First Hug

Let me start by saying my writing abilities have suffered greatly since losing Erik. I’m sure they’ll come back, but simple decisions like paper or plastic are hard enough. You can only imagine how challenging the construction of a decent sentence might be! But bear with me, please.

Soon after the funeral, we decided to seek the help of a well known psychic/medium who also happens to be a dear friend. She had just undergone major heart surgery plagued by complications, so we had to wait for an agonizingly long time as she recovered. To make matters worse, it seemed I was the only member of the family who had not been graced with Erik’s presence. Why? No grief could possibly as profound and heart wrenching as that of a mother who has lost a child, so I suspected that my grief was a heavy cloak draping my mind as well as my heart. Therefore, all of Erik’s attempts to communicate with me may have been blocked. I would just have to be patient.

Over a month later, my prayers were answered in the form of a dream. Erik appeared before me in my kitchen. He had a sweet, loving smile on his face. I folded him into my arms and held him for a long time. This was different that any other dream I’ve ever experienced. I could smell his face. I could feel my lips grazing his cheek. I could feel him in my arms. It was unquestionably real; nothing like the sensations in a typical dream.

They say the soul’s consciousness travels to other planes during sleep. In fact, we can visit one another in our dreams here on Earth. This actually happened to me long ago. I had a dream that my daughter, Michelle, and I were on the bow of a huge ship tossed around in heavy seas like a toy boat. For some strange reason, hundreds of tiny turtles were crawling on the deck and, while struggling to hang on, Michelle and I fought to keep them from slipping overboard through the rails. When I woke up, my first thoughts were how uncharacteristically vivid this dream was compared to my usual ones. As I made breakfast for the kids that morning, Michelle said, “Mom, I had the weirdest dream,” and she described the same story, turtles, boat and all!

That said, I believe those on the “other side” visit us in our dreams and we sometimes visit them. Early on, this is the only way a newly discarnate soul can communicate with us, because they haven’t learned to focus and extend their energy enough to appear before us in the physical. Stay tuned for more, as Erik increases his abilities.

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