Me Erik, You Jillian. Ugh.

Now let’s find out a little about Erik’s sweetheart in the afterlife. Oh, I can just see him rolling his eyes and blushing.  Also, at the end of this post, listen to Shannon’s past life regression conference call and prepare to be amazed. If you want her to help you work out any similar issues, comment!

Channeling Transcript

Me: Can you tell me a little about your past life connections with your girlfriend, Jillian? I guess that’s her name, at least that’s what I’ve been told.

Erik: Yep you are right. That’s her name. Past life connections, we’ve had a few. She’s really nice.

(Awkward silence)

Erik (slightly embarrassed as any young man usually is when being asked by their mom about their love life): Why do you wanna know?

(He giggles sheepishly.)

Me: I don’t know. I guess because Robert was telling me that you guys were together a long time ago, even in the cave man, cave woman times. He was joking about how you probably just dragged her around by her hair into the cave or whatever!

Jamie giggles.

Erik (with Macho fanfare): That’s how all the “womens” were treated!

Jamie and I laugh hysterically.

Erik: Now why should I be ANY different?!

Me: I know!

Erik laughs and laughs.

Me: So, is your connection with her the closest of any romantic soul mate you’ve ever had?

Erik Yes, yes.

Me: Okay, good.

Erik: She’s like my twin flame. You know, she wasn’t on earth. I just happened to be really lucky that she was here when I crossed over. Of course you reconnect right away.

Me: Oh, yeah! What did she die from in her last life?

Erik (to Jillian): Honey, what did you die from in you last life?

Jamie and I giggle. You would’ve thought that topic had already come up in some conversation between them, but I guess spirits don’t really focus on death that much. We sure could learn something from that!

Jamie; “Honey.” That’s not what I’d expect him to say!

Me: Oh my god, how cute. How about “Sugar buns”?

Erik ignores me, as is appropriate and deserved.

Jillian: I drowned, Ms. Elisa.

Jamie: She’s showing me, but it doesn’t look like it’s in deep water or like a ship going down. It looks like, um, more of an accident. Passing out in shallow water.

Me: Oh!

Jamie: Yeah, like there was another cause to it, but what actually took her life was not being able to breathe.

Me: Was she hit over the head or maybe she had a seizure, something like that?

Jamie (chuckling): She called out, “FAINTED.”

Me: Ah, she fainted. I see. Alright. So she fainted face down in a pool of water and drowned.

Jillian: Yes ma’am.


Shannon’s Sunday Conference Call


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