The Phone Call

I love this story. Two great pranks in short succession!

I found this blog a while ago, and I fell in love immediately with it. I especially love reading the different pranks and signs Erik sends out to people. But for some reason, I was always a little cautious with asking Erik for a sign myself. I guess I was just a little unsure at first.
A few months passed, and recently I decided to just let go of all the doubt/fear I had and ask Erik for a sign. I specifically asked him not to send me a sign through bugs though, because, as ridiculous as it is, they terrify me.

He didn’t send me any bugs alright. The next morning I woke up and found this huge spider on the wall just outside my room. I was terrified, to say the least, but I couldn’t help but laugh through my fear. I just kind of KNEW inside that it was Erik sending me a sign. I could almost hear him saying “what? You didn’t want any bugs, so I didn’t send you any bugs! I sent you a spider, they’re technically not bugs!” LOL

That night, I asked Erik for a different sign, just to make sure it was him (and also because I didn’t want any more spiders, thanks). I asked him specifically to mess with my phone in some way. About 3 days passed when I suddenly checked my phone and noticed I had one missed call, as well as a voicemail. Which was funny, because I had never heard it ring.

What was strange was that the number that was calling was from Texas. It was very strange for me, because I live in northern Canada and I don’t know anyone from Texas, let alone America. Then it got weirder: when I reviewed the voicemail from that number, there was nothing but complete silence for approximately a minute and a half. Then it just ended. And I’ve never had that number call me again. I knew for SURE that time that Erik had definitely been with me, so thanks Erik

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