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I plan to post a couple of Ask Erik questions today, but here’s some announcements I’d like to make.

1) One of our readers, Sherry, graciously offered me a remote Reiki session. It…Was…Awesome. As I was lying there in my hotel room relaxing, I felt gentle vibrations in different parts of my body: the right upper quadrant of my abdomen, which Sherry later explained is a chakra, the right side of my head and my hands… I felt like someone was actually holding both of my hands. After the session, my headache–gone, my left thumb arthritis–gone, my energy level and sense of tranquility—soared!

2) As I’ve mentioned before, if this blog becomes more mainstream and if the book and film/TV/radio plans come to fruition, I plan to funnel all profits into a fund of some sort. The fund will be designed to help deliver spiritual services to those who aren’t able to afford it: Reiki, like Sherry delivered to me, channeling sessions, past life regression, whatever. Of you want to be the paid provider for any of these or other services, please let me know when that time comes. BUT, I’d also like to set aside some of the monies in the fund for an annual reunion where you, the “early adopters” and I can meet and discuss strategies for bringing greater enlightenment to the world. I’m thinking the Caribbean for the first meeting. 😉 If nothing more transpires other than what we have now, I still consider myself blessed to have found so many wonderful friends. I feel so much love for you all that sometimes I think I’m going to burst!

3) Several weeks ago, Steve recommended Jeannie Barnes, a psychic medium with whom he’s been very happy. I decided to try her out because I want to find someone who will accommodate those of us who are budget minded and she only charges $80 per hour. I had the session yesterday and was pretty much blown away. Through her, Erik and my guardian angel spoke directly to me. One of the questions I asked Erik was if this is what he wants to do or if he feels pressured into doing it to make up for what he did. He answered with a resounding NO. He loves helping us. Of course many times he does so indirectly, because he doesn’t know everything. He often has to bring forth or get information from higher level guides. He says he was meant to be a healer and teacher on the earthly plane and would have been successful had he only persevered. But he’s so happy now that he can fulfill that destiny in the dimension in which he now lives. He says it brings him such joy and satisfaction.

4) Last but not least, I’ve come to a decision about whether or not to censor any entries given some of the comments to Avery’s Question. First, let me say that Avery is an alias. I always check with the person whose answers I plan to post first to see if they want their names and other identifying elements changed and if so, how? There have been people who don’t want me to post their answers at all, and I honor that request of course. But as far as other censoring by me, I channeling my guides last night and here’s what they told me (in paraphrased form):

Keep the post up as it is. As human beings, we need to learn how to find ways to love even the unlovable and send love to those in pain, both perpetrators and victims. Stories like Avery’s evoke anger and disgust and hate, but we must learn how to find compassion and understanding, and we must learn to send loving vibrations to both sides. Perpetrators and victims are, like us, a part of the whole. What affects them affects us too. If we send hate and scorn, it affects the whole and therefore every individual soul. If we send love and healing, we all benefit as individuals and as a collective.

Since the information was channeled from Erik and Avery’s guides without censor, I feel like it was meant to be shared. We are being challenged once again and must learn from even those things that break our hearts. I have a motto I have shared with my children from when they were very young. “The ones who are hardest to love are those who need it the most.” I don’t always practice what I preach, because as far as loving Hitler or pedophiles? Personally, I’m not there yet. Not even close. It’ll take me many more lifetimes to get to that place. Those who are highly evolved like Mother Teresa, Gandhi, Buddha, Jesus, and other probably have love in their hearts for even the most “evil” of human beings.

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