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Me: Okay, here’s the next question, and it relates to the tragedy in Japan. I’m talking about the notion of group karma. What do you say to the theory that in large tragedies like this one and 911 that all those souls had some sort of karmic agreement or spiritual contract to leave this plane in a large scale tragedy for the purpose of teaching and learning on one or both sides of that equation.

Jamie: He doesn’t really get into the word, “karmic.”

Me: No, I know. Karma is more of a human construct. We’ll just use the term spiritual contract then.

Jamie: But he likes when you say the thing about leaving in masses to teach a larger lesson.

(Sometimes Jamie paraphrases what Erik says, particularly when he talks really fast. I’m guessing that’s what’s happening here.)

Me: Um hm.

Erik: Yeah, that’s just like a plane crash, an earthquake like the one in Haiti, a hurricane like Katrina. So yeah, there are many ways to leave this earth, but the larger impacts really make people pool their communities together. We’ve just grown up and out with more people and less community ties. Mass scale tragedies help people reach outside of their smaller communities and pull together globally. They help us connect as the one big-ass group we really are. Humanity.

Me: Yeah. Interesting. Well, so, some lady—I guess an expert, like a scientist—said there are evil governments or entities involved, I don’t know, like maybe the GE Corporation or whatever. This is kind of a conspiratorial slant, uh, but she says these entities are actually manipulating the tectonic plates somehow. One of the blog members sent me a link, but I couldn’t get it to load completely.

Jamie: Oh, is this the thing where people are saying the earthquake was totally manmade?

Me: Yeah.

Jamie: I heard that line, but I had no idea what it was attached to, and I asked—

Me: Oh, and they say the Rockefeller family might be involved. Could that be?

Jamie: I’m hearing “no.”

Me: Okay, good. I dunno. Seems like that would be too much work to do something like that. And why bother? What would anyone get out of doing something so nefarious? Surely there are easier ways to gain power and satisfy your greed!

Jamie (to Erik): As many questions as I’ve asked you, Erik, do you agree that no evil entity was involved in the Japan tragedy?

Erik: Yeah. That earthquake was not manmade. It was actually natural, but the destruction that’s coming from here on out with the nuclear plant—

Me: Um hm.

Erik: Now, that’s all manmade mistakes.

Me: Oh yeah, of course.

Erik: And Mom, it’s really important to let the friends (that’s what he calls you all) know they need to stay on the side of Love instead of Fear. I really don’t want them to worry about all this shit. It pulls so much of the lower vibrations and negative energy in. So with every choice in what they do and think, they need to go with whatever holds the most Love and the least Fear. Tell them that everything is gonna be fine.

Me: Okay Baby. I will.

Sorry for such a short post, but I don’t want to start with a completely different topic today. No worries, though, because here’s another home video for you to enjoy. In this one, you can see how sensitive Erik was to energy of all sorts when he bursts into tears as everyone sings Happy Birthday to him at Chuckee Cheese’s. He reaches out to my younger sister, Denise, for comfort. “Aunt Neecy,” who died in 2002, was the first to greet Erik after he crossed over.

Click play:

Or click on this link:

Erik’s Second Birthday


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