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As always, there’s no shortage of synchronicity in the Channeling Erik world, and blog member, Joanne’s, story is but one more piece of evidence to support that. Read her story below and you’ll understand what I mean. It’s in response to yesterday’s post, “Piercing the Veil.”

Hi Elisa,

The recent post was brilliant as I think the delightful Erik called by here a few weeks ago. I was trying to make sense of this and was going to ask Jason could he check if it was Erik, but I know he’s busy. But when I read the post today, I thought it probably was Erik. I woke early but was very tired so I turned over, half asleep, but became aware of a young man, lying, facing me, who I thought might be Erik. Anyhow, as I’ve been doing Reiki and Tibetan healing, He says “I can show you how to transfer very large amounts of energy into the body, but there are only three places that this can be done, will I show you. So I said yes, he takes my two hands, even though, we are both still on our sides, and he moves my hands in what I think was the infinity symbol, then I get this major electrical type shock in my hands. Then we do the symbol again, and he places his hands on my solar plexus, and again an even bigger jolt, and before I could protest, the symbol again and then what I think was a huge jolt to the base chakra, I mean massive. I actually called out with the shock, and then found myself lying flat on the pillows, the arms out as if I’d been blown back with force. The heart pounding, I was delighted but slightly freaked.

Anyhow, for the rest of the day I was thrilled, and so going to sleep that night asked to be shown more. Wake early and my first thought is “oh, nothing happened” with that I’m being put back to sleep, and become aware that I’m standing at an edge, in front is the night sky, really beautiful. And I’m aware there’s more than one person with me, but I can only sense them, not see them. A gel, or fluid film opens up all in front of me, and the tell me to step through, so I do. Now I don’t know if you’ve ever missed a step in the dark, you get a sort of fright. But I stepped down, and realized immediately there’s no world beneath me only space. It only lasts a second ‘cos I jump back , back through the film. Again, heart pounding I say” what was that? “They don’t immediately answer, and I should say that I’ve had odd communications before, where I’ll be given symbols or visuals, but I’m brutal at charades. So I say, ‘Was that me stepping out of my comfort zone? That was way too much.” And one says, “No, that was how easy it is to step into another dimension”.

Now you can see why I think Erik may have been involved, but I’m so very grateful for it, because I have zero doubts about dimensions now. And it’s really, really cool. I wasn’t sure whether to post it or not, and have been mulling over it for weeks, not sure why, I think I just felt so lucky I wanted to hang onto it, but if you feel it would be useful to others, I don’t mind you posting it. What I will say, is that there wasn’t an ounce of fear there, and no, unfortunately there aren’t usually young, semi naked young men in my bed when I wake up, honest.

My love and gratitude,



Thank you for sharing this with us, Joanne. I’m grateful that Erik has such a loving and wise friend.

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