Hey all. I hear some of the links are broken! Are you all having trouble with them? Which ones are they? Sigh. We've had some problems having posts go to archive, and I think that all happened after the most recent Wordpress update.  Since I won't be posting over these holidays (both Thursday and … Continue reading

Energy Techniques

Me: What energy techniques do you see as the most helpful? It’d be interesting to hear your take on homeopathy. Erik: If we’re talking energy techniques, to give energy to another person, I think the best one – Jamie (to Erik, giggling): Are you doing that “arms out” thing again, like, … Continue reading

Erik Visits Joanne

As always, there's no shortage of synchronicity in the Channeling Erik world, and blog member, Joanne's, story is but one more piece of evidence to support that. Read her story below and you'll understand what I mean. It's in response to yesterday's post, "Piercing the Veil." Hi Elisa, The recent … Continue reading