on, your awareness on, during your dream – that is where you should put your focus on when you wake up.

Elisa: So you guys that don’t see faces, you are probably focusing on their package.

Emma: That means they’re not…

Elisa: You did not get that.

Emma: Yeah, it’s not per say about the person but it’s about the story or it’s about the emotions that are going on at that moment.

Elisa: What are nightmares? And are there dreams as simple as our subconscious? So nightmares are probably all our anxieties and fears and all the things we have been talking about?

Erik: They can be connecting to a past life, a traumatic event or they are an accumulation of built up fear and anxiety, negative energy. All that low vibrational shit. To the symbolism, it’s different for every person. Now there are people out there who are analyzing dreams who are saying this might be this, this might be that. I would say take that with a grain of salt because it really depends from person to person. You know if you are seeing let’s say a big tree, for one person you know, a big huge enormous tree and you don’t know what it is but it’s beautiful and it’s right there. For one person that might be something very positive and for another person it might be something completely negative so it really depends on you.

Elisa: Does lucid dreaming have anything to do with DNA activation? And I don’t know what DNA activation is to tell you the truth.

Erik: No, it has to do with a separation of body and soul.

Elisa: Can some dreams predict the future?

Erik: They can because, again, this is you trying to get a message through to you of things that might happen, things to avoid. It can even go into details, it can even go into details when it comes to future predictions.

Elisa: How can you tell?

Erik: If you do see something that seems to you or that feels to you like that seemed like in a few years or that felt like this was my future that I was seeing, write it down. You can always ask for more clarification. Don’t be afraid to ask your higher self, your spiritual team, your guides, your angels, whoever – hey, I had this dream and it was very intense and it was very clear. It was picture perfect clear because you have dreams that are in detail. When you see those detailed dreams, write them down. There’s a reason why they are in detail because they really want to show you something. If they are blurry, they are fuzzy, they seem unclear then that means there are very small lessons within there to be learned. If they are detailed, if they are very clear and you wake up and you totally remember everything, these are very important dreams and that might be a premonition that you are having, that might be a warning or a signal of – hey, you need to watch out for this.

Elisa: By the way, I do this with my kids when they were little anyway. For example with Michelle, when she had nightmares about sharks, so I said before she went to bed. I told her to imagine the shark all of a sudden having a tutu like a ballerina and then you’re dancing with him. It really cured that or we’ll say, Papa my husband, will take her head (he has magical powers) and suck the bad dreams and stuff it in his pocket for recycling later and that seemed to work too.

Erik: It’s a great thing because people who dream of sharks and they don’t know why they are so afraid of them, that may be a past life. That may be a trauma from a past life.

Elisa: One last question. How can you tell if your dreams are from your higher self vs. your guides or others like the collective?

Erik: Does it really matter?

Elisa: Does it matter? I guess because you are still getting that information.

Erik: The important thing is, you know, the thing is we try to put labels on everything. It’s from my angel, it’s from this but you know what? We’re all a global, or connected consciousness here. We as human beings want to put specific labels on who this message is coming from but really it doesn’t matter because when we are connecting to you in a dream state it will always come from the collective, from the whole.

Elisa: Ok, we’ll that sounds good. That was a good session. I liked it, I learned so much. Alright guys, if you want to connect with Emma go to I’ll put it up here. Also check out Check out Erik’s book too, My Life After Death, it’s a page turner. And my book, My Son and The Afterlife. I almost forgot the title.

Emma: You had to think about that.

Elisa: Ah my thyroid, I freakin’ feel like I’m on crack. Don’t worry, I don’t really know what that feels like.

Erik: She’s still in her dream state.

Elisa: I must be.

Elisa: By Erik, I love you. See you later Emma, I love you.

Erik/Emma: Love you too. Mom (mwah). Bye.

Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!


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