Erik on Anxiety

I can’t imagine one single person on this planet who has not, at least at one point, experienced some form of anxiety ranging from nervousness to social anxiety to full blown panic attacks. Erik and Jennifer, who has chronic anxiety, will share what they know and how, oftentimes, anxiety can be our friend. I know, I know. Hard to believe. But you’ll see!

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And now for the topic at hand! Jennifer did an excellent job channeling Erik on this important subject!

Elisa: Hello Jennifer!

Jennifer: Hello, how are you?

Elisa: Good. How’s my boy Erik? I love you?

Erik: I love you too.

Jennifer: He’s great.

Erik: I’m great! I’m ready to do this today.

Elisa:  Ready to rock and roll. I was just telling Jennifer, Erik, as you probably heard. I have had this itchy rash, it comes in different places, like my face right here, my forearms, what is that from? I’ve had it for like 3 months.

Erik: There is something going on inside of your body, a lot of time rashes are topical but there is something going on inside, like your equilibrium is off inside, your pH is off inside. It’s not something that is topical.

Elisa: Oh, interesting! Because yeah topical cortisone doesn’t work that well. I didn’t think about that, maybe it’s ascension or something. What should I do? I have to wake up in the middle of the night and put cortisone on this.

Erik: You need to do some sort of a cleanse, to get your system back to balance.

Elisa: No colonics. I am not going to do that.

Erik: You do not have to do a colonic.

Elisa: Okay, okay, detox.

Erik: Yeah like a detox.

Elisa: Okay because I’m a dirty woman. Anyway that is not what we are here to talk about, we are here to talk about anxiety, I don’t have anxiety to cause this rash but anyway it was a perfect Segway, hello, let’s talk about Erik’s viewpoint on anxiety, for example what are the spiritual causes, you know everything we have in the way of disorders or dis-eases has spiritual basis, so do you want to start there?

Jennifer: Yeah.

Erik: Sometimes people have anxiety because they’re sensitive to the spirits on the other side, because the spirit world vibrates at such a higher level, sometimes people who are sensitive to that, that high vibration can feel like anxiety.

Elisa: Oh, I see.

Erik:  So really and truly sometimes it’s literally just the spirit world being around you that make an increase in anxiety. There’s so many, many reasons, anxiety tends to go hand in hand with people who are empathic.

Elisa: Oh, I bet, all this energy coming in and coming in they don’t know what to do with it. They don’t understand that, hey this might not be mine, it might be somebody else’s.

Erik:  Yes, that’s so hard because when you’re empathic, anxiety that’s yours or anxiety that’s somebody else’s does not feel physically any different.

Elisa: Okay.

Erik:  It feels like your anxiety. There tends to be.

Jennifer: Which I don’t understand what he is saying.

Erik:  People who tend to be more empathic or tend to be more spiritual are more open to the spirit world, to their existence to the fact that there is something else going on, so that automatically brings your energy up to where you’re able to sense the vibrations more easily.

Elisa:  Oh yeah.

Erik: And that’s a big, big factor for people who are empathic, but there can be other reasons for anxiety that’s not because of the spirits, that’s to do with your spiritual growth, your spiritual learning, that’s more of what you would write into you chart, like with any kind of anything that is a challenge, anxiety is just another one of the things. Depression, anxiety, physical medical health issues, people do write in that there will be anxious people.

Elisa: Oh, so a soul might say, well before I incarnate this life, I want to struggle with anxiety.

Erik: Yes! Absolutely. It seems to be a lot of people are choosing to have that as a challenge now because.

Elisa: I know.

Erik: There’s just a lot of anxiety, around the world, a lot of anxiety.

Elisa:  Could part of it be ascension?

Erik: Yes, oh absolutely. Again, the more aware you are of the other side, that energy does sometimes create anxiety because of the high vibration.

Elisa: Oh yeah, and as you ascend don’t your vibrational frequency increase too.

Erik:  Yup.

Elisa:  So, it’s not necessarily a bad thing?

Jennifer: No, it’s not necessarily a bad thing because the higher that our vibration is as humans the easier it is to recognize the vibrations from the other side. If our vibrations are very, very low, if we’re very, very sad or very much in grief it lowers our vibration, those emotions lower vibration, it makes it harder to sense the other side.

