Erik’s Visit to Stanley

Blog member, Stanley, has special status in the Channeling Erik family as one of our charter members, so he’s been around for a while. For months, he’s longed to have some form of communication from Erik, so he practices channeling our little mischief maker. So far, he’s had three wonderful experiences. Twice, Erik has removed Stanley’s necklace while he slept. The first time, when Stanley woke up he found it on the floor next to his bed. The last time, it was draped neatly over the headboard of his bed. Both times, the necklace was still clasped. The weird thing is this: Stanley says his necklace is so small, it must be unclasped to take off. In other words, there’s no way to slip it over his head. Here’s an email recounting his most recent contact with Erik:

I wanted to tell you I had a very interesting dream from Erik. In the dream I was in my bed. I opened my eyes to see this blanket covering me. Nothing scary. Just being covered in a nice warm blanket. Then a few moments later I saw Erik standing over my bed, looking at me. I knew instantly who it was. I jumped out of bed and gave him a huge hug. He appeared to be maybe 10 or 12 years old. He had that totally mischievous smile as if to say “Of course it’s me”. We sat on the edge of the bed and just talked. I have to admit, I was way to excited to have much of a serious talk about anything in particular. So he sat and watched me go nuts in excitement. We talked a little. Then he had to leave and faded away and I woke up. Wonderful dream.

When I went back to bed after Erik’s dream visit, Erik brought my friend DJ through who passed away back in 2009 when his lungs failed. So that was another treat. I wasn’t expecting anymore dream visits that night after Erik’s visit. So to see DJ was a special treat for me. I thanked him on my end, but do let him know I am thankful for both visits. It was nice to be able to meet Erik formally and be able to give him a hug for all he’s done for me, Pam, DJ and Sandra. You have a awesome son Elisa. 🙂 Matches his awesome mom. 🙂 **hug** Stanley

That said, if you want contact with Erik or a deceased loved one, just keep practicing your channeling skills and your efforts will eventually pay off. Maybe Stanley can share some of his tips.

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