Dealing with Skeptics, Part One

The results are in for the medium contest, although I will defer to Erik's advice when I ask him this coming Friday. So far, first, second and third place are Kate Sitka, Kim Babcock and Heather Quinto, respectively. The numbers were very close! Of course Jamie and Robert will be part of the mix, … Continue reading

New: Proof and Predictions

Today's post you may be pleased to read is not a 'Best of' posting but is a new one. I asked my friend Patrick aka 'Substitute Teacher' to reach out into the ether and provide us with an article of discussion for today. Strangely enough a few of my 'Best ofs' have been about Psychics and readings, … Continue reading

Spirit Communication

One quick announcement: I'm nearing the book launch and the media tour, and, of course, that takes a lot of preparation. So, until the tour is over, I'm going to have to cut the posts and the channeling sessions down to three days a week. But that's be over mid-October (I think.) Me: Why don’t … Continue reading