Erik:  Now that doesn’t mean you won’t have anxiety, it’s just coming from a different place.

Elisa: Oh, yeah, okay that makes sense. So, how can somebody change their perception from anxiety being this crippling disorder that is a sign that you are not enough or something like that to the perception that hey I’m just open to spirit, I’m just open to the other side more. And my vibrational energy is high.

Jennifer:  He is almost separating it into 3 separate areas for me.

Erik:  If it’s truly an anxiety issue because you’ve chosen to struggle with anxiety, this is different, this may need some sort of intervention as far as maybe a medical intervention, homeopathic intervention, that’s a medical type of clinical. When you’re empathic it’s very important for anybody who feels that they are empathic, should get into the habit of asking whether an emotion or a physical pain that they are experiencing is theirs and if it is not to please release it.

Elisa: How will they know? Will they just feel the answer in their heart?

Erik:  You just say it to your guides or to your Universe, to God, whatever you want to say. If you’re out somewhere and all of a sudden you feel this anxiety, and you think I really have a struggle with big crowds, but maybe you don’t have a struggle with big crowds, maybe what you have is a struggle with picking up on the anxiety that’s in a big crowd because there’s a bunch of other people who might be anxious. So, you go and you say, okay I recognize that I am feeling anxious, you can just say it in your head, you do no have to say it out loud, I recognize that I am anxious if any or all of this anxiety does not belong to me, please take it away.

Elisa: Take it away and protect you from it.

Erik: Yes, and that is very help for people who are empathic to get in the habit of doing because I’m sure anybody who is watching this video, who’s empathic, who will pick up a physical pain, all of sudden my knee hurts, my back hurts, I feel anxious, I feel sad, I feel overwhelmed and a lot of times this is just because it’s somebody around you with that feeling.

Elisa:  Yeah.

Erik: So that’s key to do. Now, if you’re sensitive to the energy from the other side.

Jennifer: Now, I’ll speak personally from my experience. Anybody who I’ve opened up to before knows I do have a bit of anxiety issue, and I know when I sit down to do a reading the anxiety gets very intense. I just know now that that means that I’ve got others from the other side coming in and so I still don’t love the feeling of it but I know that it means that something is about to happen and so instead of trying to fight through it, Erik says you just easy into it.

Erik: You just flow with it.

Elisa: Make it your friend, right?

Erik:  Yeah, anybody who truly, truly suffers from anxiety the mindset of getting rid of the anxiety that’s overwhelming and actually creates more anxiety. So, if you are somebody who struggles with anxiety don’t think that you’re ever going to get rid of your anxiety, but you can make it more manageable, you can understand it, you can learn how to work with it a little bit better.

Elisa: Work with it, yeah, I like that.

Erik: Truly anxiety sometimes is a good thing, if you’re in a place where you’re not supposed to be, if you’re in a job or a relationship that you’re not supposed to be in, this is one of the ways the Universe will upset you because it will increase your anxiety, the Universe, you spirit guides, you angels whatever will increase the anxiety because you still have the free will to stay in that decision but if you get to the point where you’re so anxious where it’s like no I can’t do it anymore, that’s actually a good thing.

Elisa: Yeah so it can be a sign to your soul that something’s not right, a change needs to be made. But so how do you distinguish that from picking up anxiety from you co-workers for example?

Erik: Again, asking if it’s not my anxiety to release it, but that’s the biggest key because it doesn’t feel any different. So, you have to get in the habit of releasing what is not yours and protecting yourself from picking it up.

Elisa: What about say in a past life at 20 years old you got killed in a war and all of a sudden when you are 20 years old in this life you start to get anxious, could there be a relationship there?

Erik:  Yes. Absolutely. That actually happens quite a bit to people, where at a certain age they have some sort a break down so to speak, actually a lot of times if one of your lives before that you have had a traumatic passing absolutely that can create anxiety and sometimes it will be a brief period like 6 months or something where it’s coming, like your subconscious knows it coming but yes absolutely that happens. Sometimes people get past that and the never experience that intensity again.

Elisa: Interesting. I also remember one person who became suicidal, and passed life regression uncovered the fact that she committed suicide, I think it was a she, at that same age in another life, so.

