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I’m so frustrated. Maybe one of you tech savvy peeps can help me. When I try to attach a document in an email, if it is in the Cloud, it won’t attach. How in the world do I get it out of the Cloud and onto my actual desktop! Argh. I click on any document in the Cloud and it won’t even open. I have being a tech tard. 

Enjoy this fun Erik story!

Hi CE,

It’s been a while since I have made any posts, So, I thought I would update everyone. I have had many encounters with Erik. From joining with his spirit to having a couple of beers to clanking drum sticks. Erik is also my guide or one of them anyway. I have had an interesting development in our relationship. I have heard his voice twice now!! I am a little reticent about tell you exactly what he has said to me but for the sake of being honest with my fellow brothers and sisters I am going to tell everything. I was at my local hangout where Erik comes to have a beer with me sometimes, suddenly I noticed that I felt really good. “Erik is here!” I thought to my self. (I have learned to recognize when Erik is close by)(btw I apologize if this offends anyone but here it goes.) “Let’s go get stoned!” I heard it plain as day! Afterwards, we started to play some pool. Now, I’m a pretty good pool player and Erik and I killed it. Nobody could beat us, for a couple of hours we “cleaned house” It was awesome! Now, flash forward to about a week ago. Nothing else had happened for about 4 months. And I find that even though I no Erik is real and he doesn’t really need to prank me anymore, I miss it. So, I said, “You know you don’t need to prank me anymore to show me that you are here but it doesn’t mean that you can’t still come by every now and then.” Three days later something that has been sitting on a shelf in my bedroom for months… suddenly found gravity and fell to the floor. I smiled and said thanks buddy. This morning I was in bed and had just woke up, I was awake but hadn’t open my eyes yet. “Fuck You!” again plain as day. “Well, fuck you too.” I thought. I was pretty sure who it was but then I thought “Are you mad at me?” “No” and I saw a picture of his face smiling at me. He was just messing with me! Also, you know how when you turn on your printer and it clicks and whirs for 5 minutes warming up? Well, my printer has done that twice so far this morning. Funny thing though is it’s not turned on!!! Hmm… could it be? (sarcasm)

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