Fear, the Bermuda Triangle and Atlantis

Hey all, I’ve left a message from Jamie asking her how she’s progressing with putting together a program for us at her center in Atlanta. I know it’s getting close to the end of the Spring, but hopefully we can pull this off in time. If not, we can go in the Fall. I think it’s funny that Erik says Jamie originally hails from Atlantis, (Hails from? Where the heck did I get that? God I’m old.) and here she lives in Atlanta. Connection? I think so. Speaking of, Atlantis is the focus of our attention today!

Channeling Transcript

Me: Why is there fear, and how is that energy created? Do we plan fear into our lives as part of our personality when we come here so we can overcome it? Is it the environment on this planet that makes us fearful? Is it a spiritual contract at work, or do we just develop fear being here?

Erik: It’s part of human wiring. It’s how the energy works, because it’s a positive, negative location. And when you have positive and negative, they play off of each other. People can even be fearful if something good is about to happen. It doesn’t always have to be fear about something bad.

Me: So, is fear a special kind of energy?


Jamie: No, he’s kind of like rubbing his chin and thinking.

Erik: Its not really a special kind of energy. I don’t really know how to explain it.

Me: Is it just a denser vibration?

Erik: Yeah, it’s a denser and different vibration, and that’s what can create some patterns that come to the surface that normally wouldn’t be felt in a different place.

Me: Is it an important tool, part of the duality we need to—

Erik: Yeah, a lot of times it’s a motivator.

Me: Anything else you can share about fear?

Erik: That’s all I really know right now.

Me: You sure are succinct today!

Erik (chuckling): Well you kind of bummed me out.

Me: Huh, why?

Erik: Look at the dark shit we’ve been talking about!

Me: Oops sorry, Baby! Okay then, let’s talk more about Atlantis. Next time, I’m going to ask about the spiritual connection with different illnesses, so I don’t want to bum you out any more by starting with that subject right now! So tell me more about Atlantis. How was it created and stuff?

(Long pause)

Erik: It was created by people and aliens and other star nations.


Me: Um hm.

Erik: Other star nations that are—

(Long pause)

Jamie to Erik: Yeah, yeah.

Erik: —that are in communication with each other and work together, but just like couples divorce, so do other relationships. There was a time of no war. There was just understanding and peace, which was a continuation of the spirit body. Ill-communication and power—a struggle with power—came in and it just dissolved, much as how our nation is going to dissolve. It’s going to do it really, really slowly, and then we’ll incorporate a whole new set of laws and rules.

Me; Uh huh. (I know, I know. Brilliant repartee on my part as always, eh?) So where is Atlantis?

Erik: It’s in the middle of the ocean.

Me: Where?

Erik: Well, kinda off the east coast of the U.S. near Bermuda.

Jamie: Bermuda? I thought that was farther south, like in the Caribbean.

Me: I know, but Bermuda is surprising north of that. I always forget about poor little Bermuda.

Erik: But there was an advanced civilization in the Azores, too.

Me: Well, what happened to Atlantis? Did it sink or—

Erik: Yeah, and there were other land masses out there that went underwater.

Me: Oh, okay.

Jamie: Hmm, I should look at a map more often!

Me: Oh, what the hell; the tectonic plates are going to shift anyway! I remember having to memorize all those African nations like the Upper Volta and Lower Volta, and now they’re not even around anymore! I’m not memorizing shit until things stabilize and make up their minds where they’re gonna stay!

Jamie laughs.

Me: So what’s the deal with the Bermuda Triangle where all those ships and planes disappeared?

Erik: That’s a huge-ass vortex, Mom.


Me: Details?

Erik: Well, it’s not the only one on earth.

Me: Vortex of what? Can…you…give…more …information…Sweetie? I feel like I’m milking a dried up old cow, today!

Erik and Jamie laugh.

Erik: Well, it’s like a vortex of energy that changes the structure of what, uh—

Jamie: Okay, this is the image he shows me. You have a spoon; you put the spoon in there, and the spoon comes out warped.

Me: Oh, okay!

Jamie: Like a black hole of electromagnetic frequencies that can change the structure of whatever the material is.

Me: How fascinating! Is that caused by something the Atlanteans created or is it a natural phenomenon? Does it have anything to do with Atlantis, in other words?

Erik: No, but that’s why Atlantis was built there—because of the strong vortex.

Me: Why would they want that?

Erik: Healing properties, living longer. They used it for positive, but when the earth started to shift, then it became—

Jamie listens for awhile.

Erik: It used to push out, but now it draws in.

Me: Cool. So anything else you want to say before we close, Baby, because I don’t want to start on a whole new topic yet.

Jamie: He’s showing me you sitting down and organizing chapters.

Me: Okay.

Erik: Yeah, get to it, Mom.

Me: Oh God.

Erik: Sorry, but I’d like for it to be done!

Me (laughing): Well then do it for me, Erik. Time is an issue here, not where you are!

Erik: Do it in the June of this year, because there’ll be an opportunity in the Fall for it to be with a publishing company—a different one. I’ll give you more details, but there has to be a book to do that.

Me: Okay, when I finish the questions, I’ll start working on it, promise! Any tips on who to contact?

Jamie: He’s just smiling. He’s not saying anything.

Me: I guess it’s not time for him to tell me!

Jamie: Meanie!

Me: I know! Gosh, Erik! Well, thank you, Erik for a lovely session! I love you, and we’ll meet under the tree tonight, okay?

Erik: Absolutely!

Me: Okay, and don’t forget, we have a conference call tonight! I hope you eavesdrop!

Erik: I will, but I can’t promise I’ll be good!

Me: Of course not! I wouldn’t have it any other way, Baby!

Erik: I love you, Mom! Get some sleep!

Me: I love you too! Thanks Jamie! You get some rest, too!

Jamie: I will.

Me: Alright, Girl. Talk to you later!

Jamie: Okay, bye!

One more thing. I put up two entries yesterday. One on Kaziah and one on Aliens. Don’t miss either of them! Love you all so, so much.

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