Erik: Yeah so, the emotions and stuff were coming through again, an urge to do it, absolutely.

Elisa: So past life regression would help in those situations so, do you recommend Erik, that everybody with anxiety if they do find out that it’s not anxiety from other people entering you as an empath, do you think just to be sure people should get a past life regression?

Erik:  Yes, really for everybody, yes past life regression if you are open to it, you really can learn a lot but you have to be open. Not everybody is, of course there’s those people who just wouldn’t be able to go under even if they wanted to. Anybody who can and is willing, past life regression is good for so many things. When you do a past life regression it gives you pieces of the puzzle that fit in a lifetime now that you wouldn’t necessarily be able to get any other way.

Elisa: That’s interesting, because all of our lives past and future can somehow bleed through and influence our current on, right?

Erik: Oh yeah, absolutely.

Elisa: Okay, so tell me some approaches aside from past life regression that one could do, of course if you have PTSD, I was told EMDR would help or the tapping thing, EFT, but what other things like are there homeopathic remedies for example?

Erik: Yes. Meditation is a really good one but super anxious people really do have a very hard meditating.

Elisa:  Maybe active meditation would be better for them.

Erik:  Yes. Meditation is a very good one, with anxiety in particular, the smells, like the lavender, anything that is soothing for you is good to carry on you everywhere you go. Just for that calming, that soothing, if you’re open to crystals and the energy from crystals and stones there are some very, very good stones to carry for anxiety. Breathing, because you have to remember to take that deep breath and soon as you get to the heightened state of anxiety, people’s breath gets shallow. That keeps you in the fight or flight, you have to take the deep breath to get yourself out of the fight or flight, but the instinct is to breath shallow, so breathing techniques and the tapping is good for anybody. Anybody who has anxiety should learn a little bit about the tapping.

Elisa: You can go on YouTube, there’s this adorable little guy with a red shirt and white pants or white shirt, I can’t remember a little dark haired, very young and he has a series on YouTube and if you type in emotional freedom technique anxiety, you can probably find in and a bunch of other ones. Now, when my kids would have a melt down, like they got hurt or whatever, I would walk them out on the street and say look at that tree, oh look at that flower, go look at that cloud, it would just bring them out and calm them down.

Erik: Yeah to focus on something else. Anxiety it’s one those things that is so much worse of an emotion than is what is actually going on. 

Elisa: I know, but would that kind of thing work if people are anxious? I’m noticing that thing, just bring yourself out of your mind.

Erik:  Yes, so anything to shift your focus to anything else beside anxiety, so yeah listing things that you can see, there’s another one that he’s reminding me of, where you list five things you can see, four things you can hear, three things that.

Elisa: Oh.

Erik: You know like you just go through the touch, the taste, and you just list the things that are right there, that you can see and hear and feel.

Elisa: Oh okay, that’s cool. What about the crystals, which crystal would be a good one?

Erik: Okay so for anxiety, and calmness in general, anything that’s got a light blue color, in particular Angelite. Angelite is a very, very good one for anxiety.

Elisa: I have never heard of that one.

Erik: Kind of anything in that light blue area.

Elisa: Oh okay. Of course, you can get these bracelets or even a necklace with lava beads and a light blue stone or whatever, you can buy those online and you can put lavender oil on the lava beads, so when you feel, or even oil diffusers with lavender or whatever other calming things. Okay, chakras, what chakras need to be balanced if you are an anxious person.

Erik:  It can really be any of them. It can be any of them out of balance and create anxiety, so any type of entire balancing, any type of healing, it doesn’t necessarily pinpoint one specific, any of them being messed up could create anxiety.

Elisa: Okay, so basically getting you chakras cleansed and in tune by somebody like Ryan Adragna at, or you can also listen on iTunes or YouTubes, you can listen to certain songs or tones that? And there are certain meditations that you can do too right?

Erik:  Like the singing bowls anybody whose familiar with those crystal bowls or the singing bowls that you use the wand, there’s ones for every chakra so if this is something that you’re really interested in, in making sure your chakras are balanced, having a set of those chakra bowls is also a good thing.

Elisa:  Yeah or you could listen to somebody else doing it on YouTube or something.

