The Candle

My eldest daughter, Kristina, shared an interesting experience with me that occurred a few weeks after Erik died. She was up late studying, as medical students are notoriously known to do. As part of her ritual, she lit a candle in honor of Erik and placed it on her desk by her study materials. WIthout warning, the candle’s flame began to dance erratically. Now this might not seem so weird to you, but since it was a chilly night, the air-conditioning was off. There was no breeze, no source for air currents. Kristina even covered her mouth with a sheet of paper and turned her head to the side to make sure her breath was not causing the air to stir and therefore the flame to jump. At that moment, she also felt Erik’s presence strongly and knew he was up to his old mischief as a prankster playing a practical joke. Next, Kristina asked Erik to still the flame. It froze in place instantly. After waiting for a few seconds, she then asked him to make the flame leap upward. It did. In fact, the flame seemed to obey every order she barked out, “Stop…Move…Grow…Shrink.” Last, Kristina asked Erik to move the flame slowly to one side. She was floored when it gradually shifted sideways until its base seemed to disconnect completely from the wick. In other words, the flame seemed to float in mid-air! Kristina felt a sense of awe as well as comfort knowing that Erik is still around and, better yet, has retained his well known reputation as an accomplished jokester.

In my reading, I have found that there is a general consensus on how newly discarnate souls can communicate with their loved ones here on Earth. As we have seen in my earlier posts, contact in dreams is one way. Another is the manipulation of energy: flickering or dimming the lights, playing with candle flames, etc. As they learn how to control their energy, souls communicate with us in manners that are less subtle, even physical manifestations. I just hope Erik puts more time into practicing his “energy work” than he did doing homework! (Just kidding, Sweet Boy.)

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