Erik and The Technicolor Dream Suit Coat…

I thought this one was just amazing. Read to the end!

I’ve only been a member of the ChannelingErik circle for a few weeks and I’ve talked in chat to some lovely people, watched a few channeling videos but have felt so guilty about not finishing the book, yet. I assumed because of that and the fact that I’m a bit of a scared-y cat I wouldn’t receive a prank or visitation visit from Erik.

In fact when it comes to being a bit scared, I made a point to tell Erik to please be gentle with me and my mother (71, who has always seen things but been scared because she’s afraid of negative entities as am I.)

Anyway, I read a few people’s stories but not many because I just didn’t figure a visit or prank would happen.

I did have an instance with a Chakra bracelet but I just shrugged it off.

But, in the early evening on night before last we had a bit of a family emergency. My sweet, one year old Pomeranian/ American Eskimo mix, fur-baby was chocking. We realized she’d gotten a hold of a roll of toilet paper (she likes to shred it, lol). We weren’t exactly sure that was the culprit but were pretty sure.

She was trying so hard to cough something up. She would walk along, stop a minute cough a bit and kind of shake. You could see in her face she was as scared as we were. We couldn’t tell if it was in her nose or her throat. I was panicked, in tears.

We live in a small southern town in Iowa. We have a vet of course but emergency calls, well lets just say it took the vet an hour to call back when I did call in desperation. I kept thinking she’s fine, toilet paper will melt this is silly but she was struggling.

She let mom hold her (which is usually just ten minutes at a time, she’s a busy little thing after all. Who needs culddles). Mom would pat her hard on the back during her coughing fits and I would massage her chest and throat.

Mom put her down when her coughing slowed down but I was still so scared. So, I went in the kitchen and quietly sent out a prayer/message to Erik. “Erik Medhus, I know this is a long shot but if you can hear this-could please watch after my dog Winnie, I’d really appreciate it.” I was tearful. I love my dogs. I’m a dork, I know, lol.

So, mom and I continued to keep an eye on her. We got her outside, running around and barking. So we figured okay she’s fine. But, she came back in and started up the coughing and snuffling a bit but not as bad.

We decided to go to bed and if she continued to seem distressed we’d run her to the vet in the morning.

Mom and share a room-our son room- Winnie has her kennel in there and our other senior dog Pumpkin sleeps with my mom in her bed. So, we all settle in our respective beds and enjoy some Netflix before we go to sleep.

On this occasion mom fell asleep before me but when the movie was watching over. I clicked the TV off. I was blinking and and I think I asked mom something cause she woke up and after a second or so she says,


I could see something but my eyes were still adjusting from the TV light being shut off.

She says again, “Do you see it?! A man is standing in front of Winnie’s cage?!”

I said, “What?! NO!” But then I realized I could see a mass or something but by that time mom had gotten scared and told it to go away. And the man was gone but she said he stood there longer than any spirit she’d ever seen.

She said it was a young man, in a dark suit and he turned and smiled at her sort of manically, goofily, then she said he looked back at me as if to check and disappeared.

It scared her at the time but I asked her yesterday and today and she said, she was really scared. But, his smile caught her off guard because, he leaned in and smiled or moved in closer. She said she could see a young, thin man in a dark suit, but what really got her attention was his lapels appeared to glow different colors like a Christmas tree lights she said.

I showed her pictures of Erik, particularly this one:

And she said that was who she saw and he was looking at Winnie in her cage when she first saw him.

But, again she still afraid of negative spirits. So again, I called on Erik if that was you and not some malicious spirit could you do something to ease my mother’s mind. Minutes later she felt a light tickle on her toes.

Needless to say she was comforted and Winnie is her typical rambunctious self.

Thank you for Elisa for sharing Erik with the world and thank you Erik for checking on my dog.

Still amazed but filled with much appreciation and love,
Amy and mom:)

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