How Does the Universe Work?

I know this post is about the inner workings of the Universe, but I want to begin by clearing up some questions stirred up from a previous post. Do you all remember that controversial one awhile back about the abusers and the abused? Some of you wondered how that could possibly apply to children … Continue reading

The Abuser and The Abused

Time to move on from George Carlin to some Erik Wisdom. Wish I could say it was comic relief, but... Me: Why do people choose to be the abused and the abuser including domestic violence, childhood abuse, sexual abuse, etc.? Erik: Well, that can get into contract talks. Me: Of course. Erik: And … Continue reading

Crossing the Abyss

I can't help wonder, yet again, how the universe presents us with these incredible synchronicities. As I edit this segment, the next in queue, I realize that only recently a daredevil crossed the span of Niagra Falls on a seven ton tightrope. Read on an see what I mean. Erik was particularly … Continue reading