Erik:  Yeah.

Elisa:  But it’s probably better if it’s right in your house. Speaking of what about cleaning the energy in your house or workplace would that help anxiety? In some cases?

Erik:  Oh absolutely! Anything that you do proactively to help with the anxiety, is going to help. So, yes cleansing your area, the home, sometimes, the home is easier to control, depending on if you’re living with people who really do love you and it’s a cohesive environment, that’s sometimes easier than the work environment that sometimes you can’t really cleanse.

Elisa:  I know, it’s like I’m smudging with this sage that smells like weed.

Erik:  Yes, exactly. 

Elisa:  Just get those little bells, Tibetan bells and Bing, oh what are you doing? 

Erik: And there’s sage and Palo Santo spray.

Elisa:  Okay.

Erik:  So, if you can’t have like smoke, you can spritz a little.

Elisa:  Okay. All right, what about children with anxiety?

Erik:  Children, a lot of times with children it has to do with past lives. 

Elisa: Ah!

Erik:  Because they’re still so connected, so a lot of times because of the connection to the other side and the openness that they have, is a lot of times its connected to other lifetimes and sensing the energy of the spirits.

Elisa:  Yeah because they are more open.

Erik: And their guides.

Elisa: Yeah and more energy, Wow! So, things like the little bracelets, well you don’t want them to be at a choking age but and the oil diffusers by their bed or whatever.

Erik: And crystals tend to work very well with children. Again, like you said not for choking but you know like certain grounding crystals, energy clearing, crystals to have in a child’s room who tends to be anxious. Another thing for kids who have a lot of anxiety, they do tend to have like the nightmares and sleep walking, that ends up being very, very common with higher anxiety kids, so if you have a child like this, a good thing to do at night when they are asleep, to just go in and tell them that everything is okay that any anxieties or worries that they brought with them from other times, don’t apply here, but you have to do into their subconscious.

Elisa:  Oh yeah. Oh good, that’s a great idea!

Erik:  Yeah and also with the dreams, if you have a child with a lot of bad dreams, same thing whisper into their ear into the subconscious only happy dreams, only happy thoughts, I love you, this kind of stuff, it can be very, very helpful.

Elisa:  Good. What about dream catchers do they work? Or is it just because you think they work, they work?

Jennifer:  No there is something to them.

Erik:  It really has to do with the intention of the person who made it.

Elisa:  Oh, okay. 

Erik:  So, if you are going to get one, not that they would be harmful if you didn’t but it is kind of good to know the intention of the person, so maybe something better to buy like locally or handcrafted from somebody that you know.

Elisa:  Oh yeah. I know with Michelle she always had, when she was little, nightmares about sharks. That probably came from a past life, I don’t know. And right before she went to sleep I would have her envision the shark but then have him change into a really nice shark that has a little tutu on and dances like a ballerina with her, and it stopped it, but my husband has another way, he has this magic power of taking bad dreams out of kids heads, he would like, okay let me concentrate, okay, pull it out and stuff it in his pocket. There we go no more bad dreams, and that seemed to work too. I guess it’s the power of belief.

Erik:  Yes, and kids are much better at that than adults are. Kids are much better at believing, that my Dad took my bad dream.

Elisa:  That’s true, that’s true, that’s cool. Also do some people have anxiety just because they are ungrounded?

Erik:  Yes, yes absolutely. Which of course that connects to the lower chakra, the root chakra. 

Jennifer:  That’s why I couldn’t get him to pinpoint a chakra, he was like no it could be any of them.

Erik: Yeah because when your root chakra is out of whack and you are ungrounded, you’ve got to grasp onto something because you don’t feel connected as much, that’s where the anxiety comes from, people like this tend to not know what their supposed to be doing, where am I going, you know what’s happening, and they get very panicky. So, yes grounding if you have that kind of energy anything grounding is going to be very, very helpful. Spending time outside, barefooted, any of the stones and crystals in the browns and the earth tones are going to be grounding typically. Tiger’s Eye.

Elisa: Obsidian, black tourmaline?

Erik:  Those are good, they’ll be protective but for the grounding the true grounding you want the earth tones.

Elisa:  Oh yeah, like Tiger’s eye.

