Introducing Children to All Things Woo-Woo

I want to extend my prayers and love to all those in the path of this monstrous storm. Many of you may remember that Erik warned us of this very occurrence both recently and a little over a year ago and said it was related to the shift in the magnetic poles. But we’ll be fine.

I’d also like to ask everyone to visualize sending white light to those in danger a few times a day if possible. One way is to visualize sending that light directly to the core of the Earth. Then, imagine the light traveling up to the crust entering soles of the feet, into the bodies of all those who might possibly be affected.

Erik taught me another interesting grounding technique that might help us align our own vibrational frequency with that of the Earth. I’ve done the exercise once day for about ten days and have noticed something very odd. First of all, right after the exercise, I feel a bit dizzy, but definitely more in my body. Second, I’ve been uncannily psychic lately, predicting scores of events that I would never have foreseen before. It’s as if that alignment of vibration allows me to tap into my own intuition, whether channeling my True Self or other spiritual entities. Erik tells me that the full effect won’t take place for around three weeks, so I can’t wait to see what else is in store for me. Pretty cool stuff.

It only takes a couple of minutes. I usually do it while waiting for the water is warming up for my bath or shower. Here are the steps”

1) Make sure you stand barefooted so you feel the floor, soil grass, etc. beneath your feet. Notice the texture of the surface against your soles. Pay attention to inhalations and exhalations through your nose.

2) Visualize bright white light beginning to form around your feet. It helps me to create an electrical pulsing sound with it. Then, shoot that white light to the Earth’s core as I described above. Wrap the core in that white light. Let the light caress it lovingly. (If you need more grounding, you can, along with the white light, have entangled roots extend from your soles to wrap around the core. Call it extra credit.)

3) Then visualize the light shooting out from the core to the Earth’s crust. Again, I use sounds to help me here. In this case I imagine electrical zapping sounds. Just as you do with the Earth’s core, envision that white light wrapping lovingly around the Earth. Feel that love.

4) Next, imagine the Earth sending its light from its crust to its core to the soles of your feet. That light then travels to your heart chakra and wraps around your body. You’ll feel loved, especially after you’ve done this exercise several times. In my case, I see the Earth’s light in a different color. I won’t tell you which color, because I want you to visualize and share your own.

5) Then, tell your brain, “Match this vibration. Match this vibration. Match this vibration.” Remember to breathe in and out through your nose during this entire exercise.

6) Eventually (and for some, perhaps right away), you’ll be able to visualize your light going to the Earth and the Earth’s light going to you simultaneously in a circular flow.

7) Rinse and repeat three times and after a week or two, let us know what experiences you have.


Okay, Erik. Your turn.

Me: What can you do to open the realities of young children to things like chakras and vibrations to help them feel comfortable and confident navigating their time on Earth? How do you teach them this on a child level?

Jamie: Erik leans over and cuts his eyes at me. I don’t hate it. I like that he knows so much about me, but he motivates me in ways that challenge me.

Erik (looking at Jamie): Well, if Jamie would get her materials out—

Jamie: It’s a secret dream of mine. I don’t think I’ve ever shared it with you, Elisa. I’ve written children’s books and stuff about learning about vibrations and energies and chakras—

Me: Well, hurry up! I’ve got a grand daughter to help raise here!

Jamie: Well, I have them written; I just can’t really seem to find a publishing company and set up the illustrations that I like and stuff like that.

Me: Oh, okay.

Jamie: So, he’s calling me a lazy dud.

Erik: Yeah, so when you’re dealing with kids like 4 or so—


Jamie (to Erik, a little aggravated): Don’t! Don’t do that! YOU answer the question!


Jamie: Okay, this is from Erik, not me. He said, “You should answer it.”

Erik: When you’re talking to these children, of course it’s always s little uncomfortable at first to start using words like chakra and aura and other kinds of woo-woo things, because you don’t want your kids to be out there using those sorts of terms and having other moms thinking, “Who the fuck are you as a mom?” Cuz it’s still a little taboo.

Me: Yeah.

Erik: It’s a fine balance raising your children with this and still being in the general public, so I would come up with some different words. They can be words you come up together, and when you’re talking to your kids when they’re having a certain emotion, draw a picture and help teach them that their body doesn’t stop where their skin is. Their body goes out wider and brighter than that and that’s where the emotions are. The emotions are held outside the body. That would be a simple way of introducing that they are bigger than their bodies, and if they are feeling happy, people can stand inside their happiness or if they feel sad, they can stand inside their sadness. And this is why they feel what other people are going through.

Me: Ah! We adults could take something away from this, too!

Jamie: Yeah, I like that, Erik! I better jot that down.

I can hear her whispering the words to herself as she scribbles on a piece of paper.

Jamie: Erik, maybe you and I could do some fun stuff with that one.

Erik: Yeah, sure! Okay. And when you’re teaching them about chakras, just use the term, “center.” To teach a spiritual person, as an adult, we’re always teaching them to center to their heart, so make that the starting place and talk about the green center that’s in their heart. Then really discuss with them about the emotions. I wouldn’t really teach more than that until about the age of six or seven when they start to really identify themselves as independent and start creating a sense of separation from themselves and their world. When you get there, that’s when you can start teaching them about the other centers like the throat and how they govern other parts of the body. And that’s when you can start teaching them about color therapy.

Me: Ah, great!

Erik: With the 0 to 6 age range when it’s mostly about emotions and the green center, this will help them center in emotions. That makes them a better spiritual child. You can also teach them aromatherapy, because that can link straight to the emotions. “If you’re happy, smell this.” “Oh so this smell makes you happy.”

Me: Wait, so shouldn’t it be something that you smell when you’re sad so that you’re happier?

Erik: Well, we find it more beneficial to have the higher vibrational emotions. So, identify the smells that children associate to higher vibrations. It could be excitement, peace, centeredness, calm, joy, all of these things, so when they’re experiencing the lower vibrations, you can say, “Oh, you’re pretty anxious about what’s going on. Well, here’s this smell that makes you calm.” So when a child is giggling and laughing, give them like five scents and say, “Smell these five scents and tell me if you like any of them right now.” And the one they like the most will be their happy smell.

Me: Oh, I see!

Erik: And when they’re really calm and centered or really tired and they’re going to bed, say, “Oh, smell these five; which one do you like?” Then that one will be their sleep scent. So if they can’t get good sleep, you can use that spray or that oil to create that sleep state.

Me: I get it.

Erik: Yeah, so you definitely want them in the emotion to pick out the smell that goes with it.

Me: How do parents pick out these scents? Do they come in sets?

Erik: I would recommend, um, pick the top twenty or top fifteen—I like twenty—that are non-toxic, non-allergenic and use those. A child’s is going to be pretty much honest with you. They might smell ‘em all and go, “I don’t like any of them.” And you go, “Okay.” And then the next time they’re happy, try a set of five. 

Me: Okay. So when they try the set of five, so they just sniff it or do you use a diffuser?

Erik: Nah, just let ‘em sniff it. Just sniff it out of the bottle. The simpler the better. If you make it more complicated, the kid will snap out of their happiness and get into the mode of exploration and you don’t want that.

Me: Okay. This is all great information, Erik. God, I wish I knew all of this when you guys were growing up.


Somebody misunderstood the assignment

Somebody misunderstood the assignment

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