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Lately I’ve been looking at life and thinking, ‘Where the hell is the joy?” Family drama and illness are but a small part of the challenges I’ve faced lately. Much of it I can’t share because of privacy concerns, but trust me, it all sucks. So last night, I had a long talk with my boy. He assured me that everything is unfolding as it should and that these hardships for my family and me are necessary parts of the script. He says I can’t really be an effective teacher if I don’t push myself through the pain that is crucial to remembering—we’re all here to remember who and what we are: LOVE. Love is all there is. He promises me that a new chapter of joy will open up after the first of the year, but not without trudging through more darkness and loss. Hmm. Now, remind me why I signed up for this stinkin’ mission? Sigh. I tell him, ‘Enough wallowing in self-pity. It’s not very becoming. In fact, it’s a bit nauseating.’ Erik laughs. I’m sure he agrees.

Erik also added, without prompting, that when those of you who speak languages other than English, if you channel him, you will hear him in your native tongue. It’s not that he can speak all languages, trust me. He says your Higher Soul will translate for you.

He also told me that each and every blog member is meant to do something to further spiritual awareness for the coming Shift. Some of it will involve Channeling Erik; some of it won’t. But you all have a personal role, so it’s time to push yourself past just reading posts and making comments. It’s time to search your soul and figure out what part you are meant to play. Some of you, like me, still struggle with grief and loss, but he assures me that reaching out and assuming the spiritual role you were meant to play will only help you heal that much faster.

That said, I would like to try to expand the membership of the blog, because the information here is simply preaching to the choir at this point. Iola was brave enough to get her husband on board. Many of you are afraid to share Channeling Erik or anything spiritual for that matter for fear of ridicule. But you’d be surprised how open people can be. I tell everyone. Complete strangers, included. The soul has a sense of knowingness that makes insight in the blog ring true, and trust me, people long for truth now more than ever. They long for meaning. They long for answers. Each of you can toss the life buoys out to neighbors, friends, hairdressers, teachers, spouses, children, postal carriers, doctors, cousins, Facebook friends, and yes, complete strangers who happen to strike up a conversation with you on an airplane or subway train. I encourage you to get out of your comfort zone and bring about the change our world so desperately needs.

I’ll add something to spice up the pot: Whoever brings in the most new registered members during the next 30 days, I will pay for a free reading with Jamie and Erik. Just have those folks verify who referred them through my email:

At the end of my night of channeling Erik, I asked him more about The Shift. If we get split into two distinct dimensions—a new one based on love and the old one based on fear—will the new dimension be a part of the one Erik and our other deceased loved ones are in? Will we have physical bodies? What will happen to those left in the old dimension of fear? Sadly, my channeling energy pooped, out and I couldn’t maintain the connection.  I’m still learning how to channeling, so prolonging that connection is still difficult. Anyone know how I can get a hold of some spiritual Viagra?

Many of you know this beautiful song from the Broadway hit, Rent, but listen once more. Sometimes new insight, like that from Erik and others in spirit, evokes different meanings and interpretations when we revisit a song. I think these lyrics tell it all. Love is all that matters. Love is all there is. Our lives are Love. We are Love.

The song with lyrics only:

The song with the actual cast but no lyrics:

One more thing: I’d like to give a shout out to my youngest, Annika, who turns 17 years old today! Send her a birthday wish through Facebook if you can!

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