Jennifer:  Yeah, that’s honestly that’s the one I can think of, I can’t think of any others.

Elisa:  Do you put it in their pocket?

Erik: For people who are not grounded, you want to carry the grounding stones with you.

Elisa:  Okay.

Erik:  Because you’ve got to get your energy re-grounded. 

Jennifer:  Now he’s giving me the name of another one, he’s showing it to me, I think it’s called Desert Rose. I don’t know, it’s sand and selenite dust that gets rolled together and they’re very, very beautiful, that’s another really good one for grounding. If you’re really into stones and you really feel ungrounded, you want to make sure at least for a little while don’t carry any moldavite on you.

Elisa:  Oh, okay.

Jennifer: Moldavite is from an asteroid, from space.

Erik:  If you’re having trouble getting grounded and you wearing any moldavite make sure you.

Elisa:  I’ve never heard of it, all right so why are some people ungrounded?

Erik:  A lot of times it is a challenge they chose to come in here with. They tend to not feel connected to here, to being here, so this would be like kind of maybe more of a Starseed might have this kind of energy of not being grounded because they’re like okay this is not where I belong, I’ve got to get up out of here, I’ve got to get up out of here.

Elisa: Oh yeah.

Erik: So, yeah that’s where the disconnect is, is okay you are in a physical body and you’re here on earth. But it can be how you’re brought up, it can be nurture as well as nature.

Elisa:  I don’t know why my phone keeps going off like on texts because I’ve got it on mute people so don’t be hating. Well, what about if people are like a little off their spiritual path, their mission, can that make them feel ungrounded?

Erik:  Yes. Absolutely and that would be a way of pushing you back.

Elisa:  Oh yeah of course, yeah.

Erik:  To your spiritual journey but yes that will definitely make you feel ungrounded. A lot of times when you’ve gotten of your spiritual path though there’ll be some depression along with it.

Elisa:  Oh yeah of course. And then it would be good to have between life sessions, you know regression sessions like with Robert Schwartz.

Erik: Yes.

Elisa:  He’s got it going on. What’s the name of his, I think? Anyway, I’ll try to remember to link it here, I’m sure I’m going to forget anyway, oh well. What about grounding sheets?  I saw that on Amazon.

Jennifer: The blankets?

Elisa:  Yeah, oh yeah blankets too, you know how the plugs have just to places for the prongs but then one just a hole, that’s the grounding hole and you just stick it in there, what about that for kids or adults?

Erik:  Yeah both, those can be very, very helpful. As you said that heavy blanket, that soothing blanket, it’s a weighted blanket, that can also be very good.

Elisa:  Oh! Not grounding one, not the ones that plug in, just a heavy blanket.

Erik:  Well. (lost audio 27:00 – 27:04)

Elisa:  Uh oh.

Erik:  Again, you can find them on Amazon, that would be good for anxiety, yes, the grounding sheets would be very good for helping to ground people. You can be too grounded.

Elisa: Oh! What does that look like?

Erik:  If you’re starting to ground yourself just make sure it’s balanced.

Jennifer: What was that?

Elisa: What does it look like to be too grounded?

Erik:  Too grounded looks like very stubborn.

Elisa:  I knew it!

Erik:  Yes, it looks very stubborn, not liking any kind of change.

Elisa:  That might be earthlings, people who really tend to, like my husband. Well, Lucas always has to have and every since he was little, a big heavy blanket on himself, it could be 100 degrees outside and he just still wants that blanket or he wants to even now take those snuggly things and he’ll take it to the airport, use it on the plane, I think it’s just because he needs to be grounded, who knows.

Erik:  Yeah, he still wants to be swaddled.

Elisa:  Oh my God! That’s probably true, he’s a Momma’s baby. Let’s see is there anything else you can say about anxiety, oh wait what about panic disorders?  Is that something we need to talk about that’s any different in the approach to it?

Erik:  Panic is just the extreme form of anxiety.

Elisa:  Okay.

Erik:  You can have this anxiety but the panic attack is when anxiety gets out of hand.

Elisa:  Social anxiety, like agoraphobia, that’s probably for empaths getting all this stuff from other people.

