Erik on the New World Order and Global Elite

A couple of announcements before you watch the video: I’ve had these ugly looking cloudy spots all over my very old but expensive dining room table caused my people putting hot plates on top of it. You’d think that it could handle that. I mean, it’s a freaking dining room table. Well, I’m too cheap to have it refinished and I really don’t like the Scandinavian style anyway, so I let it go for years. But yesterday, I decided to Google how to fix it. All I had to do is put a cloth over the spots and keep a steam iron on top of it for 30-60 seconds. Worked like a charm and now the table looks like new. Sadly, that means I have no excuse to convince the hubs to give it away. 

Mediums often get the shaft with unwarranted criticism, so I’d like to share two emails lauding both Veronica Drake and Celestine Grace. If you have praise to share about another medium, let me know. 

Praise for Veronica:

Hi Elisa,

I had a wonderful reading with Veronica Drake this morning! I contacted you last May right after my mom passed away as I had found your CE blog and it helped me process the emotions and grief felt after losing someone close to you.

Veronica was awesome today. She brought my mom in and validated it was her with 3 bits of very detailed information that confirmed 100% that is was indeed my mom. I had many questions answered and felt immediate relief. Veronica also added her expert advice on handling the information I was given.

What a perfect morning. Questions answered, Guidance provided. I can’t thank you enough for sharing your story and your son. Your blog led me to Veronica. All of you have changed my life and given me a new direction with such hope.

Forever grateful,


Praise for Celestine Grace:


I wanted to reach out to you to let you know of a situation I was in June of 2017.

My daughter was bullied terribly last year at school. Not only was she physically effected but emotionally as well. The incident ripped her of her self worth and she was terrified. She became introverted and depressed. Her anxiety level was at such a high degree.  She even stated that she didn’t want to live anymore. She was only 8 years old.

I knew I needed to make a change for her. I knew my gut was telling me to change school districts.  I researched a particular school locally and felt it was a good match for her.  My next step was to schedule a session with [Celestine Grace] as Erik was nudging me to do so.  It was the most amazing reading I have ever had as Erik came through immediately with guidance on how to help my daughter. There were so many specifics that blew me away and [Celestine] and I were both in tears from the love and guidance that Erik was providing.   Erik also said that he would help her in her transition this year to her new school and always be with her guiding her.  Fast forward ten months later, she is doing exceptional. I just left a meeting with the school this morning and the advancements that my daughter has made is incredible. Not only academically but socially as well! She is loved by all of the staff, teachers, and students.  She no longer feels depressed or anxious. She has learned that people do accept her and do care. She loves going to school everyday.  She even talks about her future and where she wants to go to college.  I can’t thank [Celestine] and Erik enough for what they have done for my daughter and myself. Our lives have been forever changed.

A few nights ago her smoke detector beeped a chirping sound. It does this from time to time. It’s hardwired in. I was speaking out loud without realizing she was there and said, “What is going on with this thing?” She looked right at me without a beat and said, “Oh that’s Erik”.  “You know Mom, our spirit guide”.

With love and gratitude Elisa,


My suggestion, book a session with these two before they’re booked up for years! For Veronica, click HERE. For Celestine, click HERE

Last announcement: Tomorrow at 6 PM CT is Erik’s Hour of Enlightenment radio show. THE TOPIC: Life purpose and spiritual mission. Is there a difference? How can you find out yours? How can you tell if you’re not on the right path? Call 619-639-4606 15 minutes prior to talk to Erik. I’ll see you among the list of callers and I usually go down the list from first on. If you’ve tried to get on to talk with our boy more than 4 times, email me at and I’ll see what I can do. Honor system, though!

Now for the (gulp) video. Please keep an open mind. For what it’s worth, Veronica is a registered democrat and I’m an independent. Neither of us are fans of Trump’s personality, tweets and other antics.

I really want you to look into your heart and decide if you’re being brainwashed by the global elite media heads. After the session, I realized I was being brainwashed on many levels and see Trump and others in a different light. Your truth is in your heart, not your head, and we need to work together to take down this power structure. Listen at 0.56 when Erik says, “I love you, too,” followed by Veronica saying, “He says ‘I love you, too.'” If that’s not proof that she’s an awesome medium, I don’t know what is!

Check out these pyramids. Which, if any, resonate with you?

They’re kind of similar!

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