Erik:  Yes, often times when people have social anxiety, they think that they’re weirder than they are. And so that makes them nervous, like their going to be weird and their going to be awkward. Everybody’s weird.

Elisa:  I sure am.

Jennifer:  Yeah, everybody has their.

Elisa:  I like my weirdness and Austin, their motto is keep Austin weird, and it is really weird. Well that’s good. I guess some people can just lack self confidence maybe because of the way they were nurtured and the feel uncomfortable around people because they feel like they are going to be judged or compared.

Jennifer:  Yup.

Elisa:  Any other ways to shield empaths in a crowded situation? Can they visualize a glass dome around them or a bubble of light? There’s all sorts of things that can be done.

Jennifer:  Yeah, anybody who’s empathic, it’s a good idea to get into that habit anyways of when you go out into public to kind of be protected from the negative, because you don’t want t protect yourself from everything. You still want to feel the good and the positive, so anything negative that you don’t need to experience or don’t need to feel, yeah you want to protect yourself, you know by surrounding yourself with white light, a bubble, a balloon, whatever you envision.

Elisa: Like zip it up like a sleeping bag.

Jennifer:  Yes.

Erik:  Unfortunately for empaths this is a constant thing. You can just do it and then stop doing it, you have to do it every day, this is something that you do every day.

Elisa:  Can’t you just go out in the morning with that intent? Or do you have kind of like refresh it, oh my God, it’s noon I need to go change the bubble.

Erik: It really depends on the day you’re having, you might need to refresh it, that and the asking the hey if this is not my anxiety to take it away. This is a routine type thing that you need to do, if you’re empathic.

Elisa: Okay, anything else you want to share? And you too Jennifer for anything else you want to share because you suffered, well I don’t want to say suffer, have to deal with the same thing.

Jennifer:  And so, it keeps coming into my head, for a lot of people, driving can cause anxiety, for many, many people.

Elisa:  Usually with me, it’s people on the road around me that should have anxiety.

Jennifer: Yes, and I’ll tell you.

Elisa:  You’re not supposed to agree with that but it’s true, I’m not a very good driver.

Jennifer: No but no but that’s what it is, I’m not saying that you’re not a good driver but the worry is the other people and what’s going to happen.

Elisa:  Oh yeah, yeah, yeah, they should have anxiety because I’m on the road.

Jennifer:  Oh no, no. I did drive with you, you’re good, you’re fine.

Elisa:  Okay, well I was on my best behavior.

Jennifer: But one of the things that I discovered years ago that really helped with that particular form of anxiety for me was audio books because I found that even the radio, the music, my mind would still wander but with an audio book, I had to pay attention to the book.

Elisa:  Oh, I love that idea.

Jennifer:  And so, yes for anybody who drives and has anxiety think about, I think I’ve listened to like 300-400 books.

Elisa: Yeah and you get an education and of course entertainment depending on the book. You guys, My Life After Death and My Son in the Afterlife, both come as you know audiobooks too.

Jennifer:  Perfect!

Elisa:  Keep that in mind.

Jennifer:  Do not listen to meditation books.

Elisa: Oh God no.

Jennifer: While you are driving. So that for me is something I found very helpful.

Elisa: That’s a great idea!

Jennifer:  Yeah and so if you have somebody who struggles with anxiety, you just have to find your things, that just take the edge off a bit and use those things whatever it might be for you.

Elisa:  Any combination of what Erik and Jennifer have shared with you or create your own rituals etc. So, yeah that’s good. Anything else you want to say Erik before we close?

Erik:  I love you, get your cleanse going.

Elisa:  Oh God, I forgot about that already. Okay, do you think I should get Arlene grounding sheets, she’s all over the place in school? She doesn’t have anxiety but she is very ungrounded.

Erik:  Yup.

Elisa: Okay but they don’t cause cancer because there’s electricity involved right.

Erik:  No.

Elisa: Okay.

Erik:  You’re fine.

Elisa: Good, all right, thank you and you guys check out Book an appointment with her, she might be really booked but check it out and I love you Jennifer, I love you Erik.

Jennifer:  I love you too.

Erik:  I love you too.

Elisa: Until next time.

Jennifer:  Yes, bye.

Elisa:  Bye-bye thank you.

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